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by Mary Ryan Where Can I Buy Elavil, Broken glass litters the cold concrete floor, glittering in the light from the skylights that haven’t been shattered; my head still spins and my ears still ring from the blast. I can’t help but think what would have happened if I had left an hour before, like I told Sam I would.

Sam. Elavil canada, His name is echoing through my mind, becoming ever fainter as my vision of the intricately tiled ceiling above me darkens. My hand is on the ground and although I cannot move it, I can feel a warm wetness slowly dribbling past my fingertips.

I am struggling to keep awake but the abyss has too strong of a hold on me, Where Can I Buy Elavil. As I fade to black and my mind goes back…

The streets of London bustle around me as a youngish man and I make our way down the crowded and well-worn sidewa — a black taxi’s horn blares its presence to the city and life moves on as it always does, 20mg Elavil, not even a jump from those nearest to the source.

I glance over at the man beside me with the clouded eyes of memory – for I know this is just but an imagining of my dying mind — and see the sun sweetly kiss his messy blonde hair and his pale smooth skin, shining off his warm brown eyes and his even warmer smile. Elavil japan, And through the dream I recognize him: Sam, my Sam, my heart, my soul, my fiancé, 200mg Elavil. It all comes back to me that this is the last time I set eyes on him, will ever set eyes on him, before…

The memory is pushed aside and we walk on, 30mg Elavil, hand in hand, past the shop windows and weather-beaten doorways until we come to a descending flight of white stone stairs leading down to one of the submerged shopping centers that are so commonly found across the United Kingdom. Where Can I Buy Elavil, For some reason I am drawn to this place, so I tug Sam’s hand for him to follow me but he shakes his head and mouths something. I can’t hear what he’s saying but I remember his words all too well: No Jess, you go ahead. I’ll meet you down at the coffee shop in an hour, Elavil paypal.

And he kisses me, warm and tender on the lips. It was but the briefest of kisses but it felt like it could have lasted forever. And then he’s gone, lost, absorbed back into the surging mass of people that are the blood traveling through the arteries and veins of the pumping heart of London town, Where Can I Buy Elavil. 50mg Elavil, It’s nothing to me, Sam jumping ship when my urge to shop comes on, so I carefully step down into the depths of the center, trying not to slip on the smooth stairs slick with a thousand days of pouring rain and a thousand pairs of feet to beat it down.

I’m at the bottom and I stand rooted to the spot for a moment, Elavil coupon, quietly marveling over the architectural beauty all around me. Three stone arches swoop above my head as a greeting to this new place; stained-glass windows, like those found in an old stone church, 250mg Elavil, with a diamond pattern create a twinkling, multicolored hallway; square skylights bring forth the autumn light from the world above to help the small, hanging, electrical lights forming three straight lines clear to the opposite end of the tunnel; gilded moldings hold in place great tiled squares of red and black and yellow mosaic ceiling. Beauty is in one of its purest forms when stumbled upon in everyday life and at this point it seems to me that I have certainly fallen into something that one only gets the chance to see once in a lifetime, 10mg Elavil, because everything after that point is just the tiniest bit duller, colors are the smallest fraction less bright, patterns diminutively less satisfying. Where Can I Buy Elavil, As my hourglass of time slowly trickles away this place still manages to take my breath away, though only in my mind’s eye for my physical eyes have long since closed. Elavil us, I am not sure what snaps me out of my trance — a heavy footfall, a slamming door, an impatient child’s irritated shout — but I emerge as if nothing has happened, and indeed nothing has because all of my gazing and star-struck wonder lasted the span of a mere second. And I walk, Elavil craiglist.



Step, Where Can I Buy Elavil.

Step. Elavil india, My echoing footsteps are crisp and prominent in my head for some reason, canceling out all other sounds. But there are the people, right beside me, streaming on, 750mg Elavil, on, on. I pass shop signs and store fronts, 100mg Elavil, more of those stained glass windows with the red and blue diamond pattern and the wavy outlines of friendly merchandise and wares calling out to customers to come in and look around. Where Can I Buy Elavil, It takes a while, but near the midpoint of the tunnel one store in particular seems to be calling my name. It's not a particularly strange place: a random nicknack shop, with items in a disorganize array of brand new, to the point where the plastic is still making the tiny tea light candles shine in the lamp light, and tarnished old, Elavil ebay, with chipping paint upon the used dressers and dirt smudges on the porcelain dolls' faces. But there is something about it that I cannot quite pull myself away from.

Call it Destiny; call it Fate; call it a sheer random happenstance if you may so choose to, Elavil overseas, but I know for a fact that I am supposed to pass through the threshold of Amelia's Closet and wander among the shelves of Past, Present and Future. And why do I know this. Why of all things is this apparent to me in my increasingly deteriorating state of mind and body, Where Can I Buy Elavil. It's because of what happened next, what's going on now in my mind, Elavil australia.

She's just standing there like any other customer in the store. She has pale skin like mine, although without the freckles, 150mg Elavil, and slightly asian features on her smooth face. Her jet black hair spills down her back in a river of darkness, obscuring most of the back of her long brown trench coat, which is loosely wrapped around her slim body, but not tied at the waist as one would think, Elavil uk. Where Can I Buy Elavil, She's just standing there, staring at me, and I at her. In this one moment, as I am looking into her almond shaped eyes, I see not the eyes of a beautiful, 500mg Elavil, stunning woman that most people would pay thousands to have featured in their magazine, but the eyes of a scared little girl who's just trying to find a way out, any way out.

And she moves.

Now everything happening in slow motion: the flinging back of her coat to reveal a thick strip of black strapped to her middle, Elavil mexico, the long fingers of her hand reaching down to press a series of buttons, the drawn out beginnings of a scream from the woman behind me as she realizes what is about to occur.

The lightbulb goes on in my slow-to-react brain.

It's what every person hears about nowadays on the news, but never really gets the full effect of, Where Can I Buy Elavil. 1000mg Elavil, It's what every government is fighting to protect its country from. It's what everyone subconsciously fears might happen to them someday, far off, in the distant and uncertain future.

It's a bomb, 40mg Elavil.

3. Where Can I Buy Elavil, 2.


Light is exploding all around me, Elavil usa, the wooden shelves shattering into a million splinters, the stained glass windows disintegrating into sharp chunks and fine powder alike. The sound of the detonation roars in my ears and sends my body sailing back through the debris and into the tunnel.

And now my mind has finally caught up with my body; the Past and the Present have finally stitched together their ends again, which leaves me back where we started: lying on the cold concrete floor, cut by broken glass and splintered wood, thinking about how I should have just gone with Sam.

These last moments are ticking by so slowly it's as if I'm a bored little kid again, sitting through math class and waiting for recess to come to set me free, Where Can I Buy Elavil. And when you're dying — and you know it — you aren't pondering over all those little mistakes you made in life and how you could have done them better, or wishing that you had lived with more of a respect for the precious little time you have on Earth. No. You're waiting for the end to wash over you like a wave of relief and let the blackness absorb you into its warm embrace; you're waiting for the light to come towards you, so that you may walk forward and leave behind your past, knowing that it is permanent and cannot be changed; you're waiting to step into the arms of Fate and know that, no matter what you did or did not do, the life you lived was a good one, one that you do not regret. These are the some last thoughts I have as I wander both into the darkness death and the light of what lies beyond. And as my mind is leaving me for the last time, I think these three words:




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  1. Janet Bearden
    July 30, 2010

    Very good! Great use of words. This young lady is going to be a great author, I cannot wait to read her first novel.

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