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by Carolyn Boyles

Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, Monday I ran out of facial tissue. Late Wednesday the toilet paper was gone. Paper towels became a memory yesterday. Indometacin mexico, This morning Post-it Notes are starting to look good.

I’ve got the flu.

My name is Janie Herbert, buy Indometacin Over The Counter. I’m five-foot-four inches tall with shoulder-length, mousy- brown hair, Indometacin craiglist. My friends say my bright blue eyes are my best feature. I’m not pretty, Indometacin paypal, but I’ll admit to cute. I’m one of those “perky” types everybody likes having around. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, Except now.

I’ve got another problem besides the flu. It’s Valentine’s Day, 40mg Indometacin.

Every Valentine’s Day since high school, a bunch of us friends who aren’t in regular relationships go out and get toasted at a local bar. 200mg Indometacin, We used to do it in high school, but our parents never caught on. If they did, they never let on, buy Indometacin Over The Counter. This year I must endure the indignity of not being in a relationship and I can’t enjoy not being in one either. I can’t go to the party tonight, Indometacin ebay.

Part of the fun every year is wondering who will be there.  I’ll hear about it tomorrow, but it just isn’t the same. 1000mg Indometacin, I’d been lying on the big overstuffed white couch in my living room mindlessly staring at Jerry Springer. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, It looked more like WWF Wrestling to me.

I thought about going into the kitchen to find something to eat, but why bother when nothing has any smell or taste. Then I saw the familiar large brown truck of one of the common carrier services through the huge picture window, 30mg Indometacin.

I tried to think of what I had ordered recently. The specialty cinnamon roll mix from King Arthur Flour wasn’t due in until next week. The new red bustier from Victoria Secrets had already arrived, if I only had someone to use it for, buy Indometacin Over The Counter. Indometacin australia, I drew a blank. I watched expectantly as I saw the driver move from the truck cab into the back of the truck.

“Wait a minute,” I said to my big orange tomcat, 250mg Indometacin, Ruffles, who was lying on his back in the brown wingback chair next to the couch. 150mg Indometacin, “That’s not Eddie, the usual driver. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, He must be on vacation or maybe down with the flu like I am.” Ruffles pretended to care for a minute, then stretched and yawned and went to sleep.

The driver who emerged from the truck did more for that brown uniform than Eddie ever did or could imagine doing. I didn’t have my contacts in, 20mg Indometacin, but I knew gorgeous when I saw it, even blurry. Indometacin india, He was about six two with brown hair in great shape, but not super muscled up. As he got close to the door, I could see he was smiling, Indometacin usa, package in hand. Reminded me of the old smiling mailman logo used by the post office, buy Indometacin Over The Counter.

Oh My God. 50mg Indometacin, I realized, looking down at myself. I’m in pink flannel pajamas with a navy blue terrycloth bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers on my feet. My nose is red, Indometacin us. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, I haven’t showered for a week and I need Ruffles’ knot-extracting comb to brush my hair.

Penance. This has to be penance for something I’ve done. Indometacin canada, I don’t know what it is, but I am sooo sorry. I apologize to the Universe for whatever it is.

What in the world can be in the package, buy Indometacin Over The Counter.

The doorbell rang, 10mg Indometacin. I froze. I knew he’d seen me inside, Indometacin overseas, so I had to open the door.

“Hi, I’m Ralph, the new driver for this route, Indometacin coupon. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, Eddie got promoted,” Mr. Gorgeous said after I’d answered the doorbell.

“Hi. Indometacin japan, Don’t get too close. I’ve got the flu.”

“Had it already,” he said, handing me the package, 750mg Indometacin.

I took it from him and looked at the sender information, buy Indometacin Over The Counter. I didn’t recognize it. I stood there confused. Indometacin uk, Ralph saw my expression.

“I’ll save you the trouble. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, It’s from me. It has facial tissue, toilet paper, 500mg Indometacin, paper towels, and several free pizza coupons.”

I looked up at him, 100mg Indometacin, more confused than ever.

“I’ve had this route for about a week. Saw you inside, sick all week. Thought you were pretty. Figured you could use some supplies.”

I started to stammer thanks, but he interrupted me, buy Indometacin Over The Counter.

“How about going out with me after you’re well?” he offered. “Then we can see what we each look like in regular clothes.” He grinned.

“I’d like that,” I sniffled.

Maybe I can miss next year’s Valentine’s Day party for a better reason.

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