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Hormone For Sale

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by Amber Burnett

Hormone For Sale, The words rang in the air and there was a smile on my face. The smile is forced, 750mg Hormone, cue the walking. Walking upright, proper, 50mg Hormone, jagged, 150mg Hormone, dead. I hate you so much, and yet you're still making my heart race, Hormone india. And so, Hormone australia, hours later, the words ring in my ears and I sit in the dark gripping a wine glass filled with coke too tight and crying though misty, incoherent grey eyes, Hormone paypal. One solitary beam of light filters through the blackout curtain not-quite-covering a thin strip of window, and my grip finally pressures the glass to surrender, Hormone For Sale.

Destruction in glittering shards falls haphazardly to the ground. Hormone mexico, Small insignificant rainbows fly in every direction and the world is dark except that pitter patter of showering glass like falling rain; and broken dreams seem like a walk in the park compared to this. Dimly, the tears are recognized as they drip faster and faster from salty bleeding eyes and time seems to slow, Hormone japan, the steady tick tock bang of the grandfather clock a low throb in the dark recesses of the brain. 500mg Hormone, Thud, thump. Hormone For Sale, Thud, thump. Gasp, 1000mg Hormone, wheeze, Hormone usa, choke on stale cyanide air and pray to whatever is up above that you will live, because life is lowered to the standard of a beggar when nothing is seen but never-ending black and glistening shards of rainbow paper weights. Time is tired, 40mg Hormone, sleep is fleeting, Hormone uk, and I am still unseeing. Dark detached cries rip from a throat, raw and hoarse, Hormone canada, and pretty crimson drips happily to join the cascading tears and pitter patter pitter patter it goes. 100mg Hormone, Steady beat inclining and crescendoing against the thud, thump, thud, Hormone us, thump of a broken, 20mg Hormone, black muscle that still pumps air and dusty cobwebs through this decayed, lifeless chest.

Days later I see you and you make me sick, Hormone For Sale. You're laughing and smiling and joking with people I once held as comrades in my heart, Hormone ebay, and it simply maddens me. 250mg Hormone, Cue the confrontation, enter stage left. What a tragic act, Hormone overseas, as men are but fools on a stage. 10mg Hormone, Arguments eat at my brain, snap, snap, 200mg Hormone, electric pulse. Hormone For Sale, Then the storm breaks—and I finally see the funny side of it all. Hormone coupon, A laugh is what bugs you most. The humorless, barking, 30mg Hormone, dry sound of a destroyed shell of a corpse lying at your feet is what you hear. Hormone craiglist, The void without emotion or care anymore; it's what I've become and you know it's all for you that the pretty face isn't so fucking pretty on the inside. And the inside died long ago with the pretty flowers and cherry chocolates and sweet nothings whispered through thick twilight memories. Creativity was lost in a sea of bruises and broken bones and no longer can I feel afraid of what the world has to offer because you don't realize that you were my world, Hormone For Sale. You were my everything, my nothing, my sadness, my happy, my pain, my sickness, my health, all in one. And the pretty paper heart told me you cared.

But the pretty paper heart isn't real. And neither are you. So stop fucking with the head of the dead and pick on someone worth living.

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