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by Karen Cain

Antabuse For Sale, I was eighteen, a newlywed and 3000 miles from home. Homesick and lonely, Antabuse japan, I spotted José. He was the under-dog of parakeets – an impulse buy. Among an assortment of plump, Antabuse overseas, green, 10mg Antabuse, noisy birds, José was blue and scrawny, clearly intimidated by the others, Antabuse craiglist.

After four months in Oregon, Antabuse mexico, we had to relocate to North Dakota. José had a cough – a little bird cough, Antabuse For Sale. Checking a bird reference book, I diagnosed a cold, 200mg Antabuse, purchased the recommended vitamins and bought a travel cage so José could sit between us on our trip. Antabuse ebay, On day two of our journey, I noticed José was losing feathers – or lashes – around one eye. I whipped out the book; the symptom was consistent with an ingrown eyelash, 20mg Antabuse. The treatment – iodine applied with Q-tip to the affected area. Antabuse For Sale, In Boise, we purchased both. Antabuse uk, Chuck held José while I carefully drew a red circle around José’s little bird eye.

I continued the vitamin water and the iodine without improvement. When I noticed feathers falling out around his butt, Antabuse india, I consulted the bird book again. Antabuse us, I found only one condition that caused butt feathers to fall out: if a female is egg-bound, her butt feathers might fall out.  Hm….. Is José a female?  The treatment – daily doses of mineral oil with an eye dropper, Antabuse For Sale.

Nevertheless, 30mg Antabuse, José was coughing more and his (or her) feathers were rapidly falling out everywhere. 150mg Antabuse, He (or she) also had a bad case of diarrhea.  I was afraid that I was killing this little creature that I was trying to save.  The nearest veterinarian was 75 miles away in Williston. We packed José in his little cage and drove to Williston.

In the waiting room, Antabuse canada, all eyes turned toward us.  This was not your local pet vet; no birds, Antabuse coupon, cats, poodles.  Farm animals, large dogs, 250mg Antabuse, a goat, Antabuse paypal, a pig were waiting.  And there we were with our little travel cage which held our hunched over, red-eyed, featherless, 50mg Antabuse, coughing bird with obvious diarrhea.  Only love kept us from bolting out the door. Antabuse For Sale, The vet took José out of the cage and perched him (or her) on his finger. 1000mg Antabuse, He stared at José for a minute and a puddle of green ran down the doctor’s arm. He said, “Well, 100mg Antabuse, for one thing he has diarrhea.”   I explained that was probably because I had been giving José mineral oil. 40mg Antabuse, “Oh, why is that?” he asked. I informed him of my research and egg-bound conclusion.  He tipped José and said “he is not a female.” The vet then asked about the red ring around José’s eye, 500mg Antabuse. “I was treating him for an ingrown eyelash and,” I added, “I’ve been giving him vitamins for his cough.”  I cited the bird book as the source of my expertise, Antabuse For Sale.

The vet - and I give him credit for not cracking a smile – said, Antabuse australia, “There is only one thing wrong with this bird.”  He pulled out a clipper, snipped José’s beak and said, “He hasn’t been able to crack his seeds; his beak was too long, Antabuse usa. All his symptoms are from malnutrition.”  He charged us $1.00 (yes, 750mg Antabuse, that is a “1”) and sent us on our way.

José improved daily. He munched heartily on seeds and sharpened his beak on a cuttlebone.  Feathers began to grow back and he regained sufficient wing feathers allowing him to glide to the floor; although he still could not fly upwards. Antabuse For Sale, One day I decided José needed a companion.  I bought Boris, a robust, full-feathered green parakeet. Although José was in better health, no longer coughing, the red ring around his eye gone, he still slouched and his feathers were pretty sparse. I hoped Boris’ example would encourage, at least, better posture.

On Friday nights, we cleaned the cage and we let the birds out to stretch their wings or, in José’s case, fuzzy stubs. Boris flew around the room and José walked around the room.  Chuck and I finished cleaning the cage and began to round up the birds. I was searching the corners for José while Chuck, who was much taller than I, chased Boris, Antabuse For Sale. Boris was quick and managed to just escape Chuck’s grasp several times. Then, in an instant, José’s story ended. As Boris again evaded his captor, Chuck’s foot came down on José. José was dead on the spot. Chuck was inconsolable as the one who did the killing, although unintentional. We cried, then put José in a milk carton and buried him behind the St Patrick’s Church.

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