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Stromectol For Sale

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Stromectol For Sale, by Linda M. Spear

Screen and stage actors are not beautiful.  They are epitomes of what we want to see or be and they make themselves into what the public wants.  My idea of beauty is in the souls of the ones I love so well, Stromectol overseas. 250mg Stromectol, It has nothing to do with what George Orwell was once quoted as saying: “You have the face you have earned at age 50.”  Perhaps that was the case when he lived in the last century and people had less options for making their faces more attractive, but that’s not the case for my best friend, Stromectol australia, 750mg Stromectol, Alice, who like me has past the ripe old age of 50.  She’s average in height and she has more weight attached to her body due to a wicked addiction to ice cream, Stromectol paypal. 50mg Stromectol, But the depth of the difficulty she’s experienced in life is expressed in the circles and pocket crescents that she carries under her eyes.   But focus, just once on her actual eyes, 200mg Stromectol, Stromectol japan, not the circles.  Look into them deeply and you’ll see a rare type of beauty.

Alice’s eyes are blue but the soul inside spells out love.  She knows how to comfort her family and friends, Stromectol india, Stromectol ebay, to give generously when all things seem beyond hope and she asks nothing more in exchange but to help bring about your happiness.

I often wonder if that’s because she’s an only child and her siblings are her friends.  We, her buddies, are a small bunch of women who have gotten to know her along the way over more than half of our lives, Stromectol For Sale.

We don’t know how she developed all her beautiful character traits, Stromectol coupon, Stromectol mexico, but we all know what they are.  When one of us had a terrible money shortage during the freefall in the economy, she, 40mg Stromectol, Stromectol craiglist, without being asked, offered to make payment on big ticket items and a side order of cash for those things that could not be bought on credit.  The woman accepted, 100mg Stromectol, 10mg Stromectol, knowing that the money would be restored to Alice once the probate from her dead mother’s estate was settled and the inheritance was duly awarded.

And it was, Stromectol us. 150mg Stromectol, Alice was immediately repaid, but would not accept interest, Stromectol usa. 1000mg Stromectol, Another friend developed a form of agoraphobia once she retired and did not have a regular source of interest, or close family in the area.  Alice made sure that our friend got out every day—always some place different--until our friend was prepared to do more for herself, 20mg Stromectol. Stromectol For Sale, Alice also ensured that the rest of our small band called our friend every day to make plans and get her back into a routine that satisfied her. Stromectol uk, As for me—I think I got the best of Alice when I had a serious eye condition that required that I was rendered “blind” while both eyes were shut with bandages for a month as they healed.  At the time, I had young children, 30mg Stromectol, Stromectol canada, a new puppy and a husband who needed to work long hours every day so that we could endure. Alice—who was an award winning Kindergarten teacher at the time—came to my house every day after work to either make dinner from what was available in the house or buy a ready made dinner for my family.  She also took my puppy for walks, 500mg Stromectol, even though she is not a dog owner and doesn’t know the tricks of that trade. Alice has been through thyroid cancer which required surgery and follow up treatment, Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome, which is a cardiac electrical problem that’s been resolved but her heart is enlarged. We are four months apart in age and I worry that she could leave before my time comes.

I have a beloved husband and daughters with whom I have the best kind of relationship a mother can enjoy. But best friends are a different link to source of a beautiful life.

Sometimes I worry about the loss of that beauty— her beauty—the part of a person that grows in the soul.

I pray that whatever it is that she has does not disappear for a long, long time.  And if I am lucky enough, I will have already left this world just before her time has come.

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  1. liz Lamson
    July 28, 2009

    Touching and relateable

  2. liz Lamson
    July 28, 2009

    I enjoyed it. I could enjoy this person, too.

  3. Barbara Miller
    August 27, 2009

    I loved it!

  4. October 7, 2009

    Reading descriptions usually makes for informative, but dry reading. But, as I read, Alice’s beauty entered my heart–and then–I read her story. Thank you for sharing.

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