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Photo Prompt Contest

by Mazie Carter

Strattera For Sale, The policeman took Brianna by the arm and silently led her through the parking structure into the basement of the adjoining building. The dark stone tomb-like space was completely empty and their footsteps echoed across the marble floor as they approached the elevator.

As she glanced around she noticed the handsome architectural features of the space; beautiful tile inserts in the walls echoed the graceful shape of the archways which led outside to the parking lot, sidewalk and freedom. Pedestrians hurried by on their way to work or shopping; attending to the normal everyday concerns of normal everyday people. 750mg Strattera, The type of people she was raised among, but grew to despise, thinking them mediocre and not worthy of her concern.

The sight of the bright sunlight through those arches reminded her of her regret of the events that brought her to this place on this day, Strattera For Sale. She didn’t know when or if she would be free to walk in the sunshine again or feel normal again. Oh how she wished she could turn the clock back.

When the elevator car arrived the officer gave her a small nudge and they entered, 100mg Strattera. After ascending two floors, the door opened on the hallway leading to the courtroom lockup. Strattera For Sale, At the cell he took off her handcuffs, told her to get inside and closed the door. When the door closed, the feelings inside her exploded and she began to shake uncontrollably. 40mg Strattera, She found her way to the cot and sat down. As she fought to keep control, she began to remember how it had all began.

“Divorce is completely out of the question, regardless of the provocation. My children will not be raised in a broken home,” he shouted, ending the discussion as he angrily exited the hotel suite, slamming the door behind him, Strattera For Sale.

“I pushed him too hard, Strattera ebay,” she thought, throwing her glass against the wall, shattering it. “Damn it. 30mg Strattera, I should keep my mouth shut.”

She’d underestimated Martin’s commitment to his children. He’d proved his love over and over again. Strattera For Sale, This surprise trip to Hawaii, pushing aside some very important business matters, was his latest demonstration of his passion for her.

How she longed to be his wife. To have all that money, the things it would buy. She wanted everything that Mrs, Strattera overseas. would garner; invitations to the most fabulous parties; shopping in Paris for designer clothes and jewels; spending holidays with the jet set in the world’s most exclusive resorts.

There was only one solution to end the stalemate, Strattera For Sale. He was opposed to divorce, so Cheryl must be permanently removed. Could she do it. 150mg Strattera, Could she take those innocent young children’s mother away from them.

She thought about the prize again. Strattera For Sale, As the wife of a millionaire with a worldwide business empire, she’d be welcomed everywhere, have anything she wanted. Luxury and riches almost beyond her imagination. The answer to that question was a no-brainer.

“Damned straight, I can, Strattera paypal,” she told the empty room.

He stayed gone that night, returning in the morning, to find her contrite and apologetic. “Darling,” she begged him, Strattera For Sale. Strattera craiglist, “Please forgive me. I love you so much and I do admire and understand your commitment to your children. I won‘t mention the subject again. I‘ll wait as long as it takes, forever, if necessary.”

The next few days went smoothly enough, Strattera canada, after she had soothed his feathers. Strattera For Sale, While he exercised, played golf, swam and got a massage, she spent her time in the hotel spa or lying by the pool, thinking of a way to get rid of Cheryl.

Simplicity was the answer; an accident while Cheryl pursued her normal activities. What were they. Days full of shopping, Strattera japan, lunching, and charity work. Two hours each morning exercising in her fully equipped home gym; a masseuse once a week to keep that sleek tanned body firm.

She had to admit that Cheryl was unbelievable; two kids, forty years old and the bitch still looked like a young cover girl, Strattera For Sale. In fact, she could still pass as the twin of Tiffany, her twenty-four year old second cousin, Strattera australia.

Tiffany, though poor, was a member of a European Royal family. She had jumped at the chance to come to the United States when Cheryl offered to employ her as governess. 10mg Strattera, Tiffany taught the children languages, manners and deportment to equip them with the skills they would need to interact in the future with members of the aristocracy their wealth would doubtless bring into their lives. Strattera For Sale, Brianna made her plan, going over it time after time to make sure it was flawless. The more she thought about it, the more convinced she was of its success. No doubt about it, Cheryl’s vanity and beauty were her weakness, 250mg Strattera. Brianna smiled. “Mama always said nothing learned is ever wasted. That part-time job at the gym while I was in college might prove useful after all.”

Two weeks later the top news story was the beautiful socialite found dead near her still-running treadmill, Strattera For Sale. Apparently the speed control and the emergency stop had malfunctioned and Cheryl fell, hitting her head. 50mg Strattera, The Coroner ruled death by accidental means. Brianna was home free.

After Cheryl’s death, Brianna did not see much of Martin. Strattera For Sale, She expected that. He had to be careful of publicity and she understood his need to spend more time with his children. They were young and needed their father’s presence, 200mg Strattera. After several months had passed Brianna began to press Martin about his absences. She had an opportunity at the office one morning when no one was around.

“Martin, darling, I miss you, Strattera For Sale. We haven’t had time alone together for months. When can we start seeing each other again?”

“Brianna, Strattera mexico, dear, please be patient. The children need more time to adjust. They would be distraught if they thought I was interested in another woman so soon after they lost their mother.”

“You’ve taken trips to Europe and Tokyo with the children while they were on school break. Strattera For Sale, Their governess went along; why couldn’t I. I‘m your assistant and I‘ve often traveled with you in the past. No one would question it.”

“My love, 1000mg Strattera, I’m doing what I think is best for my family. For their sake, we have to think of appearances. Please be patient. Our time will come, I promise.”

Brianna was totally unprepared when Martin’s engagement to Tiffany was announced a few weeks later, Strattera For Sale. Strattera coupon, The story accompanying the picture of the happy couple stated the marriage would take place in three months at Martin’s Swiss chalet, with only a few close friends and family present.

Brianna was livid. After a rampage that almost destroyed the interior of the apartment that Martin purchased for her, she began to plan her revenge. Cheryl’s death was his fault, Strattera usa. Strattera For Sale, If he had divorced her, she would still be alive. He would pay for his treachery.

She boldly put her plan into action. She dropped innuendos in the ears of his associates about Tiffany. She insinuated Martin had instigated Tiffany’s employment and arranged for her to come to the United States. Servants had gossiped among themselves about something not exactly right in the home, memories reinforced by Brianna’s little bribes, Strattera For Sale. Strattera india, She encouraged rumors about his private affairs and trips. As his assistant, no one doubted her knowledge of his secrets. Within weeks, suspicion hung over Martin. The talk reached the authorities and the police soon reopened the case, 500mg Strattera. Strattera For Sale, Brianna congratulated herself; she had pulled it off.

Or so she thought. Soon the police were at her door with an arrest warrant charging murder. Her arraignment was being held this morning and she prayed the judge would rule in favor of her court appointed attorney’s request for bail.

Brianna was forced to wait in that cold damp cell for over an hour. When she finally entered the courtroom, it was full of spectators and news people, Strattera For Sale. Strattera uk, The proceedings took about fifteen minutes and ended when the judge ruled against bail and set her trial to begin in six weeks. Later that day she was returned to the jail cell she had occupied since her arrest. All she could do was wait for the trial to begin and help her attorney plan her defense.

When the trial finally began, Brianna was astonished by the prosecution’s case against her. Strattera For Sale, She really thought she’d covered her tracks well. She couldn’t believe it when Martin took the stand and testified against her, Strattera us, admitting their affair.

“I suspected she was involved in Cheryl’s death because she capitulated too abruptly on her demands for me to divorce Cheryl. Brianna had too much drive and ambition to give up that easily. I told the police of my suspicions and the evidence they collected indicated I was correct. They asked my assistance in forcing her hand, Strattera For Sale. 20mg Strattera, When Tiffany and I announced our engagement, Brianna’s jealously drove her out into the open and she walked right into their hands.”

An illegal parking citation near Martin’s house the night before Cheryl’s death placed her at the scene with opportunity. The couple had attended the opera that evening and the butler testified he had not armed the alarm system until after they returned. Martin’s testimony about their affair and her demands that he divorce Cheryl gave her motive.

A co-worker from the gym confirmed her knowledge of treadmills, recalling she had often performed simple repairs on the gym‘s equipment. Strattera For Sale, Her fingerprints were found in the gym, a part of the house she claimed she had never entered. Brianna’s bribes to the servants and role in starting the rumors about Martin and Tiffany were confirmed by the other witnesses.

Her attorney did her best to diffuse the evidence, but the prosecution’s case was too convincing. Brianna was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Stunned by the verdict, she sat and watched as Martin lovingly put his arm around Tiffany and tenderly escorted her out of the courtroom.

Seeing them together, she realized the truth, Strattera For Sale. Martin was a master of the game. He manipulated her into killing his wife so he would be free. Tiffany was an aristocrat and could provide the social status he desired. Cheryl couldn’t provide entrée into those circles despite her inherited millions.

With one stroke, he’d gotten rid of an unwanted wife and an inconvenient mistress, clearing the path to a woman who could not marry a divorced man. For years Brianna had witnessed his cold-bloodied destruction of men he once called friend in his quest for success and wealth. As she watched, Martin stopped at the door and turned to face her. He smiled as he placed the fingers of his right hand to his temple in the familiar gesture he used to communicate victory, then saluted his good bye to her as he silently mouthed the words, “so long, babe.”.

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  1. June 8, 2010

    I thought it was great! I love “twists” and even with all the stories in the news these days, I still didn’t quite see it coming that it was manipulated by dear hubby all along! Well done!

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