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Photo Prompt Contest

by Allison Hager Discount Strattera, Fall came early and stole the summer right from under Paris’ nose. A gentle breeze blew in the much needed relief from the oppressive heat of summer. Wandering the streets of the city in the early morning hours was Annie’s special time to unwind and dream of her future. In the quiet, she could almost believe for just one moment that she was alone in the world and had a life of her own. 100mg Strattera, Watching the city begin to stir always gave her hope. The smell of bread baking mingled with the raw sewage, Discount Strattera.  Cats scratched and hissed in the alley fighting for a scrap of food. The flowers decorating the window boxes still bloomed; gaily unaware that winter was coming to put them to sleep.

Perhaps walking the city streets wasn’t the smartest thing to do for a woman alone but, when you have nothing to lose, you have no fear, Strattera craiglist. And seeing those that made their home on the streets was a constant reminder of how fortunate she was. Discount Strattera, Annie knew she should be sleeping but, being in that room held no peace for her. She remembered the day she had arrived full of hope and promise.

Her parents had no longer been able to feed her so; they turned her out with little more than the clothes on her back. At seventeen she headed to Paris looking to find fame as a dancer; her and thousands of other young women. Strattera mexico, Times were tough and hungry beggars in the street reached out to the well-fed passer-bys. The long days full of sordid auditions began to take their toll on Annie, Discount Strattera. “You’re too skinny to be a dancer” she heard them say more than once. Unfortunately, she wasn’t too skinny for them to try and seduce her.

Tired, hungry and broke she found work as a waitress, 30mg Strattera. There was no money but, the small pallet to sleep on and a daily meal were more than she could have hoped for. Discount Strattera, It kept her off the streets. Still her sadness hung upon her like a boiled wool cloak turning her once gracious smile into an ugly grimace.

Monsieur Antoine came in to the restaurant for breakfast every day, 50mg Strattera, very early. Sometimes he came alone and sometimes with a lady friend or two. Annie would rise at three o’clock in the morning and begin baking his bread. She would open early only for Monsieur, Discount Strattera. It wasn’t as though she minded he was a kind man and he always left her a coin or two for her trouble.

Impeccably dressed he presented to the world an air of nobility. He was handsome enough she supposed, 750mg Strattera, but, a little on the pretty side for Annie’s taste. Not that he had paid any attention to the skinny girl with the hungry eyes, anyway. Discount Strattera, That is, not until one morning when the rain beat heavily against the front window of the café. Strattera overseas, Monsieur arrived soaked to the skin and sneezing repeatedly. Annie stoked the fire in the small kitchen until it was red-hot and set the bakers table for monsieur’s breakfast. As she led him toward the back room he was touched to see the trouble she had gone to.

“May I ask your name Mademoiselle?”Antoine inquired.

“It is Annie, Monsieur.” Uncomfortable with his familiarity the kitchen seemed to grow even smaller, Discount Strattera. His large frame appeared massive, as he perched upon the small stool awaiting his breakfast, 150mg Strattera.

“It occurs to me that I have seen you everyday for over a year now and I have not truly thanked you for your kindness to me, Annie.”

“Monsieur, it is nothing if not my job. You have always been most generous.” Annie smiled politely before turning back to her work. Strattera japan, She could feel his eyes on her as she moved about the kitchen. Discount Strattera, Innocent but, not naïve Annie began to panic. The heat from the fire caused sweat to bead on her brow. She opened a button on the neck of her dress hoping to cool the warmth that gathered there. No one would be in for several hours. It was just the two of them. Since she had foolishly put him close to the fire to dry, she now had to move past him to retrieve the bread, Discount Strattera. Desperately, 40mg Strattera, she searched the room trying to find another way around.

“Annie, I do believe the bread is burning.”  His smile was not unkind though she knew he was amused with her dilemma and he was not about to budge.

Afraid that she would be punished if she wasted food, Strattera uk,    she steeled herself and moved quickly past him to grab the smoking loaf. Turning to step by him again, he rose to let her pass. Discount Strattera, Their bodies collided in the cramped space and Annie could feel his arousal as she brushed full against him. She did not remember when the kiss had begun as the heady feeling carried her away.

Breaking his embrace she protested,” Monsieur, Strattera coupon. I am an innocent woman. Please do not take such liberty again.”  He smiled a most genuine smile as he took her in his arms once again, pulling her supple body tightly against his hard one. Her moans grew louder than her protests, Discount Strattera. She knew she should stop him but, Strattera canada, the feeling was so wondrous she could not.

He was extremely gentle with her and Annie felt almost, cherished. However, that feeling was short lived as she woke to the sound of the café owner screaming at her to get out. Her obvious indecency and the mess she made had cost her, 20mg Strattera, her job. Discount Strattera, She grabbed her one dress and pair of shoes as she was tossed to the street with only her cloak wrapped around her nakedness. Stepping into her shoes she found inside one of them a purse full of coins. Monsieur must have stuffed it in to one as she slept.

The jingle of the coins made her feel dirty and cheap like one of the painted ladies that walked the docks at night. 200mg Strattera, She wandered the streets frightened and crying looking for a place to dress. She headed to the only public salon that she knew; the elegant Montmartre train station, Discount Strattera.

Annie cleaned herself up the best she could. Smoothing her wrinkled dress, she gazed into the mirror trying to decide if she looked any different. Not really she thought as she twisted her long, black hair into a knot atop her head, Strattera australia.

The opulent bathroom was all gilt and light. Discount Strattera, Indoor plumbing and electricity were new to her but, she liked it. The circular bench in the center of the resting area was covered in pale satin. Annie sighed as she rubbed her hand longingly over the fabric, vowing that someday she would have her own heart’s desires. 1000mg Strattera, As she headed back toward the street, Annie heard her name called behind her. She turned to find Monsieur Antoine with an elegantly dressed woman. He whispered in the woman’s ear, she pouted and then moved away, Discount Strattera.

Annie felt the big green monster of envy raise its head as she saw the woman looking longingly at him. Annie had never seen a woman more beautiful.

“That could be you someday, Strattera us, my darling Annie.”

“Oh, do you pay her for favors too?” Annie’s animosity was clearly evident.

“No my dear, but other’s do.”

“Are you saying that she is a—

“Whore. Discount Strattera, Yes, I am. 250mg Strattera, I am not intimate with her though, I am her business manager.”

“You make it sound so lovely.”

“It can be. She will never want for anything again. She is still well on the green side of thirty and will soon be retired. She even has a wealthy benefactor that is waiting to marry her.”

“Marry her?”

“And why not. She is lovely, smart and—talented.”

“Talented, at what?” The blush raced to Annie’s face as she caught Monsieur practically waggling his eyebrows, Discount Strattera.

Gently cupping her face, 500mg Strattera, he planted a chaste kiss on her forehead. “You are so beautiful but, so alone. I could change your life. 10mg Strattera, Make it all that you wish it to be.”

“Well, I could never. Discount Strattera, And take your money back. You made me feel so, so -- dirty.” Puffing up indignantly she slapped him hard across the face.

“Dirty or hungry, it is your choice my dear, Strattera ebay. Keep the money you will need it to eat.” Monsieur bowed slightly and with a tip of his hat turned to leave.

Annie threw the purse at him and left the station. Running up the stairs to the outside world she had no idea where she was going and it was getting dark, Discount Strattera. Her stomach rumbled as she looked for a scrap of food and an empty corner in which to sleep. The vagabonds leered at her as if she were their next meal. Strattera paypal, The orphans clung to her skirts looking for some motherly love. Overwhelmed, she returned to the train station. Discount Strattera, Hiding as the night man locked up, Annie was able to remain in the salon and sleep on the beautiful, pink bench.

It did not take long for Annie to seek Monsieur Antoine out. She hadn’t eaten for several days and was hungry. When he saw her walking towards him, Strattera india, he simply reached out taking her dirty hand in to the white gloved one that he offered.

The busy Metro stop was Annie’s spot now. If any of the other girls tried to move in, they were quickly sent away by Monsieur Antoine, Discount Strattera.

The regulars all knew where to find her, their appointments booked around their train schedules. Strattera usa, A small room hidden in the back had once been used by ticket clerks and now served as her office. A single bed was pushed up in to the corner leaving almost enough room to push the door open halfway.

Some of her more solid customers had quite the squeeze to make it through, while others had to settle for an empty hallway or the beautiful but, public salon. Discount Strattera, A simple wash stand sat behind the door and along with a chamber pot, a lace screen tried to afford some privacy. Many were surprised as they moved from the grandeur of the train station in to her squalid room. But their shock was soon replaced by wonder as Annie transported them to another world. A world full of heat and passion and desire.

Hunger shook her from her memories. Tired but, content Annie stopped in to the café where she had once worked and ordered breakfast, Discount Strattera. The owner did not recognize the lovely and well turned-out woman at the front table. Catching her reflection in the shiny glass neither did Annie and that was okay.

Returning to her tiny room she realized that it might be cozy but, it was hers. And those dingy four walls would make all her dreams come true. Tucking a clean sheet around the mattress, she stretched catlike before laying her tired body down.

The lonesome cry of the morning’s first train pierced the quiet of her soul. As the engine rumbled into the station rocking her bed, Annie drifted off to sleep.

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