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You have up to 2,000 words. How should you approach telling a story related to this photograph? Here are some suggestions: What just happened? What is about to happen? What is going on outside the frame? What kind of place is this? What is this place used for? Why is it so empty? What people come here? The rest is up to you. The deadline for this contest is August 31st, 2010. Popular judging as always with a $25 e-certificate to the Reader's Choice Winner, but here’s the most exciting part of this contest: The Editor’s Choice winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com or B&N.com AND will also receive a free short story, essay or novel chapter (up to 8,000 words – one piece of writing only) critique and edit from Catherine Adams of Inkslinger Editing LLC. And while we’re giving credits, this beautiful, evocative image was taken by Catherine Adams, whose services are as highly prized and professional as her photographs. That’s a double treat for the winner of this contest. So let’s see your chops.

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Catherine Adams has extensive editing and teaching experience spanning nearly fifteen years. She taught writing and editing at the University of Iowa and was Senior Editor of The Iowa Book Doctors for six years. Through her copyediting business Inkslinger Editing, Adams offers writers feedback by focusing on two aspects of a manuscript or a proposal: 1) the structure of the narrative or argument and 2) the writing techniques employed to deliver it. For more information: Inkslingerediting.com