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Buy Celexa Over The Counter

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Buy Celexa Over The Counter, by Bruce Arbuckle

“Three rows from the back,” he said, as he struggled to get his coat off. “Just like the first time.” His wife, on the seat next to him, Celexa usa, offered nothing in return. He was, however, rewarded by a brief, Celexa india, but curious, stare from the young mother two rows in front, Celexa us, as she lifted her son onto her lap.

Remembering the bus journey of more than fifty years past, he smiled. February 14th 1958: Valentine’s Day, 50mg Celexa, the day following their wedding, and the first day of their honeymoon.

His mother was unhappy with their wedding date, buy Celexa Over The Counter. Celexa mexico, “Thirteenth,” she had sniffed, shaking her head, as he stood before her, 1000mg Celexa, two months earlier, delivering a reassuring squeeze to the hand of his bride to be, 500mg Celexa, who squirmed uncomfortably under the weight of his mothers frown. “Unlucky date,” and then, with an uncommon display of optimism, 30mg Celexa, “could be worse, I suppose. Celexa canada, At least it’s not a Friday.”

The feelings of excitement and anticipation, of their first journey together as man and wife, had been viciously crushed on arrival. Humpbuckle-on-sea was an old fashioned place, 40mg Celexa, even then. Buy Celexa Over The Counter, Grey and listless: even the sea crawled up the pebbled beach, reluctant, bored, until it could bear it no longer and ran back down the shore laughing and free.

Mrs B’s B&B was one of many drab sea-front guesthouses. 10mg Celexa, From the outside it appeared merely neglected and uncared for, while internal inspection revealed years of systematic abuse. It smelt of boiled cabbage, damp towels and cheap aftershave, Celexa coupon. The latter – they discovered at breakfast the next morning – radiated from Mrs B’s twenty year old son, a pimply but likable youth, 100mg Celexa, who flaunted a ready wit and an Elvis-style quiff, greased with oil liberated from the deep-fat fryer in Chippy’s Chip Shop on the pier, where he could be found serving up one-liners and fish suppers, every Friday and alternate Wednesdays, 20mg Celexa.

Mrs B had greeted the newly-weds with a brisk nod of her head and a meagre smile, buy Celexa Over The Counter. She resembled a particularly unhappy bulldog.  Their wedding certificate was examined with a suspicious eye, 750mg Celexa, while she barked the rules of the house at them.

She led them up two flights of creaking stairs, only to abandon them in a ghastly twin room, decorated with a fading painting depicting the crucifixion of Christ, Celexa japan, two moth-eaten bedspreads (chosen with an expert eye, so as to clash spectacularly with the peeling floral wallpaper), Celexa uk, and a spider called Boris, who lived adjacent to the damp patch in the shadowy corner above the cracked sink. The plumbing hummed when the sink was in use, and thumped alarmingly whenever the toilet – a long, Celexa paypal, cold walk to the far end of the corridor – was flushed. Buy Celexa Over The Counter, Lowering their suitcase onto the threadbare carpet, he joined his wife, where she sat on the bed nearest the window, and took her hand. When she turned to him, Celexa australia, he looked deep into her eyes, and was surprised to see laughter, where he had expected to see tears.

The ability to find amusement in that which would make others cry characterised their relationship, Celexa ebay, setting the tone of the marriage. It was what he loved about her most. Celexa craiglist, The bus pulled in to the bus station, and he waited patiently for the few remaining passengers to get off; the young mother, her son asleep in her arms; a young girl, no more than eight, Celexa overseas, mobile phone clamped to her ear, gum chewed loudly; a serious looking young man, 150mg Celexa, bag clutched to his chest. He watched them all file off the bus, before rising unsteadily, painfully, to his feet, buy Celexa Over The Counter.

They returned to this seaside resort every year, grumbling whenever it threatened to succumb to the pressure of modernisation, although it never yielded, 250mg Celexa. They would sit on the same bench at the end of the pier. They could still just make out their initials, 200mg Celexa, carved on that initial trip and now worn by weather, time and the friction of other people’s buttocks. Sometimes they would throw chips to the gulls that swooped around them, shouting their insults into the wind. But mostly they would sit, and find humour in each other and the world around them.

A smile on his lips, he gently lifted the urn from the seat beside him. He nodded a thank you to the bus driver as he climbed down the steps. He let his tired feet take them both to the pier for their final journey together.

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  1. Lucy Heber-Hall
    January 26, 2010

    I loved it….short and full of character where one can easily succumb to the romance in the detail, beautiful!

  2. January 27, 2010

    [...] Vote for this story at the [...]

  3. hippocampe
    January 27, 2010

    Romance, suspens, laughters: I love it!

  4. Jenny Price
    January 27, 2010

    Engaging and charming. Well done x

  5. Martin Howard
    January 28, 2010

    Awww, sweeet. Brought a little tear to my eye.

  6. jane cowans
    January 28, 2010

    Blown away! I was captivated by the story, loved the twist at the end and completely drawn into the characters (quite a feat in a short story). Time to think about that novel!

  7. January 28, 2010

    Bruce, thats lovely- I speshly like the bit when the bored sea runs back down the beach, ‘laughing and free’ Class imagery xx (?-´)>

  8. Rosalie
    January 28, 2010

    Great. If only we could all experience a love like that!

  9. January 29, 2010

    [...] A Good Start 2010 January 29 by Humpbuckle Bruce (from the vegetarian bed and breakfast, 3 Place des Arbres, in Felletin, near Aubusson, in the Limousin Region of France) has entered one of his short stories into an online competition. You can read it here [...]

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