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byLalitha Jonnal

Toprol For Sale, A gush of wind brushed the jasmine vine against my window and a flower fluttered in. 20mg Toprol, Picking it up, I tucked it into my braid and touched my fingers to the tip of my nose, Toprol usa. Toprol india, Aaah…the fragrance tickled my senses and filled my lungs.

I sat on the window seat with my knees drawn closer, Toprol ebay, Toprol australia, chin resting on them. Winds were getting stronger and weaving the tall trees to and fro, Toprol us.

My thoughts were doing the same thing inside my head…a little voice within my heart trying to reason with the loud ones in my head, Toprol For Sale. 10mg Toprol, ‘You know what seems right for you. Don’t listen to all those people trying to tell you what to do.’

“But they think they are giving me the right advice, 750mg Toprol. Toprol mexico, That I should worry more about my health and live long and strong till a hundred and nine.”

‘What do you want. Why not that?’

“All of us have a dream or two, 100mg Toprol. Toprol For Sale, They are not same as the dreams of people around us. 40mg Toprol, If I want God or the universe to fulfill my dreams, then I wan to choose something else, 500mg Toprol. Toprol japan, I don’t think it is right to dream about or ask for many things. All the good has to be distributed amongst many, Toprol coupon. 200mg Toprol, Not just a few.’

‘So. What is your dream?’

“I want to see my face on the back cover of a best selling novel, Toprol For Sale. For myself, 30mg Toprol, Toprol craiglist, I have no other dream.”

‘If God came and stood in front of you and asked if it is your final answer, will you tell him that you are sure about it?’

“Aaah, Toprol uk. Toprol canada, If that impossible thing happens, I may forget about my book dream too, Toprol paypal. 250mg Toprol, But, other than standing in front of God, 150mg Toprol, 50mg Toprol, which will not happen anyway, that is the only thing I really want in this life.’

“Did you tell them that?’

“What can you tell someone who has a lot of things, Toprol overseas, 1000mg Toprol, that I don’t think I should hog the good of the world. That I would like to choose just one and leave other things for the rest of them?’

‘What if you really could have it all?’

“When one has it all, happiness is still not totally there. They think they should have more.’

Toprol For Sale, ‘Why do you always think so differently, so much so that others can’t understand and agree with you?’

“Why not?’ A giggle escaped my lips. If the neighbor across the street had a pair of binoculars aimed at my window, he may call the mental hospital.

‘So tell them all to back off and let you be. Go and sit in front of your gods and gurus and tell them your dream and dilemma.”

“No dilemma here, at all. Yes, my health is failing. But if not today, it will have to fail tomorrow or the day after, Toprol For Sale. And soon, I will be gone from this earth. But if I have published a good book, then it will stay on thousands of bookshelves and in people’s hearts too. For years or decades even. That is what I want. Nothing more.’

Toprol For Sale, ‘Maybe you should tell them to advise you about how to publish your novels and short stories and not worry about your health for now. Maybe the book will make you so happy that your health will improve all by itself.”

My giggle became a big laugh…filled with joy…as everybody’s warning words still rang in the corners of my mind.

Some years later. I have no body and so can be anywhere and everywhere…at any time. I slipped into a different library each day and stood in front of a shelf with two or three copies of my best seller and a happy sigh escaped my lips. I wondered if the living people could hear it…maybe just the one or two who were dreaming just like me, Toprol For Sale. I could pick them out easily, their dreams were sending out a heavenly scent. I lightly touched them and made them shiver...maybe they would understand that it was my blessing.  Then I walked out to enter the bookstore nearby…remembering those busy book-signing days of my life.

Conflicts are like that. They are just a temporary exchange of words and ideas…screamed at a kitchen table or across an office desk. But the universal power, whatever one wants to call it, decides which is the right experience for each of us..

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