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by David Bontumasi Discount Valtrex, It's coming down in buckets. Literal buckets. All of a sudden.

We are halfway home, 150mg Valtrex, our arms filled with groceries, when the rain
just begins, falls in sheets. You look to me and cringe. "Everything
is going to get so wet, Discount Valtrex. It'll be soaked." I say nothing, Valtrex canada, but try to
force a smile. I can't believe it, can't believe this rain. 750mg Valtrex, I sigh and
shrug my shoulders in response. "There's nothing we can do now," I
say, "Except try to get home as quickly as possible." I am trying to
keep a smile on my face as the rain beats down, covering my smile, Valtrex mexico, my
face. Discount Valtrex, I was wrong. You were right. We should have brought the car, Valtrex coupon, I
was wrong to think we could sneak in a walk before the rain. I had no
idea it was going to come down like this, no idea at all. Not like
this. "Sorry," I say as I run behind you, but my apology is lost in
the echoed sounds of rain hitting the pavement, the sound of our feet
weighing through the streets, Discount Valtrex.

I am carrying five bags, 50mg Valtrex, you are carrying two. The weight of one of
mine, as it digs into my left wrist, Valtrex ebay, is going to be trouble, I can
feel it. The milk is in that one and it is already causing a nice
crease in an area where blood once flowed. I keep my head lowered, and
I watch your feet move ahead of me, Valtrex japan. Discount Valtrex, Over the curb, on the grass, into
a large puddle, I see the splash like a crater opening up, but your
leg emerges from it, continuing its jaunt, its trek home. Your skirt,
a white linen, displays a wet jagged pattern halfway up, Valtrex paypal, yet still
flows as you move. My arms are straining as I try to keep my bags as
high as I can carry them, away from the splashing water.

Even from behind you, with my head slightly bowed, 200mg Valtrex, I can tell that you
are miserable. Wet, anxious to be home, 250mg Valtrex, irritated that we are caught
in this downpour. I can see it in your shoulders, your arms, your back
and your legs, Discount Valtrex. I can tell from the position of your head. As I notice
this, as I am averting and avoiding the same puddles you sidestep, I
cannot help but to think you look beautiful, Valtrex craiglist. How is that possible, I
wonder. Your hair so wet, 500mg Valtrex, your shoulders soaked, your clothes heavy
and clinging, drenched. Discount Valtrex, Finally, we reach our apartment, I run ahead and strain to open the
gate and you run past me. As you lead the way, suddenly one of the
bags you are holding gives way, 30mg Valtrex, it is so wet that it literally
dissolves from the weight of the items inside. A cascade of colors
fall -- oranges and apples and salad dressing -- landing in the wet,
green grass. Valtrex india, You keep running, unaware what has happened. As you
suddenly feel the weight lessen in your hand, you look down, see the
damage yet continue running to the edge of the apartment, Valtrex australia, where it is
dry. You lean against the brick, and I bend down and pick up your
items and put them into my bags, Discount Valtrex. I am kneeling in the grass, as wet as
I can be, 40mg Valtrex, and I look up and see your face, catching your breath,
exasperated. Your back is against the building, under the back
stairwell, 100mg Valtrex, and you are lit from the afternoon sun sneaking in like an
angel. I stand and walk to you. Slowly, 10mg Valtrex, measured, enjoying these last
few moments in the rain, letting it hit me where it may. Discount Valtrex, You are
standing, covered from the rain, and I am exposed, full and open.
Letting the rain fall and cover me. I feel immersed in this rain, 1000mg Valtrex, this
wetness, yet so dry in love.

When I reach you, Valtrex us, I drop the bags I am carrying, my arms relieved and
aching. You look amazing, flushed, wet, Valtrex usa, tired, short of breath, so
pure. It is as if at this moment, there is nothing else right now, no
other thoughts than just catching your breath, getting dry, Discount Valtrex. 20mg Valtrex, I stand
before you, searching in your eyes, begging forgiveness for allowing
us to be caught by such a miserable afternoon. You look to me and let
a soft hint of a smile escape your lips, relieved, Valtrex overseas. I hold your gaze
for a moment. You have never been more beautiful than right now, never
more pure. Valtrex uk, I touch the side of your face, your cheek with my hand.
"You are so beautiful, so very beautiful." You laugh and shake your
head, as you so often do. I press my wetness into yours, my damp skin,
my heavy clothes into yours, and fall into you. Our embrace, one of
need, of relief, of comfort.

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  1. May 4, 2011

    From all the stories I read here (and I did read all of them!) this was by far the best. I truly enjoyed reading it. It is like a movie scene, and you are sitting in the first row enjoying it!

    Great work! :)

  2. Jennifer
    May 9, 2011

    I have very fond memories of things that have happened in the rain. The story reminded me of those times. I enjoyed it and it was very well written.

  3. May 23, 2011

    I can’t believe you didn’t think this was that good. I love it. Brings back so many amazing memories. It reminds me of when I wasn’t always irked by the rain.

  4. May 24, 2011

    Amina, I entered this story on this wonderful website, so I guess I thought enough of it to do so, but I just think my writing has improved over time. I hope so anyway. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    And thank you to Lena and Jennifer. Your words are most kind.

  5. Lindah
    June 7, 2011

    I loved reading this and many more of your stories from your blog. They are not only quite imaginative and captivating but also grammatically correct and help improve my english as it is not my first language. The same cannot be said of many other writers on this blog.

  6. hilary west
    July 12, 2011

    This is a beautiful piece of prose. Quite magical, we can feel the rain , it is tangible. Good Luck

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