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Photo Prompt Contest

By Kathy Samuel Buy Temovate Over The Counter, The gentle click of the safety catch being removed from the gun thundered in her ears, but soon disappeared in the vastness of the room. Hearing it, she shivered and a drop of sweat started its journey down her inner thigh, Temovate canada.

She heard him coming towards her. 150mg Temovate, Even with her back turned, she recognised the careful, after-lunch footsteps, Temovate australia, heavy with pre-lunch scotch. 50mg Temovate, She reached out a hand to steady herself on the pillar. The ribbed stone felt warm, as though the heat radiating from it had been sucked up from hell, buy Temovate Over The Counter.

“I knew I’d find you eventually” he said in the soft timbre of a lover. A single memory of what once had been caressed her thoughts, Temovate india, surprising her. Temovate uk, She hadn’t expected that, but then it was gone, replaced by the steel grip of panic, 750mg Temovate. She steadied herself and tried to concentrate. Buy Temovate Over The Counter, She had to be strong. 40mg Temovate, She knew he hadn’t come here to negotiate; it was way too late for that.

“Did you really think you could hide from me?” He’d stopped walking and his voice this time was honey with a hint of paint-stripper.

When she’d left him, 100mg Temovate, waiting until he had gone to work to have a few hours head start, 10mg Temovate, there had been a whole continent to hide in. But that was in the beginning and the illusion of safety had been eroded, mile after painful mile, Temovate craiglist, until this room had become the last place she could run to.

The drop of sweat reached her knee where it split into tiny streams, before evaporating on her calf, buy Temovate Over The Counter. Temovate us, Funny really that it should end here of all places. The building had been classified as unsafe the year after their wedding. Then, Temovate overseas, she had decorated the pillars with pink ribbons and balloons and laid rose petals on the tables. Temovate coupon, Now it was abandoned, the walls cracked and covered with the fluorescent scars of graffiti artists

“Beth, you disappointed me.” She could almost hear the smile in his voice, 1000mg Temovate. Buy Temovate Over The Counter, It was the smile he kept for clients who defaulted on their payments and the one he reserved for her. A blend of dissatisfaction and the eagerness of anticipated punishment. Temovate ebay, He started towards her again, his steps ponderous. Maybe she’d misjudged the alcohol, 20mg Temovate. Maybe he’d started drinking more since he lost his job at the bank. Now he could spend all day knocking it back whilst hunting her, following her erratic path like a dog with the scent of rabbit in its nose, buy Temovate Over The Counter. Temovate japan, Her skin pricked along her arms and she had an absurd craving to scratch.

“And how’s Nathan these days?” he asked. She froze, 250mg Temovate. “I hope you haven’t left him all alone in that crappy apartment.” Her breath caught in her throat and fluttered there, 200mg Temovate, trapped like a bird in a net. Buy Temovate Over The Counter, How could he have found out where they lived already. He couldn’t, she told herself, Temovate usa. He was faking, 500mg Temovate, just looking for a way to hurt her, roughing her up bit verbally before showdown.

Nathan, Temovate paypal. She mustn’t think about him. She was doing this for him so that he could finally have a childhood where he could play something other than hide and seek, buy Temovate Over The Counter. 30mg Temovate, No more running. No more tears. Her stomach clenched, Temovate mexico.

He was coming closer now and she hesitated, every nerve screaming at her to turn and face him, but she couldn’t move. Buy Temovate Over The Counter, It was as though she had become one of the pillars, trapped beneath the foundations and the ceiling, forced to watch all that came to pass in the room and stare down at the pigeon shit on the tiled floor for eternity.

“Beth, look at me.” The faint aroma of his aftershave hit her then, the same one he’d always worn. When she first knew him she thought it was a masculine version of spring in the countryside. Now it stank like damp hay rotting in the corner of a barn, the odour hanging in the air around her as though suspended by the heat.

“Oh Beth, I sure hope you told someone where you were going” he murmured “otherwise the next time someone sees you it will be in 2000 years during an archaeological dig.” He laughed then and the feel of the gun on her skin burned like a fire brand. He was so close behind her she imagined feeling his breath on her neck, buy Temovate Over The Counter.

“Why won’t you look at me?” he asked, his impatience tinged with contempt “what are you afraid of?” She tried heaving air into her lungs but couldn’t breathe. I’m going to suffocate all by myself right here in front of him she thought. Her senses were on fire. She could smell the faint waft of old urine on warm stone and see the dust motes whirling in the sun by the steps. Buy Temovate Over The Counter, Freedom was just a few feet away and still she hesitated.

“What will Nathan do when his mummy doesn’t come back?” he purred. She could hear the triumph coursing through him, mingling with the sense of time ending. Anger rose in her then and her breath returned in a whoosh, the bird had been freed from the net at last.

“Look at me Beth, just one last time” he said, as he took a final step towards her. In that moment all her doubts vanished and she turned to face him. She brought the gun up in one quick movement and this time she didn’t hesitate.

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