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By Ann Marie Samson No RX Celexa, Oh, you never saw such a man. A kind of gentle dog, walking as if sniffing the air, Celexa usa, light on his feet like a dancer, Celexa japan, restless and bristling with life.

I fell in love, I did, Celexa australia. There he was on the other side of the street and there I was, 30mg Celexa, my lonely heart singing out a red song. Look. Look over here, No RX Celexa. I am what you’ve been waiting for, 20mg Celexa.

And then as the broth of life will always stir things up, Celexa overseas, he looked over at me. Well, not exactly at me - - at the little dog I was walking and then he turned his head again as if my wild hunting heart had chased him off, 100mg Celexa, and for those of you who are bored with all this, 500mg Celexa, please remember it all occurred before my first cup of coffee.

Soooo . . , Celexa ebay. .still sleepy I was, 40mg Celexa, not on alert, which is why I stepped off the curb dreamy-eyed without looking and that is why why a car almost, but not quite, 250mg Celexa, ran me down before coming to a screeching halt, 150mg Celexa, and that is why this made-in-Nirvana man crossed the street and came to my assistance which goes to show you what was not intended sometimes happens.

“My God. Are you all right?” Both his eyebrows lifted into a perfect arch, 1000mg Celexa. He bent down close and put a gentle hand on my shoulder, No RX Celexa. I could have fainted on my own without all this help. Celexa mexico, from his manny aftershave.

I wanted him immediately. I wanted him to rub my shoulder which was fine (and everything else which was not fine), Celexa craiglist. No RX Celexa, I did a fast visualization. We are on my (our?) bed back home leaning against the pillows and he is just reaching for me and I lean back, Celexa uk, then give him the smile. You know the kind of smile I mean. So I give him that, Celexa coupon, that smile which is wicked and sinful and promising all at once. Celexa us, But he missed it because he was looking at my dog instead.

“Say, what kind of a dog is that?” he asked, No RX Celexa.

“A rat terrier,” I said with a sigh, Celexa india.

Now I began thinking about where all this could be going; walking doggies together in the park, 10mg Celexa, stopping at some small café for an Expresso and some eye gazing. He grabs my hand in his and holds it under the table. I stroke his hand and put it on my lap and, 50mg Celexa. . . Celexa canada, “Terrier. Really?” He knelt down beside the dog to get a closer look. “I’ve always wanted one of those.”

I dream of giving it to him right there, 200mg Celexa.

Here’s the leash, No RX Celexa. Take over. Celexa paypal, He’s all yours. No. It’s nothing really, 750mg Celexa. No RX Celexa, I’ll even throw in the pooperscooper. Around the corner we can shop for dog food. I’ll show you what kind he likes. Science Diet but I’ll pay for it. We can go out for coffee afterwards and I can tell you cute little doggie training stories. How I called him “puddles” for three weeks and then “buckets” for two weeks after that until he bit a three year old in the ass and became “Lucky.” (Lucky they didn’t call the cops on us), No RX Celexa.

“I can tell you where I got him,” I said.

“Nah, that’s all right.” He shook his head and smiled. He --you won’t believe this-- had one gold tooth. It was like a sign or something. No RX Celexa, I imagined paying him a lip service, then pushing in and sliding my tongue against that gold tooth.

“My wife would never approve,” he said as if reading my mind.

“Yes. I understand,” I said, getting up off my ass as he waved goodbye and crossed the street dogless.

So this, what I’m telling you, is a poem about all the things that can happen in one sweet moment and disappear in the next and ahead of us is a whole day of them.

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  1. hilary west
    July 12, 2011

    Captivating tale of love or desire at first sight. Good Luck!

  2. Gayla Chaney
    July 25, 2011

    My kind of story – loved it! The gold tooth was a nice touch. Good luck!

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