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contest finalist

by Daphne Rice

Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Delete.

Much easier than erasing. No messy crumbs. 500mg Vermox, No lingering word ghosts. All gone. No more, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Poof. She smiled at her bare fingers resting on the keyboard, 50mg Vermox.


Her first journals were leatherette, key-locked diaries, 10mg Vermox, the kind her brothers could jimmy open with a paper clip. Mundane little recountables of weather, school events, family gatherings, 100mg Vermox, dreams, wishes, Vermox overseas, that sort of thing. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Changed things she didn’t like, erased things she didn’t want to remember.

A sweet girl, really. Never caused trouble, 1000mg Vermox. She grayed around school; invisible to beautiful people, a shadow to block-headed jocks and academic bean brains. 20mg Vermox, Equally transparent to nerds and outcasts. Hated high school, loved writing, so spent her time in word worlds, buy Vermox Over The Counter.

Until late spring, her senior year, at that leadership camp just across the state border from Spokane, Vermox japan. She met a tall, dark-eyed fellow, Vermox ebay, legs clear up to his Adam’s apple, battered old cowboy hat, and beat-up guitar. An apprentice saddle-maker from Bozeman; always a crowd around him, 200mg Vermox, requesting favorites, singing along with his rattly-voiced twang. Vermox paypal, Sometimes he looked her way when he sang. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, She recorded every glance in her journal. Wrote a couple of her own songs of love, heartbreak; the usual country themes. Eventually got up the nerve to sing one of her ballads at an evening gathering, Vermox canada.
“Lock eyes four seconds, look down.” She had read a column called “Flirting Tips That Do The Trick!” in a teen magazine. Vermox uk, That tip worked like a charm.

Her words pulled him in, tied him to her heart, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Letters flew back and forth from Oregon to Montana. Montana to Oregon. She read the lines, Vermox australia, between the lines, beyond the lines. Vermox mexico, Recorded each moment of this long distance romance, captured in her journal like fireflies in jar. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, A sparkling diamond was her Christmas gift.

That June she moved cross-country. Felt right at home, 150mg Vermox, volunteered to judge baked goods at the county fair. Making conversation, Vermox us, the Decorated Cakes judge noticed her engagement ring and asked who the lucky fellow was. “You don’t — I mean, he was just out at our ranch yesterday— with his girlfriend— ”


She left Bozeman. Ripped up his photos, but he still haunted her dreams, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Burned his letters, 750mg Vermox, but memories of him faded only around the edges.

Some people let go easy. Vermox india, She didn’t.

She kept the engagement ring. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Wore it like a nasty scar. Hated him.


“Write it down, Vermox usa, get it out, get over it.” Where had she heard that. 250mg Vermox, Oprah. Dr. Phil, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Opening her laptop, she tapped, 30mg Vermox, then beat, until the keys spat out her heartbreak. 40mg Vermox, Finished, she opened her browser. Googled. Pretty slick, Vermox coupon, that Internet. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Like bugs pressed flat beneath glass, the bold, black letters spelled out his name. She touched the screen. Vermox craiglist, Sighed. Thought about e-mailing him her story. Shook her head. Closed the browser, buy Vermox Over The Counter.

On, then off, on, then off— right in time with the wall clock’s steady ticking, the cursor winked at the end of her tale.

Something clicked.

Tentatively, she tapped the delete key back to the words ‘engagement ring.’ Fifteen more keystrokes.

A quick breath. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, No diamond glittered up at her. All gone.

With rapid urgency, her finger pressed delete until the story became a blank screen with only a cursor’s heartbeat. No more.

Not breathing now, she reopened the search window. Typed his name, buy Vermox Over The Counter.

It was taking longer this time.

She squeezed her eyes closed, pinched the bridge of her nose.

‘Your search - did not match any documents.’


She smiled.

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