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by Marsanne Petty

Buy Careprost No Prescription, It wasn’t her first trip to the area. The cool, 750mg Careprost, deceiving calm had always been her favorite secret call. A banker by day, a mother by night – there was just not time for such frivolous pastimes, Careprost ebay. An hour in the swamp would give her more adrenaline than a line of coke ever could. 30mg Careprost, It wasn’t the drive that kept her away. It was all of the perceived obligations – that she must participate in the PTA, she must attend ball practice and fund raisers, she must head the six-year-old dance team, Buy Careprost No Prescription. No, the drive was relatively short, 150mg Careprost, only about two hours there and two hours back, Careprost usa, so completely doable. It was more the fact that if she went, she might not want to come out, Careprost australia, that she might want to escape into the fathomless areas of the swamp, 10mg Careprost, that she might just blend into the earthy islands and tannic laced waters. There was only so much of that kind of thing that a woman could take, you know, 50mg Careprost, and she aware enough of it to heed the warnings in her head. Careprost overseas, But a few times a year wouldn’t hurt too much, she supposed. Buy Careprost No Prescription, And so she set her goal.

The day dawned cool and crisp, Careprost japan. There was a small box at the gate to hold donations. 1000mg Careprost, She always drops a few dollars in; it just makes her feel safer that the park will still be open next time, next month, next year, 250mg Careprost. Her little part of helping save the world from civilization. The money into the box wouldn’t cover even a fraction of her day elsewhere, Buy Careprost No Prescription. Careprost india, She had only minutes to go.

There was a slight breeze on the water, but she didn’t mind, Careprost us. She made sure to dress for the weather – all temperatures could be felt throughout the course of the day. 40mg Careprost, By nightfall, her arms would ache from paddling away, and her face would be parched from the sun, 500mg Careprost. Buy Careprost No Prescription, But it was worth it.

Water rippled in front of her, Careprost uk, dark and concealing. She sat with the paddles laid across her lap, waiting, Careprost craiglist. The autumn colored leaves falling down, 200mg Careprost, each one reflecting into itself before hitting the water’s surface. Birds chirping in the background and perched in the tops of the cypress trees. Turtles lounging on fallen logs while fish rolled in the depth, Buy Careprost No Prescription.

It was over almost before it began – the slicing of water, Careprost mexico, the splash of a fish tail slapping the surface, Careprost coupon, the snap of seventy-six teeth closing over scales and backbone. Rising up, the alligator broke through the surface, 100mg Careprost, eyes bright, Careprost canada, droplets of water slinging from the osteoderms trailing down his back. Fully stretched upwards, his jaws opened, Careprost paypal, teeth shining in the sunlight, 20mg Careprost, and then it was gone. The fish was gone in less than a second. With a splash, the weight of the alligator pushed back down through the water, disappearing beneath the surface, leaving only a few air bubbles of proof.

She’d been holding her breath without realizing. Slowly paddling back through the labyrinth of the swamp, she let her mind wander. Without a doubt, survival of the fittest in nature was the most beautiful of all.

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  1. Susan
    November 3, 2009

    This story is so much like me. Living in Savannah Ga and driving two hours to the Okefenokee. I love the swamp -thought I was the only Mom who did.

  2. Marsanne
    November 12, 2009

    No, I love the swamp. My family thinks I’m totally nuts, but what can I say? We vacation out on Tybee Island each year – my kids love it. My mom and I love going into Savannah where I take a million pics :)

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