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By Lita

Buy Augmentin No Prescription, The strangest thoughts come to you at the most inappropriate of times, I’ve noticed. Picture this: you’re on the phone with your irritable landlord (who’s adopted a disapproving tone of voice) and the thought strikes you that there really isn’t a nice way to let someone know they’re being kicked out of their house because they couldn’t afford to pay the rent for several months in a row. Augmentin coupon, Thoughts such as those are especially unhelpful when you have an embarrassing tendency to speak what you’re thinking aloud.  The landlord’s voice then becomes even more disapproving and he is even less likely to be sympathetic or suggest potential places of residence. And it doesn’t help when he wasn’t too fond of you in the first place.

The landlord’s parting words are somewhere along the lines of, 20mg Augmentin, “You have five days to pack up and scoot your behind out of my house before I forcibly remove you, Augmentin japan, ” and he clicks the phone off before you can get a single word in edgewise. The phone is then flung across the room by you, the artist with the “I always had it coming to me,” look on her face, Buy Augmentin No Prescription. The dog with the maize-yellow paint blob on his nose notices the telephone’s unfortunate demise and inches away from your side.

Such was my case, Augmentin canada. I was the artist. 10mg Augmentin, Well… I was the human artist. Buy Augmentin No Prescription, The dog was also an artist. He was a painter, and his name was Subject, Augmentin mexico.

Before he or I discovered his hidden talent, 200mg Augmentin, Subject was exactly what his name suggested. For the longest time, he was the subject of all my art, 50mg Augmentin. I could not bring myself to draw or paint anything else. After months of being neglected and ignored outside in the muddy streets he wandered endlessly, I figured he deserved to be the center of attention, Buy Augmentin No Prescription. 100mg Augmentin, He was a good model, too. He would sit in one spot and watch me paint for hours on end, Augmentin usa. Or when he would tire of sitting he would lie down and snore. 150mg Augmentin, I suppose when you’ve been uncomfortable your whole life you never get bored of just sitting. Buy Augmentin No Prescription, The rare occasions he would tire of sitting, he would pad up to me, paw at the paint, and nudge the canvas before me. So I would set up a miniature canvas on the floor for him, and he would splatter and smear to his heart’s content, Augmentin australia. I didn’t mind the mess. Augmentin india, It’s not as if the floor wasn’t “defaced,” or so my landlord put it, with paint anyway, 1000mg Augmentin.

His name was Subject, Augmentin ebay, and he was a painter.

I don’t know why my landlord didn’t object to Subject’s presence, Buy Augmentin No Prescription. Perhaps inside he was a softie for animals (if only that he was like that for poor, broke artists too…), Augmentin paypal. My new landlord, 30mg Augmentin, however, was not as forgiving. I suppose it only makes sense that a cheap apartment complex has a no-animals policy, 40mg Augmentin, but that did not make it any easier. Augmentin craiglist, Yesterday as I made to exit the animal shelter to catch the next bus, I turned my head to look back once more. Buy Augmentin No Prescription, That had to be one of the only times I hoped I would never skilled enough to reproduce as lifelike a facial expression as the one on Subject’s. It was one of astonishment, Augmentin overseas, and loss, Augmentin us, and it was one that would have me sobbing for days.

Now I stand in front of my new ‘home,’ the only feature setting it apart from the other identical doors being the weathered brass number nailed at eyelevel to the door, 750mg Augmentin. I force the key through the squeakily stiff keyhole and heave open what could be used as the door to a bank vault. Augmentin uk, The inside is bare and has a hollow feel to it. The musty smell has probably been there for heaven knows how long and will remain there for a good while, no matter how many windows I open and how much Febreze I spray, Buy Augmentin No Prescription.

I’m early, so my back finds the wall and I slide down to rest on the floor, 250mg Augmentin. My eyes dart around, 500mg Augmentin, taking in my surroundings… not that there’s much to see.

For a no-animals policy building, there sure are a lot of spiders.  My focus is now on the spiders. Their spindly legs cling to the wispy webs that hang there as if suspended in time…

I am the human artist. The spiders are also artists.

Subject 2, Subject 3, Subject 4…

For an artist, I’m not very original.

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