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by Adam Jeffries Schwartz

Kamagra For Sale, Lucca sits on my shoulder. This is not her favorite position, she prefers to rest beneath my t-shirt, Kamagra australia, nursing on my neck; she was taken away from her mother too early and I’m doing my best as a replacement. Kamagra mexico, We’re in Argentina, where this arrangement seems perfectly natural.

We're on the way to buy medialunas, 750mg Kamagra, which are the important pastry here, 150mg Kamagra, they’re crescent shaped and come in two flavors: vegetable oil and butter, and taste pretty much the same. The pastry ladies, Kamagra uk, who look like mafia enforcers, 30mg Kamagra, are crazy in love with Lucca; they’re a cadre of grandmothers, massive upper arms swaying in the breeze ready to hold her, hands full of treats, Kamagra coupon.

Back into the apartment, Lucca jumps down, bounces off my chest and runs to the balcony where she waits for me to open the glass door, Kamagra For Sale. This, Kamagra overseas, as it turns out, is no small request. You need a screwdriver to pry the door open, Kamagra japan.

La Princessa, Kamagra usa, the other cat, is outside, lounging in the sun, Kamagra craiglist. We call her La Princessa but her real name, 100mg Kamagra, the one she calls herself, is Mistress of the Universe, Destroyer of Plants, 1000mg Kamagra, Eater of Insects. Kamagra For Sale, Somehow she is the only one of us four who can open the door without a screwdriver. 20mg Kamagra, Pablo is in charge of the plants, for which, I have to admit, 50mg Kamagra, he has a talent, 250mg Kamagra, and I am the true Mother to the cats. Since La Princessa loves to destroy plants, Pablo and I have, 200mg Kamagra, inadvertently, 500mg Kamagra, fallen on opposing sides.

Pablo is also good with broken things, which come in very handy because on a macro level we live in Argentina and on a micro level we live in this apartment, Kamagra india, which is owned by an ancient woman, Kamagra paypal, almost a hundred, who lives upstairs. She can't see or hear or walk, Kamagra ebay. She sits in a chair and smiles, Kamagra For Sale. Her son, 10mg Kamagra, already old himself, is waiting for her to die so that he can kick us out and sell the apartment.

So the doors are knob-less, Kamagra us. The windows are un-openable and once opened un-closeable. Kamagra canada, Anything you touch too long will stay in your hand forever. Kamagra For Sale, It's August, winter here, cold but sunny, which is good, because there's no heat, either, just a small space heater which doubles as a clothes dryer. That's a fire hazard, probably, 40mg Kamagra. The apartment looks warm though. Pablo painted the walls deep orange and deep yellow so that they resemble adobe.

The sun fills the living room. I put the medialunas and the newspapers on the coffee table and the kitchen to make an espresso, Kamagra For Sale.

Lucca stalks the medialunas. On the balcony La Princessa is salivating over a pigeon. Her tail bumps against the astro-turf. She's low to the ground, drooling. Kamagra For Sale, And Pablo watches bang bang cartoons. It's odd that you can live together and be so different: La Princessa and Lucca, Pablo and me.

Pablo yells through the closed bedroom door, "You still love me?"

"Si, mi amor." But I'm not at all sure that I do. But that's the trick to a second language; the words have value but little weight. I used to. I might still. I want to finish my coffee first.

Lucca has no such doubts, she has done a marine belly crawl up my t-shirt and is purring—loudly—as she sucks the nutrients straight out of me. And out of love—I suppose it is a kind of love—I let her.

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