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Buy Kamagra No Prescription, by Melanie

The professor stopped at his office window to watch students follow the path crushed into the snow. The glass breathed cool on his face, and if he closed his eyes he might fall asleep standing. He was spent, Kamagra us. It was written. His colleagues were placated. He hardly cared now if the article were published, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. 500mg Kamagra, He sat down facing the window, calculating the height of a red sun. Students would be going to dinner, making plans to drink and then drink some more, 30mg Kamagra. They always forgot the sidewalks and took short-cuts through the snow, making a path, Kamagra paypal, the desire line. What a ridiculous phrase: desire line. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, The Very Footpath of Lust. Mud that longs for the stars... His snorting laugh rippled the warm silence, Kamagra india. How clever, he thought. Kamagra uk, Just flip some letters, and you've got derision for "desire."

As he exhaled and closed his eyes, his neurons gathered above his slouched body and floated away. They hid themselves in vanished forests, spying on the callused feet of long-dead clans, clothed in skins, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. Those travelers would have walked the safest, 150mg Kamagra, shortest paths until the paths became dirt roads, pummeled by hooves and carriage wheels, Kamagra usa, and then highways smothered under asphalt. He drove on these roads every day. It was inescapable...what everyone did becomes what you do. Heard softly, Kamagra australia, the grunts of those ancient pedestrians would slowly become syllables and then phonemes and then nouns and gerunds and Boston accents. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, Newborn words got wedged into clay, scratched into vellum, then printed in soy inks on recycled paper, a vocabulary voyaging so patiently over millennia, in the end to be captured and buried alive by his articles in the most obscure and un-accessed scholarly journals...

His mind boomeranged back to his head and he felt a shift in gravity as hundreds of desire lines suddenly converged on his chair, 1000mg Kamagra, the consensus of language, location, custom, form...did anyone realize what a staggeringly long time we had taken to get here, 50mg Kamagra. Here was nowhere, really. Kamagra ebay, Nowhere in particular. Was this what he wanted, where he wanted to be. His exhaustion colored his days as alien, absurd, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. The neckties he wore around his throat, 750mg Kamagra, the single letters by which he graded his students, his attendance at stultifying faculty coffees and the accumulation of citations in the appropriate indexes--these behaviors now felt as familiar and sensical to him as powdering a wig, 10mg Kamagra, as interring one’s organs in jars.

He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He willed himself out of the chair, but nothing happened, 200mg Kamagra. Neither his thoughts nor his legs moved as directed. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, He should go home, go home to the absence of her, he should eat, should resign, should take his pills... What he wrote was not new. Kamagra canada, He knew this. What he did was not needed; it would disappear, weak snow dissolving into the earth. His words would change no one, 100mg Kamagra, set no one on a new path. The universe heard his silent plaint and on cue, supplied metaphor: he heard a student yell someone’s name and watched him bisect the path in the quad, making new, dirty marks in the snow, running, running toward someone, toward something desired, Buy Kamagra No Prescription.

That was what his wife had done. Kamagra coupon, She walked away from him and directly toward another man, quickly, easily. Basic trigonometry, 40mg Kamagra. The sleeping memories of her awoke now and turned, chattering, 20mg Kamagra, recognizing each other. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, Bloody hell, he hadn’t meant to arrive here. He could see her: she was laughing, she was teasing him. Her eyes were closing, Kamagra craiglist. It was dark, and he could hear her whisper. Kamagra mexico, No more. His hands curled with regret on his temples, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. She wouldn’t come back. She wouldn’t return. With opened eyes he tried to see through the yellow, Kamagra japan, heated air. He had to get out of here. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, His fingers pled with the chair. Kamagra overseas, Get up, he had to get up, get out of this office, be somewhere else, 250mg Kamagra, be someone else, be no one; he wanted to roll in muddy snow, swallow something icy, fuck, make sounds, make sounds, make terrible, loud sounds that were not words. He wanted to be new enough to want these things.

He stood up. The sun had set, and he saw only himself in the window. He would do none of these things, of course. He never did. He would go home now, directly. Go home, and go to sleep.

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