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by Carol Brecher

Discount Ampicillin, When I was a kid I remember almost always having pets. I can name every one of them. 250mg Ampicillin, Yet, I can’t remember what ever happened to any of them in the end.

As a forty something year old woman, Ampicillin usa, I found myself living with a friend who had three dogs. Ampicillin canada, I finally realized what the phrase meant “man’s best friend.” One dog in particular… a German Shepherd named Baby became very special to me. Baby would give me love and comfort at a time in my life when things were in turmoil, Discount Ampicillin.

I met my husband online and what attracted me to him was his IM icon… a Black Labrador. I moved in with my new husband and his beautiful dog and best friend Chance, Ampicillin japan. Chance would cock his head sideways and look at you like he was saying “Mommy, Ampicillin paypal, come and play with me.” Indeed I did play with this 55 pound, black and white dog. The little white on his chest looked like a paint spill, 500mg Ampicillin. Discount Ampicillin, Chance was part Back Labrador and part Pointer.  He was a shelter dog; so grateful we saved him and very sensitive.

He sensed emotions like a hound dog. 1000mg Ampicillin, Unfortunately, my husband lost his first wife to cancer. Chance was there for both of them, 50mg Ampicillin. He stayed by her side the whole time. He licked the tears off my husband’s face, Discount Ampicillin. Ampicillin overseas, Chance would rest his head on you like he was saying “I’m here for you, I love you.” He loved to give love and to be loved.

Such a loving dog deserved love and companionship all the time, 30mg Ampicillin. Within a few months we adopted the most beautiful wheat colored dog from the shelter. Ampicillin ebay, She was part Yellow Labrador and part Pit Bull. Discount Ampicillin, We named her Golda. Amazingly, we brought her home and Chance and she immediately bonded, 750mg Ampicillin. They did everything together. 20mg Ampicillin, They ate, ran, played, Ampicillin coupon, slept together and even got into mischief together. Ampicillin craiglist, Chance taught Golda how to chase lizards and dig holes in the backyard. Chance used to lower the front half of his body with his paws down in front of him and bark at Golda until she chased him around, Discount Ampicillin. Chance would grab something from us like a shoe, a cell phone, Ampicillin uk, maybe a wallet and start barking and running with it. 200mg Ampicillin, We’d have to get up and chase him too. Chance knew how to get our attention.

If Chance’s water bowl were empty he would bark in front of his bowl or flip it over until we filled it, 150mg Ampicillin. Discount Ampicillin, When he wanted to go outside he would tap on the sliding glass door with his right paw and bark for us to open it for him. There were times when he needed to go out back in the middle of the night to pee so he would bark to tell us. Ampicillin mexico, Then one night I was sleeping and Chance came up on the bed and very delicately took his paw and tapped my arm. He was telling me “Mommy I need to go out.” Chance was a good communicator.

After Thanksgiving this past year, 40mg Ampicillin, Chance let us know it was his time to go. Chance stopped eating, Discount Ampicillin. 10mg Ampicillin, He started having diarrhea and vomiting and losing weight. He was lethargic. Golda knew he was sick and she stopped eating too, Ampicillin us. She stayed right by his side the whole time. Discount Ampicillin, Chance was diagnosed with a liver tumor. 100mg Ampicillin, We tried everything to help him get better. We bought him special foods and made home cooked meals for him, but he’d take a bite or two and turn his head away, Ampicillin australia. After many doctor visits and medicines the tumor still pushed it’s way up into his lungs. Ampicillin india, Within a matter of ten days we had to put him down because it was too difficult for him even to breathe anymore. It was very painful to watch him whither away, Discount Ampicillin. It was a very sad time in our lives.

As sad as it was in order to keep my sanity and family together, I had to remember all the wonderful times we shared with Chance. All the cute things he did. All the love he gave us. All the laughter he brought us. As I am writing this, my head has already begun to throb with pain. What he gave us was an incredible opportunity to share in his spectacular life. What he offered us was one Chance in a million.

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