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by Kai

Discount Toradol, In my hand I hold the single red rose Scottie has given me to celebrate this day dedicated to lovers. It needs water, but that will have to wait, 30mg Toradol.

He is standing in the doorway, Toradol craiglist, one hand on the doorknob, one foot on the threshold. “I tried so hard.” He tilts his head toward the stars, Toradol coupon, maybe hoping they will forgive him in a way I have not. 250mg Toradol, Instead of the I love you teetering on the tip of my tongue I whisper goodbye. It is best for both of us, and I love the nobility of his leaving, Discount Toradol. We both know he could stay and steal, stay and tell more lies, 1000mg Toradol. Lies he believes, 100mg Toradol, and I try to weave into reality.

“I tried to be good.” He is still standing there, on the edge of the yellow glow of the lamp inside and the pure white light of the moon outside, Toradol overseas. Waiting, Toradol india, maybe, for me to wrap the lost boy in my arms like a mother ought to do, caress his brow, 500mg Toradol, and tell him it will be all right. Discount Toradol, But I’m not his mother. 20mg Toradol, He lost his mother, and something more, all those years ago while he watched from under the bed and one of her tricks stabbed her over and over again with a knife, 150mg Toradol. The killer hadn’t seen Scottie, Toradol us, I guess, or hadn’t worried what a six-year-old boy might say about a stranger with a blood-red knife. But the killer had severed something inside him; and it didn’t heal right, 200mg Toradol. The scars were too deep and thick for him to jump back into the world where I lived, Toradol uk, and I was too much a coward to jump into his. Goodbye was all we had left to give, Discount Toradol.

It is his gift to me, and I need to take it, 50mg Toradol. I clench my hands into fists and press them into my lap to keep from pulling him back. Toradol canada, My throat is so tight it aches, and I am choking on sobs I don’t dare let go.

He doesn’t tell me where he is going, Toradol usa. Discount Toradol, I don’t want to know. It’s better this way. Toradol japan, I close my eyes on the soft whoosh of the door shutting. Disturbed, the air flutters on my cheeks, Toradol paypal. I breathe in his scent of cloves and spice, Toradol ebay, listen to his boots clatter down the stairs. The truck engine roars to life and then melts into the silence of the night, Discount Toradol.

Focused on my breathing, I pull the torn pieces of me, Toradol australia, the scattered rose petals of my heart, 10mg Toradol, back inside myself. I stand on shaky legs, patter on stocking feet into the kitchen, 40mg Toradol. Scottie’s rose is drooping, Toradol mexico, but they say water soothes, water heals. I run cool a cool stream over the stem cradled in my hands, 750mg Toradol.


Discount Toradol, Even now, so many years later, when a stranger knocks, I’m never sure if it will be my lost love or someone with angry eyes wondering where Scottie has gone; wanting money they have traded for his lies. I don’t know how they find me or why they keep looking for him here. I only know that every year, on the fourteenth, the day he left, the rose comes, pink now. I pray, one day, for yellow. It will be the last rose, and it will last forever.

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  1. January 20, 2010

    I enjoyed your story. So sad.

  2. Rosalie
    January 28, 2010

    Great Story!!!!!

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