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by Natalie Grigson Discount Actos, “Hello. My name is Tantalus and I haven’t had a drink in three thousand years.”

“Hi, Actos usa, Tantalus,” the group echoed back mechanically. They moved on to the next new-comer, 20mg Actos, a woman with stringy brown hair and big blue eyes, Actos mexico, magnified comically beneath her spectacles. Tantalus took his seat and smiled benignly at the woman. He knew the drill, 10mg Actos.

“Hello, Discount Actos. My name is Marie and I have been sober for twenty-seven… Did you say three thousand years?”

She peered down at Tantalus, Actos ebay, her eyes wide and made wider beneath her hubcap-sized spectacles. Tantalus leaned back in his little Fisher Price plastic chair and nodded sagely at the woman. To all else, Actos coupon, Tantalus looked calm and collected, 150mg Actos, as though he were merely agreeing that yes, the weather has been quite lovely this week. But his thoughts were reeling, Actos craiglist. Discount Actos, Nobody seemed to notice that his heart—or rather, the empty pit where his heart should have been—had ceased pumping (or rather, it would have, if he had a heart at all.)

In fact, everybody in the group had already moved along, just as they had when Tantalus had announced his impressive lack of drink for several millennia; just as they had in every group he’d visited thus far. You see, Actos us, Tantalus had taken to stopping into the mortal realm when he had heard about these mysterious meetings. Bill Brown had been the one who’d told him about them. He’d only just arrived in Hell after drinking himself to death, 250mg Actos, when he spotted Tantalus. 50mg Actos, “You look like you could use a drink!” Bill had said jovially. Tantalus gave him a withering look and went back to pining over his lost sustenance; the pool of water was as unattainable as ever, Discount Actos.

“That’s okay. I know the feeling, Actos paypal,” Bill said, 500mg Actos, plopping himself down next to the little lake, already filling up again.

That’s when Bill had told him about these wonderful groups on earth, 1000mg Actos, full of people craving the comfort of drink, Actos australia, just like Tantalus. He said they were lost souls, just like the two of them, 40mg Actos, and that these mysterious groups could offer him a brotherhood—support like nothing else could. Discount Actos, So Tantalus started going to AA meetings. 200mg Actos, The thing about popping into the mortal world as a condemned, eternally suffering, lost soul, Actos uk, was that not a whole lot of people paid attention to you. 30mg Actos, Tantalus had found that this “brotherhood” was so full of people with their own problems, not one of them had paid him the slightest bit of attention.

That is, Actos india, until the Glasses Woman spoke up. Actos overseas, “Excuse me, I asked you a question,” said woman said, Actos japan, looking every bit the stern teacher, Actos canada, looming over her little desk. This particular meeting was held in an old elementary school, Discount Actos. Colorful drawings of the room’s usual inhabitants plastered the walls, looking very out of place and slightly uncomfortable, 100mg Actos.

Tantalus finally found his voice, 750mg Actos, which was a struggle, because A) As he already mentioned, he hadn’t had a drink of water in over three thousand years and his throat was quite dry; and B) He hadn’t spoken to anybody in the mortal world in even longer—not since he had been a mortal himself.

“I, um, yes. Yes, I did.”

He could vaguely hear the rest of the group discussing somebody named Paul’s third year of sobriety and how wonderful it was. Discount Actos, “You can… You can hear me then. I mean, you can really hear me?”

He watched her, wanting, wanting, wanting, not water, but something more for the first time since he could remember. See me. He wanted to shout. Notice me!

But the woman had already turned her attention toward the crowd around the buffet. When she looked back at Tantalus, he knew she was gone, Discount Actos.

“Well, good for you then. I’m going to get some punch. Do you want anything?” She asked vaguely, already walking away.

“You have no idea.”.

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