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by Judy Evans

Discount Temovate, With a sigh, the old man leant back in his rocker.  The ancient blue cattle dog looked up briefly, eased his arthritic legs and dropped his head on the warm boards again. 150mg Temovate, “Perhaps Mark’s not coming today, Blue, Temovate mexico, 10mg Temovate, ” he said.  Blue thumped his tail.  “Perhaps he’s gone straight to footy practice.”

The old man sighed again.  He’d been keeping watch on the veranda for the past hour or so, the spring sun warming his old bones, 30mg Temovate. Temovate ebay, Seeing a tall form in the distance, Tom straightened.  When he recognised the figure as Mark, Temovate canada, Temovate paypal, he relaxed.  Mark called a greeting and, carefully carrying the gate open on its one good hinge, 20mg Temovate, Temovate coupon, came up the path.  He shook hands with Tom, patted Blue and sat on the top step, Temovate overseas, 500mg Temovate, leaning back against the veranda post.

Since buying the sports store, Temovate australia, Temovate japan, Mark had moved into the little cottage just three doors down.  Over time the two men had developed an easy friendship despite the difference in years.

After a few exchanges, 200mg Temovate, 50mg Temovate, Mark paused and said, “Someone’s sent me a Valentines card.”

The old man’s eyes gleamed.  “That’s nice, Temovate craiglist, 40mg Temovate, ” he said.  “Who – if you don’t mind me asking?  Oh, I forgot.  They’re anonymous, Temovate us, 250mg Temovate, aren’t they?  They didn’t have Valentine’s Day when I was growing up.  You must have a secret admirer.”  The old man chuckled.  Mark frowned.

“I’ve no idea who sent it,” he said.  “I haven’t had any nice young things doing a line for me lately.”

“Maybe it’s Claire; the lass that’s taken on club secretary.”

“Come off it.  I hardly know her.  How do you know her anyway?”

“She brings me my tablets.  I could pick ‘em up myself but she insists it isn’t out of the way so now she drops them off whenever I need them.”

Mark grunted.  “Why would she send me a card?  Besides, she’s a bit toffee-nosed I think.”

“Oh I don’t think so.  She’s very good to me, Discount Temovate. She’s just shy.  It’s pretty hard for city people coming to a small country town, Temovate india, Temovate uk, especially a young girl.  Hard to make new friends.  She must have a bit of spunk to suddenly take on secretary of the club.  If you said a bit more than hello, she might feel a bit more comfortable.  You have to give people a chance to be sociable.”

“You think she’s shy?”

“I’ve seen her eyeing you off.  She fancies you, Temovate usa, 100mg Temovate, young’un.  Mark my words.  You’ve got a meeting tonight, haven’t you?”  he went on, 750mg Temovate. 1000mg Temovate,  “Why not try to string two sentences together instead of just saying hello?”

Mark jumped up.  “The meeting!  Heavens, I’d forgotten.  Must be off.  See you tomorrow.” And he was gone.

The old man rocked in his chair.  Bees droned in the geraniums and both Tom and Blue dozed off.  Then, just before dusk, a car pulled up and a lithe young girl hurried up the path.

“Hi, Tom.  I’ve got one lot of tablets.  But the others won’t be here till tomorrow.”

“Hello Claire.  Thanks for bringing them round.  Want a cuppa?”

“No thanks.  But I’ll sit down for two minutes.”

Claire sank into the cane chair next to Tom.  After a few minutes of idle talk Claire blurted out, “Someone’s sent me a Valentine’s card.”

“Have they now?  That’s nice.  Who do you think it was?  Someone from home?”

“No, it’s a local postmark.  I can’t think who it could be.  It’s a bit of a mystery.”

“They’re meant to be, aren’t they. Maybe it’s Mark from the sports store.  I think he’s got his eye on you.  Wouldn’t mind betting it’s him.”

Claire snorted.  “I don’t think so.  I doubt he knows I exist.”

“That’s not true,” said Tom.  “He was telling me about this good-looking new secretary they’ve got now.”

“Was he?”  Claire’s face lit up. “I wonder if it was him.”  She smiled and stood up.

“Anyway I’d better go.  There’s a club meeting tonight actually.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay.  Thanks for the tablets.”

Tom levered himself up, waved goodbye and shuffled inside, smiling broadly.  Maybe his $10 investment on Valentine cards would pay off.

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