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by Adam Jeffries Schwartz

Indometacin For Sale, At the meditation center where I am staying dogs are in charge.

The dogs on the female side hate men--especially strangers--but they don't like monks either.  When they see one coming they form a triangular guard worthy of the Imperial Roman Army; no one gets near a Nun.

On the other side of the grounds Monks live in kutis (raised huts), Indometacin paypal. Underneath each hut there's a dog who chose you:

The sweet old monk on my right has a timid shaggy white dog.  He eats, 150mg Indometacin, he sleeps, he cowers.

The three-monk on my right has the sweetest blonde labrador, 200mg Indometacin.

(There are two traditions I just passed over quickly.  Many lay Buddhists take vows during the three month long rainy season, which we are now finishing.  It's a popular thing to do before marriage, The King has to do this before he's crowned much in the way the Prince of Wales has to join the Army.)

I've been chosen by the alpha male, which pleases me more than it should--probably, Indometacin For Sale.

The form of meditation here is Vippassina.  In the morning there's fifteen minute meeting with 'Teacher' , Indometacin craiglist, which goes something like this:

I climb the stairs and say good morning.

The eighty year old woman in a house dress smiles as I sit down.

She asks, Indometacin japan, How is your practice?  Have you seen Rupa (in Pali, Indometacin australia, the language the historic Buddha probably spoke, this means 'matter' but is translated as 'body'.)

Yes, I say, Indometacin us.

What Rupa she asks?   There are four kinds of rupa: sitting, 500mg Indometacin, standing, walking and lying down Rupa. Indometacin For Sale, (I like the idea of an all position unregulated kind of meditation, otherwise my back hurts, you need special pillows, mats. I don't know if I believe or disbelieve but I like the focus, Indometacin india, the rhythm of it, Indometacin usa, it's soothing in a hypnotic kind of way; I am not my body, I am somewhere eternal watching my body do things.)

Standing Rupa I say.

Anything else, Indometacin mexico.

Walking also. 10mg Indometacin, Sitting Rupa. she asks, Indometacin For Sale.

Sitting difficult I answer.

Foong, 100mg Indometacin. (Mind wanders)

When I sit I work. Indometacin coupon, She smiles, sitting Rupa later.  See you tomorrow. Indometacin For Sale, Across the street from the meditation center there's a row of shops. I slip out of the monastery grounds, Indometacin overseas, buy a can of cold coffee and do my emails at a place that doubles as a daycare center. Indometacin canada, Kids play bang-bang games I'm too old to understand.

All of the stores had their dogs.  Most of the store dogs are covered in sores; they're jumpy.

The email place has two puppies.  One is black and the other fawn, Indometacin ebay, the color of a Boxer.  They're five pounds of unrequited love--the fawn one especially-- who leaps up at my shins and then turns belly up as I slide the door open. The girl in charge of the internet cafe wakes up briefly, growls at the pup, then goes back to sleep, Indometacin For Sale. 50mg Indometacin, This morning, as I walk down the alley, I see the mother dog licking the fawn ones face.  Strangely there's no response.  The pup does not get up, 40mg Indometacin. She does not wag her tail. 30mg Indometacin, She doesn't move at all.  I walk closer.  The mother continues licking; there's a small pool of blood. There are only a few flies, this is recent, 750mg Indometacin. Indometacin For Sale, (You put fruit pit on a table and within seconds there's a battalion of red ants.)

The pups' face is bashed in but her body intact; a car didn't do this, neither did a moto.  Even a bicycle would have done more damage.  No, someone stood inches from the pup. She was undoubtedly wagging her tail as she was bludgeoned. 20mg Indometacin, In Vippassina-speak: Rupa (my body that is not my body) is standing. Nama (my mind that is not my mind) has a dislike. It's a soothing practice as far as it goes, Indometacin uk.

Thai people pass by, they notice the dead pup and quickly move on, Indometacin For Sale. All life is suffering, 1000mg Indometacin, what's the point of emotions. In Vippassina this is good, it's equanimity, 250mg Indometacin.

But the mother won't stop, she licks her pups face, it looks like kisses; she won't stop. This is compassion, this is love. Indometacin For Sale, The mother lets me stand and watch, she lets other people pass. But when an old man rides by on his bicycle she growls at him.  She bares her teeth. The old man pulls a billy club. raises it. Neighbors yell-- at the dog-- not at the man. A child is called for.  He picks up the pup with a shovel and tosses her in the trash.  If this is equanimity then it's not for me.

I go back to my kuti, pack my bag and leave that afternoon.

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