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Pondicherry Can Wait

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by itchingtowrite

We tested positive with the in-home test done over the weekend and since my doctor was busy getting her daughter married to the Srilankankan cricketer Muralidharan, we waited till Good Friday to see her. We decided not to break the news to the family until the doctor gave a clear go ahead. And after the confirmation, we decided to celebrate with a “whirlwind” romantic getaway to the beach retreat Pondicherry where we had first met! While we were quite wary of the test as I was not experiencing any tell-tale signs of pregnancy like giddiness/ nausea like the actresses in Hindi movies do, yet after one week of hugging the news of “baby” happening to ourselves, we were sitting at the doctor’s room with the officially confirmed medical test. She asked me to get a scan done just to ensure everything was alright as I was already on the 6th week. As we were waiting for our turn, I frivolously mentioned that it would be great to have twins. It would be lovely to watch them grow together, having someone to bond with instantly. As parents of twins, we would be unique in the family too! I went in for the scan after drinking loads of water. The doctor was taking his own sweet time, asking me plenty of questions, taking down notes diligently. In turn I also started asking him whether everything was fine. Annoyingly he did not want to answer. Another doctor came by and started looking at the screen. He just muttered “twins??” I thought I heard something that sounded like twins and on cue started troubling the doctor with questions- what happened, what is it, is everything ok? After a long time the doctor turned the screen towards me and said –it’s twins. I could see two distinct dots on the computer screen reflecting the image of the womb. They called the proud father-to-be to show him the goods. As I saw him coming I made a ‘V’ sign indicating 2, wanting to be the first one to break the delightful news – I doubt it whether he understood as he had a very goofy smile on his face as the doctor started giving him the good news. My husband’s feeling is beautifully summed up by him – “Never in my school exams I scored more than what I estimated. After seeing the scan results, I felt I was getting a better score than I had anticipated!” My doctor said probably her good luck had rubbed off on mine, as she was also a mother of twins! I had planned not to tell my colleagues about the pregnancy during the initial days, for obvious reasons- the superstition that one must not disclose the news of a pregnancy until the crucial three months are over. But as they say one should never plan too much- the Doctor advised me to be on bed rest for 6 weeks to tide over the high risk twin gestation. So I had to break the news to one and all at my workplace. And thereafter “baby” became “babies” in our conversation. And the much anticipated Pondicherry trip went out of the window. My CEO commented- how could you blend two different fragrances in the same vessel! I work in the fragrance industry and a fragrance is a blend of chemicals mixed together in a large container.

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