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No RX Flexeril

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by Marilyn Carvin

No RX Flexeril, It was raining in Toluca Lake.  The media was making a big deal about Burbank Blvd. being closed, 150mg Flexeril. 20mg Flexeril, "It's supposed to close when it rains, Stupid!" I shouted at the radio.  "It goes through a flood control basin!"

I pushed the button.  Some rapper was making mysogenous noises, 1000mg Flexeril. 30mg Flexeril, I pushed again. Violins were running over a field, Flexeril japan, Flexeril coupon, probably covered with heather, or maybe daisies, Flexeril overseas. I tried to remember what the selection was, No RX Flexeril. Flexeril us, Don't often listen to the classical station, but I'd lost my iPod and  this was better than the other crap, Flexeril usa. 750mg Flexeril, In fact, it was perfect for driving on Ventura Blvd, 500mg Flexeril. 100mg Flexeril, at rush hour in the rain,  red brake lights reflecting off other cars, Flexeril canada, Flexeril ebay, building lights bouncing off everything.   Sometimes classical is annoying, but this was OK, Flexeril india. 40mg Flexeril, The swish, swish of the window wipers were somehow in sync with the music, Flexeril australia. No RX Flexeril, I liked it. Flexeril craiglist, It was somehow soothing.

I needed  soothing, Flexeril uk. Flexeril mexico, My paycheck was not going to cover my debts this month. Going to school and working at Blockbuster had been fine for a while, 250mg Flexeril, 10mg Flexeril, but my old Civic had needed a new timing belt.  And then there was the dentist thing. Welcome to adulthood, I thought, No RX Flexeril.

I started humming to the cello solo, Flexeril paypal. 50mg Flexeril, What was that children's story I used to listen to when I was little. The cello was the prince, 200mg Flexeril. Oh yeh, "The Story of Celeste" . . . "The loneliest tune in the city."  I laughed. I couldn't remember what instrument had played Celeste. Xylophone. And the piccolo was the mean Miss What's-Her-Name who locked Celeste in the closet.  But a mouse ate a hole in the door and let her out, so she could go to the ball, where, of course, the prince chose her for his own melody. The prince -- a full, warm, soothing cello.

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  1. Anita O'Donoghue
    November 14, 2009

    Way to go Marilyn, I didn’t know that you were still writing! Anita

  2. Te
    May 29, 2010

    The terrible Miss Squeek.


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