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by Jackie Pantaliano

Buy Accutane No Prescription, Every child begs for a puppy, and Steven was no exception. Bob and I were not initially on board though. Steven is on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. 10mg Accutane, His Asperger's Syndrome impacts Steven's sensory system, emotional regulation and social appropriateness. He struggles with transitions; is a very black and white thinker, whose naivete makes him vulnerable to bullying, Accutane canada. Highly focused interests mean limited patience for anything outside those interests, Buy Accutane No Prescription. He's very reluctant to try anything new and doesn't learn well from experience.

Steven's developmental delays mean that at 15-years-old, 30mg Accutane, with a high IQ, behaviorally he presents more like a 12-year-old or younger. Bob also has three  children from a former marriage who have been part of my life over 20 years, since they were 4, 250mg Accutane, 5 and 7. While primarily independent, Accutane paypal, a portion of our finances, and of course our time, still go towards them. Buy Accutane No Prescription, Certainly an exorbitant amount is spent regarding Steven's care. How could we add the time and expense of a dog, 200mg Accutane.

Bob and I work hard. Although my home-based PR business is flexible, 500mg Accutane, it's time-consuming. I also voluntarily coordinate an Asperger's Syndrome support group, and advocate full-time for Steven. Bob's work hours are round the clock, and we are stretched very thin, Buy Accutane No Prescription. However, 20mg Accutane, when Steven's anxiety and depression increased—especially as he became more aware of his differences--we looked towards a pup for therapeutic reasons. Still we were very reluctant. 1000mg Accutane, I never grew up with a dog, and Bob's parents didn't get one until he was 18. Steven persisted in wanting an affectionate, playful, Accutane craiglist, little dog he could play fetch with, carry around, Accutane australia, and cuddle. Buy Accutane No Prescription, Night-time is especially hard, when all of Steven's worst fears, anxieties and depressions occur. We would do anything to alleviate that pain.

After extensive research, we ended up with our beloved Sparky, Accutane mexico, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We would have adopted a shelter animal, 750mg Accutane, but the vet and two dog trainers agreed that with Steven's challenges we needed to know exact temperament, including a dog we could count on being with us for as long as possible. Heart issues are prevalent in Cavaliers. Knowing the longevity of three generations assures us many years, Buy Accutane No Prescription. Cavaliers were bred as lap and foot warmers for the English aristocracy, Accutane usa. They're loyal, affectionate, 50mg Accutane, small, playful dogs.

Our pup has brought more love, affection and therapy to this family than we ever anticipated, Accutane us. His intense, whole-body- wagging greetings are delicious. Buy Accutane No Prescription, Petting his soft fur feels like nirvana.  Watching Steven play with, hug, carry and coo to Sparky warms my heart like nothing else. Accutane coupon, Seeing Bob come in exhausted after a grueling workday and brighten at Sparky's enthusiastic welcome tugs at my heartstrings. However, the biggest surprise of all is seeing the greatest therapeutic effect on me. Since I'm the one who spends time with Sparky while Steven's at school and Bob's at work, Accutane japan, and because like any child, Steven loves Sparky when he's in the mood, 40mg Accutane, but not so much when it's time to walk and feed him, especially when Steven wants to play a video game, Sparky has become my salvation.  When I'm feeling stressed or depressed, a game of fetch, Accutane india, snuggle time, or a walk brings me completely out of myself. 100mg Accutane, When Bob's working late and I've been through two-hours of Steven's tantrums, Sparky lowers my blood pressure and absorbs my tears.

I've tried every other calming method—from meditation to massages--and nothing works as well as time with my Sparky, Buy Accutane No Prescription. I used to scoff at those "crazy dog people," who treated their animals like children, Accutane ebay, and here I am the same way. It's never too late to surprise yourself. 150mg Accutane, At 48, I've become a dog fanatic, and could never again live without one. Sparky is in so many ways a mini-me, Accutane overseas. Buy Accutane No Prescription, He hasn't seen a person or animal he isn't compelled to greet. He expresses sadness when someone doesn't respond to his advances. He's easily distracted, Accutane uk, excitable and enthusiastic. He's my joy, my haven and my sanity. While he's yet another one with demands (to be played with, walked, fed, bathed, and snuggled), I receive indescribable rewards back. He loves me unconditionally and passionately and holds no grudges, Buy Accutane No Prescription. When I'm depleted he energizes me. When I'm stressed he calms me. When I need a laugh, his antics
make me giggle.  I've become a "crazy dog-person," and couldn't be happier. What a mid-life gift.

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