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by Emma

Imitrex For Sale, The land did not sparkle as it used to. Too many cities had been built and the land was littered with trash and waste. Imitrex us, Laura Jane Peterson wanted to change this, or protect the only place that had no trash. She did not know how to do this, 40mg Imitrex, but she enlisted the help of her best friend, Imitrex overseas, Danny Lester Jackson, a 13year old like her. “Danny, Imitrex japan, we need to figure out a way to keep this forest from getting polluted, Imitrex canada, like the rest of the island.” She said in their fort in the middle of EYE Forest. “We could patrol around the forest and pick up any garbage that we see.” “That won’t work, Imitrex For Sale. We need, like, Imitrex ebay, a shield that only lets people in. 20mg Imitrex, And if they litter, than the litter is thrown in their face until they pick it up and throw it in a garbage can.” “Laura,” “And then it would prevent any garbage or pollution from ruining this forest!” “Laura, Imitrex mexico. You’re daydreaming again.” “Oh, 50mg Imitrex, right, uh – If only magic existed. Then it would work, Imitrex usa. Imitrex For Sale, – Like in the Percy Jackson books. Camp Half-blood has a magic border surrounding it.” Danny sighed. 1000mg Imitrex, It was no use trying to stop Laura’s daydreaming.

“Mom, Dad, Imitrex paypal, can Danny and I go around the towns putting up these posters?” Laura held up a poster reading; THROW GARBAGE AWAY. 250mg Imitrex, IT SAVES EARTH. In big, bold letters, Imitrex For Sale. “Yes, I suppose so, Imitrex coupon, if it’s okay with his mom.”

Laura and Danny spent the next three days going around the cities, 30mg Imitrex, posting their flyers everywhere. They kept the ones they went using in the fort, along with markers, Imitrex india, poster board and pencils. Imitrex australia, At 4:00pm of the third day, they put the last poster up. “Finally, 10mg Imitrex,” They smiled. Imitrex For Sale, They waited a week for results. 200mg Imitrex, Things did start happening.

Laura and Danny were out picking up litter in the prairie when a truck drove by. “Hey, Imitrex craiglist, you the kids who put up those posters?” Said a big man. 100mg Imitrex, “Yeah,” Laura squinted under her hat. “Congratulations, Imitrex For Sale. A lot of the factories have tried to stop using stuff that causes pollution and the city people, 750mg Imitrex, they throw garbage and gum in the trash can, Imitrex uk, not on the streets. Thank you!” The kids stared at the retreating truck. Had they done it, 500mg Imitrex. Had they protected their island. Imitrex For Sale, They had. 150mg Imitrex, Laura and Danny enjoyed the natural beauty of the prairie, EYE Forest and even the small towns. They wandered in the glittering land, full of flowers and insects and animals. Butterflies hummed into the prairie, sucking on Black-eyed Susans and Asters. Garter Snakes and Brown Snakes slithered into the prairie. Eastern Hognose Snakes squirmed into the forest, Imitrex For Sale. The moos from happy, fat cows on a country road cheered you up more than the mournful sounds they used to make. The whinnies from horses made you think of the hungry look on their faces before.

The natural beauty of the island brought tourists and money. They abided by the posters though. The tourists brought the news of the beautiful land back home, dubbing it The Island. Laura and Danny were congratulated many times and they got half of the tourist money each day. Which was about $1000.00 each.

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