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by Gretchen

Flovent For Sale, We used to sit on the beach most years and eat lunch at Nana's. Now I often sit and think of those movies with the colossal families, 500mg Flovent, how aggravating and frustrating the main characters find them and how much everyone watching the movie wishes they had a family just like that one. They wish they had eleven brothers and sisters who fight over everything but in the end stick by their side. They wish they had an Austrian governess teaching them and their siblings solfeggio, Flovent paypal. They wish they had a bewilderingly extended Greek family who involve themselves in every aspect of their life, 150mg Flovent, eating, drinking and dancing. And the most infuriating thing is that I have a family like these—aunties who throw parties for no reason at all, uncles who are always up for a game, grandmums who cook amazing food, granddads who tell you stories and teach you to drive, and a horde of cousins who are just like best friends—but they left us, Flovent For Sale.

We weren't like most Kiwi families, Flovent us. When most Kiwis would pack up and spend Christmas in a bach somewhere near the other end of New Zealand, Flovent usa, we would stay close to home. We used to sit on the beach. And while most Kiwis who spent Christmas Day on the beach would play cricket, Flovent mexico, we would play rugby or American football. Flovent For Sale, I didn't care, as long as we were together. 40mg Flovent, We used to sit on the beach most years. In the morning, we would change into our holiday uniform of shorts, 250mg Flovent, t-shirts, Flovent australia, jandals and sunblock. Vivid red pohutukawa petals carpeted the sand where we would lay our beach towels and umbrellas, symbolizing Kiwi Christmas spirit for a whole nation, Flovent craiglist. The limpid waters would rise and cool my feet, Flovent ebay, then retreat back in an attempt to draw me into their shallows, where the boys splashed and play-scrapped. And off in the distance over the sea were the New Zealand mountain ranges and little islands no one lives on, barely a haze in the morning air, Flovent For Sale. Just a clouded green for the sun to peak over, Flovent overseas.

The little relatives would collect seashells and crabs in a bucket, Flovent uk, then ask to go play in the park, and leave their pets for mum to watch. The elder relatives would sit under the umbrellas and talk and talk; sometimes the men would get bored and start a rugby match, 50mg Flovent. And the relatives in between would join in, Flovent canada, shivering and soaked. Flovent For Sale, After fun and games we would all go to Nana's house, where she had Christmas lunch waiting for us. But while most Kiwis were quite content with fish and chips or KFC for lunch, we took up the American way and Nana cooked a huge honeyed ham, 1000mg Flovent, with potatoes and vegetables, 30mg Flovent, casseroles and kumaras. We would have pies and fruit pavlovas and we would have them as a family. And we would talk and laugh and play, Flovent coupon. Then we would sit in the family room and talk about Jesus—we would go in a long circle telling everyone else what we were thankful for. Mine was always the same, Flovent For Sale. 20mg Flovent, Now they are spread out in some distant country. They invited us to come along—parents said no, we like New Zealand, 200mg Flovent. So now we sit on the beach every few years. Flovent india, It looks the same in the summer-time. Flovent For Sale, But there are fewer beach towels on the pohutukawa carpet. There is no boyish noise wafting up from the water where they used to roughhouse. There is no large bucket of crabs and seashells by my side for me to babysit, 10mg Flovent. There are not enough people to play rugby. 100mg Flovent, So now we don't often sit on the beach for Christmas. We often wake up early and read stories about the Nativity with a cup of hot milo, because hot drinks make us feel fuzzy feelings no matter the season, Flovent For Sale. We look at our fake Christmas tree as it drops nothing red and we admire the pretty lights. We order fancy takeaways or mum cooks lamb for Christmas lunch, 750mg Flovent. We watch a heart warming Christmas movie that usually has something to do with family or love. Flovent japan, And I am reminded of those movies with the big families, knowing how much they have to be grateful for, wishing my family can be together for Christmas once again. Then we go to bed, thankful for all our Christmas blessings.

But we used to sit on the beach most years and eat lunch at Nana's.

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  1. Rachel
    March 22, 2010

    Wow it is sad they are so far away. I like how you described NZ

  2. Taylor
    March 22, 2010

    nice =D

  3. Akrita
    March 22, 2010

    Really nice piece of writing….. luv it……

  4. Rachelly :)
    March 23, 2010

    so good gret! xx

  5. March 23, 2010

    Omg that is sooo sweet. i would love to have christmas with all my family at the beach each year. That is my christmas wish. :)

  6. Vanessa
    March 23, 2010

    Wow! I could easily relate to some of those memories and some I am thankful to say I am still living. This is a creative, well written story that to some degree we can all relate to. Well done – keep writing because I enjoy reading.

  7. Tabby
    March 23, 2010

    Very good descriptive use of words that makes me long for a big family. Nice easy pace, and beautiful beginning. (:

  8. Joy
    March 23, 2010

    wow!! that was a great story =) i love how how you so seamlessly move from one tense to the other. Your colourful language makes it so easy for me to believe I’m there with you =) looking forward to seeing more of your stuff =)

  9. Gretchen
    April 16, 2010

    Thank you so much for all your comments ^.^ I appreciate them!!

    And just so anybody who reads this knows… my grandparents are moving back to New Zealand =] They seriously announced it the week after I wrote this. So I’m excited! It’s like a wish came true. <3

  10. tulip
    April 23, 2010

    good one:)

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