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Photo Prompt Contest

By Lucille Femine

Buy Petcam Over The Counter, Joel was thirty and headed his own successful corporation. He left at six that morning; the traffic would be very light. He kissed his wife and smiled at their baby, kissed the one inch free of pablum, jumped into his BMW and flew down the freeway in the heart of LA. Exciting presentation this morning, he smiled to himself. We’ll rock the world with this baby.

Suddenly, he was somewhere else, buy Petcam Over The Counter. What is this place. That was all he could sift through his sudden shock, 100mg Petcam. No one was about. Where were they. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, What is this abandoned, ornate, ancient-looking, open building. It appeared to be an antique, indoor parking lot at a mall but he had no idea if there was anything above it. Could be a temple, too.

It looked Moroccan in detail, high rounded arches and carefully carved ceiling with modern lights. Petcam mexico, The ground was beautifully detailed with intricate designs in uniform squares, like a rug. The colors were subtle, due to fading with age, but still beautifully harmonious, buy Petcam Over The Counter. The same on the walls – except most of the arches were covered solidly, only two arches straight ahead of him were open, as if it was all meant to be, that his direction was fated.

He reached the end of the high arches and ran his fingers down his tie, as if this would give him courage to go on. Ahead was a set of stairs, running the length of this entranceway, Petcam uk, strangely free of debris, yet chipped uniformly, as most ancient structures become. How come such an abandoned place hasn’t been used as a refuge for the homeless or alcoholics. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, He sniffed for pee and smelled only fresh air, almost perfumed. An image flew up of a scented, Moroccan dancer who might be just around the corner, ready to entertain him. But the silence dashed that fantasy. 40mg Petcam, I must be dreaming, he considered, still standing at the edge of the structure, still not sure he wanted to explore past the arches. I can just stand here and wait to wake up. But he was sure he got dressed this morning and left for work, buy Petcam Over The Counter. Still, he closed his eyes. For three full minutes, he waited, listening to a vague whooshing, Petcam us. No birds, no tree rustlings…no people. It didn’t jive with this vast, outdoorness. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, He flattened one hand over his heart and felt the urgent, fast pounding. His feet ached from the new shoes. He was awake and didn’t “awaken”.

“Oh my god, what is this?” he whispered. 30mg Petcam, His head turned evenly and slowly, like a radar screen, expecting a communication from someone or something shortly. He braced his back to protect himself from a blow, buy Petcam Over The Counter. Nothing came. This gave him courage.

His legs were suddenly heavy and resistant but he pushed through that and walked to one of the covered arches, reached out and touched it. Somehow, he knew it would open but not by touching it. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, He looked around for…a button. A lever, Petcam overseas. Then he knew; it was a command. He said, “Open”. But it didn’t. He screamed it, feeling his voice go a bit hoarse, buy Petcam Over The Counter. It stood there, ignoring him.

I must be nuts, he thought. Petcam coupon, I’m expecting a bunch of rocks to listen to me. He was so sure, though. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, His disappointment sent him back to when he was three years old, sitting at the open window of his house. He has decided to fly, wrapped his Superman cape around his neck and jumped out the window. From three stories, he went unconscious but no other damage.

All he remembered after that was sitting on the couch, bummed out, listening to his mother nervously laughing with relief on the phone, 750mg Petcam, telling one relative after another about her son’s silly exploit which scared her half to death. “Oh my,” she’d sigh, her hand to her cheek, “I don’t know where he got such an idea.”

She’d occasionally glance at him with affectionate ridicule but turn away quickly as he glared at her so intensely for a three-year-old. She whispered on the phone, covering the speaker with her hand, thinking he couldn’t hear her, “He scares me, Flo, I’m serious.”

From the couch, furious, he screwed up his eyes with effort, trying to make her shut up, buy Petcam Over The Counter. But she chattered on and on. He gave up and started on his journey to become an adult, not willing to sacrifice her occasional love and protection at such a young age. Petcam craiglist, “Godammit!!” he screamed, scanning the alien structure again. He had to go up those stairs, there was no other choice. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, Has to be someone up there.

His legs were still heavy and achy now. He pressed his hands above his knees in an attempt to lessen the discomfort but it didn’t work. But finally, he forced himself to the first step, took a deep breathe and carried on. After ten minutes of labored breathing, Petcam japan, he couldn’t go on. He didn’t know why it was so difficult, being an active runner in excellent shape, buy Petcam Over The Counter.

He laid across the tenth step, his head down in defeat. He raised his head and looked around, listened intently; there was nothing and no one. But there was, he knew it.

So hot now. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, He loosened his tie and opened his shirt. Petcam usa, It was December in LA, shouldn’t be so hot. But am I in LA, he asked himself again. The air was thick with the heat.

Have to get away from this, he thought. Turning around, he flattened himself against the stairs and forced his way up again, using his arms alone, buy Petcam Over The Counter. His legs were like lead and hurting now but he inched up, grunting all the while. Sensing someone at the top was the only thing that helped him bear the pain, 250mg Petcam.

He didn’t know what to expect. A Moroccan. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, A priest. The devil. Certainly, he didn’t expect what he saw when he reached the top step. He stared in shock at Billy, his best friend since High School and now his vice-president.

“Oh, Petcam canada, my God. Billy!” he shouted, almost crying with relief, buy Petcam Over The Counter. He was so startled it didn’t occur to him to wonder what Billy was doing there. Or why his friend was so still. Didn’t he see him. Billy was looking away now, disturbed. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, “Oh, shit!” Joel screamed, “I must be dead!” Frantically, he pinched his arm till it hurt. “No, I’m not dead”, he concluded but still confused. He looked up at Billy again who was now staring at him, Petcam paypal, not as a friend but with cold, grim observation. Wondering what to do, perhaps. Joel considered, still hopeful.

“My legs hurt, Billy, buy Petcam Over The Counter. Please…come down and save me,” he pleaded. Petcam ebay, He stared at his friend, his best man at his wedding, his confidante, the man who worked side by side with him through many long nights, perfecting the new creation. His creation…Joel’s.

Billy turned to look at him, responding to his plea. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, Joel saw that. He got excited, tried to move closer, 150mg Petcam, using his arms. “Billy, what’s going on?” Where are we. Why are you here, too?”

Billy smiled at him but it was nasty. Finally, he spoke – softly, menacing, 10mg Petcam, “Don’t you remember I told you I’d be here earlier to set things up for the presentation?” The smile broke into a chuckle, mostly to himself.

Joel glared at him, seeing someone he never knew before, buy Petcam Over The Counter. “Set…set things up…yes,” he moaned, the heat getting worse, the pain weakening his body and consciousness.

Billy watched the progress of Joel’s deterioration as a scientist would watch a chemical reaction. “Won’t be long now,” he whispered. He looked away, 500mg Petcam, as if someone were coming but then he looked back with full attention on his task. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, When Joel saw that, he knew for sure what Billy had done. His mind went to a month earlier when the two sat in his office in the wee hours; it was time to show Billy.

He had worked out all the bugs and now it could be done. With proud ceremony and a bottle of champagne next to him, he turned on the computer and attached a small box into the USB port. The monitor was off.

In the ominous quiet at four AM, Joel confronted the blank screen for several minutes, buy Petcam Over The Counter. He barely moved, didn’t even blink. 1000mg Petcam, Billy was doubtful as he looked from Joel to the screen several times. But suddenly, it began.

A tree started to trace itself onto the screen with slow deliberateness – in full color, vibrancy and motion. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, Billy watched, his mouth open.

Joel’s breathing did accelerate but he didn’t move otherwise. Soon, the tree was accompanied by a lovely house, a big front yard and a dog. His eyes grew bright with triumph and passion as he slowly reached for the save button, 20mg Petcam. With the screen dark once more, they both stared, counting this moment as a milestone in computer tech. At least Joel did, buy Petcam Over The Counter. He didn’t realize Billy was counting it as a milestone in his own future.

“How did you do this, Billy. Why do my legs hurt and why this heat?” Joel asked, working his mind to get a handle on the situation, 50mg Petcam, realizing he was dealing with a madman.

Billy laughed with the same warmth he always pretended. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, “You’ll be impressed, Joel.”

Amazing how he fooled me, Joel thought, almost admiring him for it. “So tell me,” he urged soothingly. He struggled to stay conscious.

“Well, Okay, I’ll tell you,” Billy began, as a grandfather telling an old war story, Petcam india. He squatted next to Joel on the ground above him. “I visualized you coming down the freeway from home and having your brakes go, buy Petcam Over The Counter. Then I made you go over the railing into the ditch below.” He took out a cigarette and lit it slowly. “At six in the morning, there’s a good chance no one will see you. Of course I waited until no cars were coming by.”

“But I didn’t die. That’s what upset you when I first saw you,” Joel realized as he smiled at Billy with mocked-up admiration. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, “That’s right,” Billy answered, taking his first drag. “But that’s alright. 200mg Petcam, The fire in the car will blow it up any minute.” He waved the cigarette and smiled at Joel as if they were in agreement with his death.

Joel was frightened but he struggled to keep his mind alert and calm. “Well…how come I don’t remember it or see myself in the car now?” The pain suddenly got worse.

“Now that’s the genius part, Joel, my buddy,” he boasted, buy Petcam Over The Counter. “You taught me a lot about how to do this visualizing on the computer. You see, you’re a starter, Joel but I go further.” He moved his butt around to make himself more comfortable.

“You see, when I had you in the ditch, unconscious, Petcam australia, I went to another computer and visualized this pretty place,” he spread his arms, truly enjoying the view. “Then I visualized you here,” he finished with satisfaction. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, “So I wouldn’t scream for help, in case I was still alive,” Joel said, nodding and smiling.

“Exactly,” Billy said, pointing the cigarette at him.

“So now you’ll present this as your own invention, since you’re the only one that knows.”

Billy frowned in thought. “You’re a genius, Joel, but never good at practical details. I counted on that,” he smiled at Joel. “You really should have put the damn thing in a safe.” He was almost loving with his advice, buy Petcam Over The Counter.

It was then that Joel realized why his mother didn’t shut up when he intended her to. He was too full of hate and resentment which made him hold himself back.

With that out of they way, he abandoned Billy’s evil and, without a computer, visualized himself in his car. He screamed loudly until he saw a car stop. Buy Petcam Over The Counter, A man got out, ran down to the ditch and pulled him out. Moments later, the car exploded.

After his recovery, Joel stashed the gadget away in a safe place. It needed a few adjustments.

Billy was serving ten years for embezzlement. Joel had an idea his evil wasn’t specialized.

The End.

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  1. June 4, 2010

    I didn’t enjoy this story very much, I’m sorry to say. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I got a little way in and couldn’t read it all word for word. The story seems unbalanced somehow. When a story is about evil, then there has to be a reward, a very theta payoff for the reader. There was no payoff. I didn’t feel there was any room for me – as though I was intended to be simply let the story roll over me.

    There is a grain of a story here but it needs work. I noticed a few wrong verb forms, as well.

    I think the thing that bothered me most was the mounting infliction of pain in the protagonist’s legs.

  2. Barbara Carmichael
    June 6, 2010

    What a great story. A cool twist!

  3. james pascale
    June 6, 2010

    should be published. Intensely interesting.

  4. Dusti
    June 6, 2010

    Where do I vote?

  5. marilyn
    June 6, 2010

    very well done!

  6. Anat Krier
    June 6, 2010

    This is an exciting story! I was very impressed.

  7. Jeanne Powers
    June 7, 2010

    Friggin’ brilliant! I definitely couldn’t stop reading. Quite an impact!

  8. Jeanne Powers
    June 7, 2010

    Didn’t see where the stars are to vote.

  9. June 8, 2010

    creative! different! A writer’s challenge, indeed an artist’s challenge, is to see what others do not see. The author has painted a picture – somewhat mysterious – of an alternate universe. An environment that is strangely alien to us normal people. I can understand a negative reaction to the story; it is definitely not a “Sally met Harry” type of story. It challenges our imaginations to keep up with the author’s invention.

  10. June 11, 2010

    Action packed and gripping!

  11. Reuben Quezada
    June 11, 2010

    Nice twist at the end, I got the feeling that he was re-living or experiencing something.. maybe out of body type thing, Billy showed up and you asked why? No answer at that point. Ok keep reading, legs heavy but from what? Had he been transported to an alien ship… Cool ending. Story was a little choppy and at times didn’t flow smoothly from one scene to another… Needs a little streamlining as the “seams” are too deliberate. I like the concept for sure…

  12. June 13, 2010

    The key to writing is to write. Let it rest and go back and edit until you are happy. Pick a place to send it and fire away! I am not a critic. I will just give a little feed back. The intro. was discriptive. The scenes were vivid and I saw through you eyes as the story unfolded. There was mystery that grabbed my attention and held it to the end. The plot was in the science fiction mode and I like this. Being an auditor I suspected the subject was thrown into an engram. The twist of controlling his perceptions by another persons ability to project his intentions via a computer to create a perceivable reality is really interesting! This could be coming up the line. The ending was abrupt leaving me expecting more. All in all, I liked it. Spelling and grammar come after the create in the final editing. Just write! If you like it to heck with it!! Then you take you lumps getting it sold. Ha!!

  13. April 18, 2011

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