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by Kristi Rifenbark

Discount Xopenex, There were hundreds of mangy dogs in this town – in fact it was one of the first things to comment on in the town.  Of course it was a third world country so most of the dogs looked as if they were on their last leg and some literally were.  It was a common practice for puppies to be abandoned on the side of the road or sometimes right in front of your doorstep and adult strays would try and adopt you if you showed any semblance of attention.

One sunny day one such dog arrived at Sam’s property.  He was so incredibly thin that he fit right through the bars of the gate which guarded the entrance of Sam’s property, Xopenex us. Xopenex japan,  Sam could tell that the dog should have brown markings but the dog was so starved that its hair was actually falling off in patches.  Its ribs jutted out violently against his hide which so obviously lacked any suppleness.  Sam thought that this dog would certainly be dead within a week if it did not get fed.  As an American in the country of Belize, having the right type of dog could be considered a status symbol – to adopt this shabby dog was almost laughable.  At first Sam tried to get the dog to leave his property, 1000mg Xopenex, Xopenex uk, he refused to feed it or give it any positive attention.  He couldn’t totally keep it out since it was able to slip back and forth through the gate and the dog would not leave – it seemed to harbor a hope that this man would see the possible loyalty that would be showered upon him if he would just give it a chance at life.

A couple days went by and the dog stuck around; it grew weaker and weaker and was obviously littered with fleas.  As each day passed Sam could see a glint of faith the dog held that Sam would see the beauty within this physically repulsive mutt.  He did not have the size, 40mg Xopenex, Xopenex paypal, the handsome coat or the right breed that would be considered conventionally beautiful but he did have an inner loyalty that far surpassed the exquisiteness of many of the purebred dogs he was up against.  He just needed to Sam to realize it.  Finally one day the dog was on Sam’s property again and as Sam yelled at it once more to get out when he caught the dog’s blue eyes.  He saw something there that didn’t allow him to chase the dog out any longer – this dog was literally dying of starvation and still it looked at him with an unmistakable offer of friendship.  He accepted the offer and ran up the stairs to his house to find something to give the dog to eat.  He found some leftover sausage in his fridge and presented that to the dog – the meat was devoured and an unbreakable bond was created between Sam and this hideous dog.

Sam immediately went out to the closest grocery store and bought some dog food – he named the dog Chance and from that moment forward Chance’s food dish was never empty.  Leftover table scraps went directly out the door to Chance and soon enough his hair was coming back and he would leave food in the bowl knowing that it would still be there when he felt hunger again.  Chance wanted to show Sam just how loyal he could be – one night in the middle of Sam’s sleep he was awoken by the sound of Chance’s frantic barks.  Sam couldn’t hear anything outside but knew that out here in the woods there were numerous animals to bark at so he turned over in his bed and tried to fall back to sleep.  The barking persisted and then Sam heard a splash in the bay right off his property – he shot up out of bed – there must be something amiss if Chance was jumping in the bay.  Sam looked out the window on to the dock which held his precious fishing boat and the security lights were shining bright – there was someone out there trying to steal the boat.  As Sam ran down the dock Chance was trying to attack the would-be thief and before Sam even reached the scene Chance had chased the man in to the water where he had swum off in complete fear, 250mg Xopenex. Xopenex usa, Chance continued to guard the property and Sam continued to show the unexpected dog love – it was the most beautiful type of friendship; unconditional. Xopenex craiglist. Xopenex ebay. Xopenex overseas. 50mg Xopenex. 100mg Xopenex. 30mg Xopenex. Xopenex mexico. Xopenex australia. Xopenex coupon. Xopenex india. 750mg Xopenex. 150mg Xopenex. 20mg Xopenex. 200mg Xopenex. 10mg Xopenex. Xopenex canada. 500mg Xopenex.

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  1. mike moore
    November 14, 2009

    I love the relationship between the dog and Sam. It reflects our attitude towards helping others but at the same time shows the reward one gets by taking that first step. Good job Kristie!

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