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Where Can I Buy Augmentin

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by Christiana Cameron

Where Can I Buy Augmentin, Dawn stared in the mirror, the face that looked back at her no longer flush with the beauty of youth. The skin thinner, the cheeks hollow, Augmentin mexico, and the eyes lack luster.  Time had marched on, Augmentin australia, leaving on her features, the map lines of his travels.

"Mom, Augmentin japan, we're going to be late, Augmentin paypal, " Julia shouted through the bathroom door.  "It's bad luck."

Dawn steeled herself, wanting desperately to tell her daughter that she wasn't sure about the wedding.  She was sure that Mark was a great guy, but what if they were making a mistake?  How could she tell Julia this now, 200mg Augmentin, of all days. Augmentin usa, Smoothing the skirt of her teal suit, she pulled open the door, hoping that Julia wouldn't read the uncertainty of her expression, 500mg Augmentin. She smiled and gazed upon her daughter, 750mg Augmentin, her auburn hair pulled away from porcelain skin.  Dewy youth…ah to be young again.

"It's the big day!" Julia announced, her voice echoing against the marbled wall of the church's entryway.  "The guests are here and I have butterflies in my stomach!  I'm so excited."

Dawn tried to swallow, but the lump that formed in her throat threatened suffocation.  God, if she passed out now, Julia would never forgive her, Where Can I Buy Augmentin.

"Yes, it's exciting."  Dawn gazed around; colorful light cascaded down from the stained glass window, 30mg Augmentin, the blues and red tones muted as they fell upon the white floor tiles. Augmentin coupon, Julia pressed a single white rose into Dawn's hand. She stared dumbfound at the flower. The perfection of the petals, Augmentin canada, their velvety texture, Augmentin craiglist, something to focus on as her mind raced for the words to stop the wedding. Where Can I Buy Augmentin, "I'll be right back," Julia said, her smile turning her face from lovely to beautiful. Pride welled up in Dawn's heart.  Yes, her daughter was gorgeous.  And hadn't she worked hard planning this ceremony…every detail remembered from the flowers on the altar to the mints at the reception.  Dawn fought back tears.  How could she disappoint her daughter?  How, Augmentin overseas.

Instead of turning toward the church, 10mg Augmentin, for the march down the aisle, her daughter at her side, Dawn moved to the front door.  Sun filtered bright and clear through the winter clouds, Augmentin us. Small bits of ice sparkled on hoods of cars and coated the grass in pastel green caps.  How easy would it be to avoid a scene and just rush out to her car and drive away?  But no, 1000mg Augmentin, she couldn't do that…damn her responsible streak.

At the dulcet tones of the organ, she gripped tight to the rose, 100mg Augmentin, the thornless stem smoothed by the gentle hands of a florist.  She turned to find Julia staring at her.  Concern flickered through her child's pale blue eyes.

"What's the matter?" Julia asked, her voice taking on the high pitched panicked tone it always took when she sensed something was off, Where Can I Buy Augmentin. Augmentin ebay, "I don't know if this is the right thing to do," Dawn said in a rush.  The misery of having actually said the words aloud far worse than the contemplation.

"Of course it's the right thing."  Julia grabbed her mother's arm and pulled her toward the door that led to the sanctuary, 150mg Augmentin.

"I don't want to, 50mg Augmentin, " Dawn whispered heatedly, her gut twisting into a terrified knot."

"No, it's the right thing."  Julia pushed open the door..  "Just look at Mark…look at all our friends and family.  Not a single one has said it's wrong."

Dawn poked her head into the heart of the church, 250mg Augmentin.

Pastor Duncan stood dressed in white robes, 40mg Augmentin, his usually stern face eased into a contented smile. Where Can I Buy Augmentin, Mark, beautiful twenty-eight year old Mark, stood to the pastor's right, the cut of his navy suit accentuating his broad shoulders and trim waist.  Candles flickered all about him, casting him in an angelic glow.  Large blue eyes gazed toward the small arrangement of iris and white roses, his expression one of peaceful excitement. The only indication that he was even the slightest bit nervous was his occasional roll on the balls of his feet.

He turned toward the door as if sensing her stare.  Their gazes met and the soft smile that touched his lips, Augmentin uk, the curious lift of his brow and her heart warmed. Augmentin india, This was right.  He was right and wonderful and the fifteen year age difference be damned.

She took Julia's hand and when the organ began to play, "Here comes the Bride, 20mg Augmentin," the bride and her daughter marched toward the groom.  Yep, life was full of surprises and most assuredly beautiful.

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  1. November 6, 2009

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  2. Valorie Dorr
    November 9, 2009

    The wedding Day hooked me right away. I can’t wait to read how this all develops. Great writing and story.

  3. Jennifer L Hart
    November 15, 2009

    Beautiful set up, I could see the scene and feel Dawn’s anxiety. Would love to read more.

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