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No RX Zyprexa

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By Aditi Mathur No RX Zyprexa, This week is probably the most important week in your life and out of

nowhere, I found myself thinking about you today, after all these

days. I imagined your excitement, Zyprexa overseas, your tears and your immeasurable

joy, and then quickly go on to ponder over the text message I will be

sending you when I get the news. I have pretty much decided on -

‘Hey, 200mg Zyprexa. Congratulations & God Bless. 1000mg Zyprexa, Love always – Aditi.’ Nice,

crisp and apt, but not exactly a note you’d send a friend, 250mg Zyprexa. Or should

I call you an ex-friend, now that we don’t speak anymore, No RX Zyprexa. It’s

funny how we always tend to use the word ‘ex’ for boyfriends

alone. 100mg Zyprexa, ‘My ex’ almost always means a past boyfriend, and never a

friendship that was.


I wonder why, Zyprexa japan.


Both are relationships that are important, Zyprexa ebay, than why does the

ex-boyfriend gets so much more importance over a lost friendship. No RX Zyprexa, I

wonder why we cry and mourn so much at the end of a relationship with

a supposed ‘lover’ or an entirely phoney ‘The One’, and not

feel a thing when a friendship dies. Okay, maybe we do feel a thing, Zyprexa coupon, a

prick in the heart, Zyprexa paypal, or a faint disappointment – but we are experts

in suppressing and ignoring it completely. Strange, don’t you think, 150mg Zyprexa.

Isn’t there some amount of love, Zyprexa us, some amount of attachment in

friends too. Then why do we disregard it completely and claim to be

‘strong’ when a friend walks off our lives.


We have been good buddies, dear ex-friend, No RX Zyprexa. Well, Zyprexa australia, as good as two

hyper-girls in a same situation at the same time can be –

experiencing, Zyprexa canada, sharing and learning together. Didn’t really see the

ups and downs together, we two, Zyprexa craiglist, but we did have hour long calls and

secret giggles. 40mg Zyprexa, We did not experience each other’s teenage crushes,

but we did understand that month long loneliness we both went through.

You had no idea how passionate I was about my profession, Zyprexa usa, but then you

did know about my total lack of passion for cooking which is a secret

to many.


No RX Zyprexa, I smile when I think of our dressing disasters together, our

synchronized fuck-ups in the new culture that became our collective

memories, and our futile gym sessions where we ate cookies together

and then jumped on the tread mill to burn those calories instantly. 500mg Zyprexa, A

couple of crazy girls we were, two misfits trying to be a part of this

new, almost foreign society, Zyprexa india.


I wonder what happened later. Zyprexa mexico, This enigmatic, foreign society taught

us to be serious, maybe even less open, 50mg Zyprexa, and we got lost somewhere in

our own lives which were different now, Zyprexa uk, geographically. I can’t be

sure, but I think we started to trust less and blame easily, 30mg Zyprexa. Maybe it

was right too, who am I to say, No RX Zyprexa. Maybe one of us learned the lessons

faster, 750mg Zyprexa, leaving the other behind – or both of us learned different

lessons and decided to follow them for our own good. Who can tell.

And now we are both happy in our lives, 20mg Zyprexa, in our separate bubbles. 10mg Zyprexa, Nothing has changed after we suddenly stopped talking, none of us

tried to reach out and patch things up. No RX Zyprexa, “Just let it be, it’s for

the good.” – I’m sure we have both been told, and we believed

it. We carried on; this was just another hitch in the road of life. No

tears were shed – no loss acknowledged. Two strong women going their

own way, doing their own thing and not breaking the rhythm of life by

dwelling on tiny little things.


That’s how it’s supposed to be, right.


But what do we do about the friendship that was, No RX Zyprexa. Bury it deep and

never think about it. Leave it in that one moment in the past, and

never go back. Or carry it around like a tiny pebble in our pocket

that our palms feel but our fingers can’t quite hold.

I’m sure we will meet again dear ex-friend; it’s a small world

after all. No RX Zyprexa, I think I’ll be cordial with you then, flash a warm smile

and hope hard to be rescued by someone to avoid any conversation. And

you. Probably the same as me, yes. But all this while we’ll know

what that twitch of the mouth means and will try hard not to giggle on

a certain hair-do and a million things. We will be pros at avoiding

our natural behaviour by then, I suppose. Later on, we will think

about each other before going to bed, only for a few seconds, before

we realize it’s useless and will shrug the thought off, No RX Zyprexa. We’ll

carry on with our lives, not thinking about a friend that was.

And so here I am, saying what none of us will ever think consciously

about –that I might have not cried or even actually been sad at the

addition of the word ‘Ex’ to your name in my life, but I still

sometimes think of our good times together and smile.

I hope you smile too, when you think of those times.


With love

An ex-friend.

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  1. Geetanjali
    May 20, 2011

    Hey, dis is a beautiful the beautiful person u r..stay da same..

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