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by Hilary West Buy Motilium No Prescription, Clarissa Luxembourg lived for money. You
wouldn't have thought so though, she was relatively unassuming and in
her present condition comparatively poor. But she had a plan: she
wanted money, 100mg Motilium, lots of money and she was going to get it. She'd grown
up in the Bronx and if she had learnt anything from that experience it
was that things had to change. 20mg Motilium, Golden-haired with attractive features,
many women were jealous of her. She had legs that went on forever, Buy Motilium No Prescription. It
was her meal ticket. She knew from an early age what she would have to
do and she was prepared to do it, Motilium usa.

She had just moved to Hollywood, a place of dreams - surely some of
its tinsel would rub off on her, Motilium mexico, if only she could get a break, her
first part. The flat she was renting was in the seedy part of town,
make no mistake about it, Motilium canada, and if anything other girls would have
started selling their bodies and worked the streets. Buy Motilium No Prescription, She wanted a lot
more than a call-girl's wages. She wanted luxury and that meant
millions. Motilium australia, She'd looked longingly at the smart and fabulous mansions in
the best part of Hollywood. Some day that would be hers. She desired
money with a passion like any other girl would desire a handsome man.
Money was a drug and she wanted the big fix, Buy Motilium No Prescription.

There was a bar at the end of the street but it seemed quite
respectable, Motilium coupon. She could be seen in it, she was sure. 750mg Motilium, She started to
frequent it.

"Hiya love," the bar manager would say. Buy Motilium No Prescription, Secretly she cringed, one day she would be a big star not just
anybody. Who were they, Motilium paypal. She thought to herself. Nobodies. 50mg Motilium, One night her luck began to change. Kenny, behind the bar, started to
fill her in, Buy Motilium No Prescription.

"Someone important is coming tonight Clarissa, he's big in films you
know, you can meet him."

"Oh is he, Motilium japan. What's his name?"

"It's Marshall Owens, he directs films, Motilium craiglist, gets girls a lot of big

When Marshall arrived it was in a big, flashy car; it took up half the
sidewalk outside the small bar. Clarissa began to change her mind
about the bar, big people did frequent it, 10mg Motilium. Soon they got talking. Buy Motilium No Prescription, "I am looking for a girl at the moment, Clarissa, for my new film, you
look suitable, can I take you home?"

This was a fast worker but the dollar signs were flashing in
Clarissa's cash register head. She'd heard that was how it was done. Motilium us, You slept your way to the top. Clarissa was prepared to do anything,
he wasn't bad-looking, not a man she would have chosen maybe, 500mg Motilium, but he
was offering a break into films.

The next day Marshall Owens took her to his fabulous house. At last
she was getting somewhere, Buy Motilium No Prescription. Motilium ebay, "How do you feel about sex on camera, Clarissa?"

Oh, so that was it, it was a porn film, 1000mg Motilium, she should have known. But she
was not going to be daunted. Motilium india, She immediately asked about the pay.

Some of the best people had done porn. Buy Motilium No Prescription, There was that girl in
'Neighbours', the Australian soap, she'd done everything on camera and
was still a legit. actress. She began to feel the deep thrill of lust
when her co-stars appeared, Motilium uk, tall, dark, 40mg Motilium, muscly men with so much sexual
prowess. She was getting the drug: she was on a high. The pay cheque
would be a fantastic start to her life in Hollywood. She spent all day
in the fabulous mansion sunbathing and swimming in the pool, sipping
cocktails on the elegant lawn, Buy Motilium No Prescription. Later that day Marshall Owens knew he
would haver to break it to her, 250mg Motilium, she was a girl full of lusts, surely
nothing would daunt her. Motilium overseas, "Have you heard of these snuff movies?" he began.

Clarissa's face fell. He was talking murder. Buy Motilium No Prescription, "All the girls partake now, Clarissa. It makes so much money on the
black market."

But she had taken the drug, 200mg Motilium, it was in her veins, all those dollars, 150mg Motilium, she could not say no, not now, her desire was too strong: sex, death, 30mg Motilium,
money, she wanted them all and now she was complicit in murder. She
was going to get what she wanted. Clarissa Luxembourg was going to be
a big star. Her desire for the big time was at last coming true, even
if those green dollar bills were seeped in blood.

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  1. Tom C.
    July 15, 2011

    Nice nice story, “Dark Ambition”. Clarissa thinks she is on her way up, but Marshall is preying on her; in fact she is going down. This story is reminiscent of “Midnight Cowboy”, one of the finest movies ever made. In many ways, “Dark Ambition” runs this same gamut.
    By the way: Murder accomplice, or murder victim?

  2. July 15, 2011

    Very compelling story.

  3. hilary west
    July 16, 2011

    A murder accomplice Tom, there is no doubt about that. Marshall may be a rat but he is not about to kill the beautiful but ruthless Clarissa Luxembourg. I don’t know Midnight Cowboy. I will have to take a look.
    Thanks to both Tom and Amahra for bothering to comment and vote!

  4. July 22, 2011

    Just saw the post…. Very captivating… Definite novel material!

    Wud love to read a continuation of it…..

  5. hilary west
    July 29, 2011

    Thanks JoAnn for your vote. Hilary

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