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Photo Prompt Contest

by Karen Sue Bennett Where Can I Buy Plavix, The Inspector, his mustache buried in his clipboard of blueprints and electrical trunk lines, bumped right into the ragamuffin man. Apologies were absentmindedly mumbled by the inspector, as the rope-belted man backed away, bowing, pushing his glasses back on his nose, waving his hand, calling, "Oh no, Plavix mexico, sorry. It was my fault."
Tommy Roberts, called Tommy Bobby in his childhood, scuttled through the bustle of rush hour feet to retrieve the paper wrapped package, loosed and shot from his grip in the jostle. He secured the newly purchased canvas curtain from the mosaic floor, and made his way, one step and one loose sole slapping awkwardly in a comical rhythm. He step-slap-step-slapped his way to the end of the railway station, 30mg Plavix, passing symmetrical, precisely tiled mosaics on the walls, each a masterpiece, glistening from another continent and time.
He left the rush hour of the Cottshire Palace through the ball room, now, the leaf strewn, main concourse of the Cottshire Palace Underground Railway, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Tommy Bobby climbed the steps to the street level, rounded a corner and silently melted into the stone wall, well hidden from view by two centuries of thick ivy and age-old bushy shrubs. 250mg Plavix, <<<<>>>>

Tommy Bobby's second grade class came to this palace in 1952 before the renovations. He remembered holding onto the hand of his best chum, Tommy G. as the class snaked around the building in twos. Where Can I Buy Plavix, The children looked dutifully into the servant's quarters, the flagstone floored kitchen, rough hewn closets and deep, dark wells.
“You two Tommys, - Stay close, or I’ll put you right up front with me. I don’t want to lose you down a secret stairway,” Mrs, Plavix coupon. Peters threatened.
Secret stairway. Did she mean it, Where Can I Buy Plavix. The boys were thrilled. The two Tommys managed to slip to the tail of the group, doing their own investigations, satisfied with finding dark crevasses and excellent hiding places for another time.
Mrs. 40mg Plavix, Peters called, “Just as we studied, Lord Cotts wanted to please his fifteen year old bride, who came from a country called Morocco. Where Can I Buy Plavix, He paid special artists to decorate her new palace to remind her of her home so she wouldn’t be homesick. The carved stone lattice walls and the mosiacs makes this one of the most beautiful palaces in England. It’s my favorite. And children,” Mrs. Peters eyes wide as she continued, Plavix usa, “they say horses and carriages came down a ramp straight onto the ball room floor, right here, so the ladies’ fancy ball gowns and shoes would not get soiled and stained as they stepped down from their carriages. Those many steps were added later.”
Tommy Bobby pushed his glasses up to his nose and hollered, “Did the horses poop in here too?” The children reacted in gleeful laughter, Where Can I Buy Plavix.
Mrs. Peters, knowing a fair question, answered, Plavix overseas, “Well, Tommy, you know how horses are. I expect sometimes the servants had cleaning up to do.”
Tommy couldn’t resist being the clown, “Well, here’s the pigeon poop.” This caused uproarious laughter. Mrs. Where Can I Buy Plavix, Peters also laughed.
“Okay, settle down.” Then back to the group, 20mg Plavix, “Can’t you children just hear the horses’ hooves clopping and echoing in the hallway. I can.” Mrs. Peters grabbed the hands of the children next to her and led the class up a narrow stone stairway to the bed chambers, then outside to the elaborately carved gardens.


Orange fencing unevenly surrounded the heaps of dirt, mountains of gravel, and a pyramid of water pipes. Lights were strung, fiesta-like, around the perimeter on wires, hanging perilously close to earth movers and tractors, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Plavix australia, Two gardens were plowed flat to provide eventual parking for the newly renovated and converted Cottshire Palace Underground Railway entrance. The actual working of the trains: ticket windows, food courts, wash rooms, and modern advertisements on walls with neon signs, would be located on the concourse level of the tracks. Changes would be made where necessary for health and safety; otherwise the Cottshire Palace ballroom was safe. The construction crew sealed off ballroom doors leading to upper and lower staircases against the south wall, without being aware they left a wide flat landing between the floors, 200mg Plavix. Where Can I Buy Plavix, The two Tommys surreptitiously returned to the old palace over the years. As children they discovered a slit in the palace’s wall behind gnarled branches of tall, old bushes, and a wall of thick ivy. The boys had their secret, fortunate, swashbuckling, dangerous, Plavix ebay, heavenly hide-out. They came singly or together to swap stories of conquest, to smoke cigarettes, and to drain the last few inches from liquor bottles, which they then added to the masculinely decorated wall of stacked emptied bottles.
The boys stretched, scratched and snuffed out cigarettes. Tommy Bobby squinted into the darkness, lay back, twirled his glasses by the thin over-the-ear wire, and exhaled, “So, TG, what’s it gonna be, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Will it be Mary Lou for you or the Navy. Or did your cousins get that paperwork for you to be a copper?”
“Probably copper, Plavix india. Wha’ about you?”
“Probably the Navy. Can’t afford more school, so the Navy’s the thing. Where Can I Buy Plavix, Eyes not good enough for me to be a copper like you. Or, maybe I’ll be a movie star or a millionaire architect.” Tommy Bobby kicked Tommy G’s shoe and they both laughed.
Tommy Greer did become a policeman, and he did take Mary Lou too. 150mg Plavix, Tommy Bobby joined the Navy, and was never heard from again.


Inspector Thomas Greer remembered the secret entrance and laughed to himself. “How much stolen electricity could we possibly be talking about here?” The thought of the potential for real danger sobered his light mood, Where Can I Buy Plavix. I don’t know why it never occurred to me this would be an ideal hiding place for a felon, or even a gang. He turned to the outside wall at the hidden exit and said to his assistant, “Keith, let me go ahead. Let’s see if I’m still thin enough to slide in, Plavix canada. Here, hold my coat.” He coughed, “This was easy enough when I was seventeen.” He gesticulated with his torch, “I’ll call if I need your help, but it’s cramped. Where Can I Buy Plavix, Leave the door open and listen.” Keith nodded and obediently placed himself into the narrow doorway and leaned in to listen for his boss’s signal.
The inspector felt years falling from him as he crept into darkness. He heard the laughing voices of Tommy Bobby and himself, Plavix craiglist, and smiled at the remembered boyish pranks and jokes they shared. Inspector Greer was becoming Tommy G. again, clowning with his crony, remembering Tommy Bobby’s glasses eerily reflecting orange discs from the oil lamp, and his funny grin, and poor thin body. That was a pitiful little bugger, Where Can I Buy Plavix. I wonder what happened to him.
Inspector Greer reached the landing and flashed his beam on a tall, Plavix uk, elegantly carved four poster bed covered by a multicolored bedspread, its tassels resting on a small oriental rug on the swept stone floor. Greer retraced his steps to call his assistant in a loud whisper. “Keith, come on in. Where Can I Buy Plavix, We’re alone. You won’t believe your eyes. This old chap has a miniature palace inside where my pal and I use to get away to smoke and brag about our girls. 1000mg Plavix, It’s the damndest thing.”
The slice of light from his torch illuminated a table lamp on the home constructed bookcase. “Right. Look here, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Here’s our culprit. He’s hooked himself up to the power in the building. Guess the supervisors missed this.” Tom Greer rocked back on his shoes, proud of his find. Greer leaned in and flipped the lamp switch. Where Can I Buy Plavix, The whisper gave way to a well vocalized exclamation. “Holy mother of … . Would you look at this, Plavix japan. The ceiling and floor – he’s reproduced the mosaics in the ballroom. I’ll be. And the walls … .” The delicate cut glass sparkled, Where Can I Buy Plavix. And look here. He used this canvas to cover the spaces between the stones that lit the staircase with sunshine so his lights don’t shine out at night. I guess he’s thought of everything. Whatta genius.”
“Uh-huh,” Keith answered, Plavix us, hands in pocket, touching nothing. Where Can I Buy Plavix, “No cobwebs or spiders like you’d expect. And really decorated for some bloke. Let’s get out before he comes back.”
“He’s not a killer, Keith, he’s an artist.” Inspector Tommy Greer leaned over a two unit electrical hot plate with melmac plates stacked next to a box of cutlery for one. “You know, Keith, you can’t get any wide furniture in here, 750mg Plavix, so, look here, this guy brought in the wood pieces and built, carved and polished it here. When we were kids, Tommy Bobby and I wanted furniture too, so we sneaked in flat cardboard we found lying around the construction site. We were so proud of our haven, Where Can I Buy Plavix. 100mg Plavix, By the way, I stole some pillows from my mum’s lounge for us to lie on - but that was before I became a sworn officer of the law.” The two chuckled.
“Look how he’s carved the sides of this bookcase in keeping with the Moroccan art. I can’t believe my eyes.” Greer was shaking his head in disbelief as he fingered through the books. “These are about architecture and Moroccan design.” He lifted a large pictorial book in a slick white paper jacket. Where Can I Buy Plavix, “Why, look at this. It’s him. This hideaway belongs to my old friend Tommy Bobby.”
The inspector plopped down, sitting on the bed. He rubbed his forehead, Plavix paypal. “Look, at this. A Study in Moroccan Architecture by Thomas Roberts, Where Can I Buy Plavix. He wrote all of these books. England’s Moroccan Pearl, by Thomas Roberts, and, look, 50mg Plavix, Cottshire’s Morocco by Thomas Roberts. I can’t believe it. He’s been living in our old hideout.”
Greer ruffled through the pages. Where Can I Buy Plavix, “This book says, ‘…fortified walls, lavish gardens,’ Yeah, that’s how it used to be all right. ‘Tiles of elaborate colors, deep jewel hues, intricate designs….. .’ Really Keith, I feel almost sick. I can’t believe he’s been living here all this time, 10mg Plavix, carving furniture, setting stones and steadfastly writing, and publishing books, all with his terrible vision. He used to tease about wanting to be an architect, except his eyes were so weak. Eyes almost kept him out of the Navy.” Greer laughed, turned his head from Keith to blink and swipe at tears, Where Can I Buy Plavix.
“Who would know old Tommy Bobby even noticed the designs of the mosaics. 500mg Plavix, When art is around you all the time, do you still really see the magnificence. I mean, doesn’t it just become the ordinary background to your everyday life?” Greer looked at his feet. “And, why didn’t he contact me?”
“Well, sir, maybe he’s been in some trouble and doesn’t want to call his best friend, the chief inspector. Where Can I Buy Plavix, Maybe he’s embarrassed that he’s poor and living in your childhood hideout, stealing electricity. You know?”
“Oh my God. Of course, you’re right.” Greer wiped at his forehead. “How can I not report this?”
Keith shrugged, “Lie.”


Inspector Greer sat on a crossbeam of the fence marking the parking lot of the station and lit up a cigarette. Rustling branches behind him caused him to turn. The same rope belted man he’d bumped into the day before stood still, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Caught.
“Tommy Bobby Roberts. I hear you want to be a famous movie star or a millionaire architect.” Thomas Greer studied his friend’s face. Tommy Bobby smiled a tentative smile and pushed his thick glasses to his eyes. Where Can I Buy Plavix, “It’s me, Tommy G. Can’t you recognize me, old man. I found your house, your wonderful, magical Moroccan house – our hideout. Tommy Bobby you’re an author. You’re a celebrity. We must visit and you must tell me all about yourself, Where Can I Buy Plavix. You must teach, lead tours. Your hiding is over. You’re famous.”
The inspector swung his arm around his friend’s slender shoulder. The cronies walked around to the ballroom entrance, ignoring the rushing passengers. Their heads were together. They laughed and nodded as they pointed to the ceiling and to details in the mosaics.

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  1. Terri Williams
    August 27, 2010

    Loved the originality!

  2. Rebecca Sears
    August 27, 2010

    Wonderful story. I felt like I was melting into “The Railway Palace”. Great descriptions and a mini vacation.
    Let’s see more from this writer.
    Loved it.

  3. August 27, 2010

    Great story. Hope you win.

  4. August 29, 2010

    Loved the story. Wish I had a hideout … well, I did while reading your story. Thanks!!

  5. don west
    September 1, 2010

    Good job that was good.

  6. Kate
    September 1, 2010

    Yay Karen!

  7. Deanne
    September 3, 2010

    As always, I find Ms. Bennett’s stories clever and a great read!

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