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by MJ Perry

Discount Petcam, My husband always refused to have a pet. He wasn't able to handle it if something happened to them or when one passed away. Petcam paypal, I was surprised when he decided he wanted a dachshund puppy from a litter his friend's dog had. He named his new puppy Sonny.

Come on boy, Petcam canada. Go get the ball," ordered Parker, Discount Petcam. Sonny was smart and learned quickly. Petcam coupon, He liked pleasing his Master. He was very friendly and ran to greet anyone who came to our door.

One day we were outside when a Fed-Ex driver made a delivery, Petcam japan. Discount Petcam, Sonny sniffed around him.

Don't worry. Petcam ebay, He won't hurt you," I told the driver.

Suddenly, Petcam overseas, Sonny charged the driver, 750mg Petcam, leaped at him, and managed to grab hold of his pant leg.

"Oh, 30mg Petcam, for Heaven's sake!" I exclaimed. "He's never done that before, Discount Petcam. 500mg Petcam, Maybe he doesn't like the smell of your uniform or shoes." It was the only excuse I could think of.

"It's all right. It happens to me fairly often."

When Parker came home from work, 100mg Petcam, I told him what happened. 1000mg Petcam, "Shame on you, boy," he said as he patted Sonny's head and laughed, 10mg Petcam. Discount Petcam, He thought it was funny.

Sonny loved the females. 250mg Petcam, He was always bringing one home. One afternoon I opened the back door to find him standing there with a female dachshund. She must have been very old, Petcam craiglist. He stood there looking at me expectantly, wagging his tail, Discount Petcam.

"No, Petcam uk, you aren't bringing her into the house, Sonny."

He walked her over to his food bowl and stood there protectively while she ate. The next morning she was gone, 40mg Petcam.

His next crush was on a white Alaskan Husky. 20mg Petcam, I heard him scratching at our front door. Discount Petcam, He looked so proud standing there beside her. I'd swear he was smiling.

"Sonny, 50mg Petcam. I've told you that you aren't allowed to bring your girlfriends into the house." She lay against our front door for three days before finally going back home. 200mg Petcam, One day I heard a ruckus in our front yard. When I looked out the door there was a German Shepherd sitting next to our porch, Discount Petcam. Sonny was barking furiously, but the Shepherd kept ignoring him, Petcam india. Finally, Petcam us, Sonny stood on his hind legs and placed his paws on the Shepherd's shoulders, barking right in his face. Bad move, Petcam usa. The big dog growled and snapped at him. Discount Petcam, "Sonny. Petcam mexico, You stop bothering that dog right now. Shoo," I ordered the Shepherd and walked him out of our yard, 150mg Petcam.

"I don't know what we're going to do about Sonny, Petcam australia, " I told Parker. "He keeps bringing females home and challenging dogs four times his size."

"Sonny will be okay. He just happens to like the girls."

"He's going to pick the wrong dog one day," I said, Discount Petcam.

It turned out I was right. He wooed a Pit Bull on his next amorous adventure. When she left for home, Sonny followed her. Unfortunately, she had a male companion. Discount Petcam, A short time later, I heard Sonny scratching at the door.

"Oh, my God. What happened to you, boy?" He had lots of cuts and scratches. He also had a long white nerve hanging out of his side. I called Parker and told him what happened. "I'm taking him to the Veterinarian's office."

When I got there I explained to them what had happened, Discount Petcam. They couldn't help laughing. It was a funny story.

"I had to leave Sonny with the Vet overnight."

"Is he going to be alright?" Parker asked, very concerned.

He really loved that dog. Discount Petcam, "The Vet said he'd be fine and I can pick him up tomorrow."

"Good. Call me and let me know how he is."

When I arrived at the Veterinarian's the next day I had to wait about thirty minutes. As the Assistant walked through the door, he chanted, "Here comes Sonny, the lover, the fighter and the wild bull rider."

Everyone had a good laugh. Sonny was excited to see me and ready to go home.

"The assistant showed me where he was stitched up. He had a big plastic collar around his neck so he couldn't reach his injury, Discount Petcam.

"He needs to wear this collar for two weeks but he'll try to get it off."

"No problem. He'll just have to put up with it. After all, he's the one who got himself into this predicament."

Sonny lived to be twelve years old. I woke one morning to find him lying dead in our bedroom doorway.

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