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Photo Prompt Contest

by Karlyn Coleman Hgh For Sale, The city is hot above them. They linger in a cool passageway under
Central Park, the late afternoon sun pouring down the stairs so that
each step seems to wash towards them like falling water.

“Even under the streets there is art, 10mg Hgh,” he says.

Avery’s eyes adjust to the dim light, Hgh japan, and when she looks up at the
ceiling she can see an oriental pattern of burgundy and blue tiles
arranged across a background of yellow. She can see Dominic’s shadow
reflected in the shiny tiles, as if she were looking down into the
bottom of a pool.

“All of this?” she says, Hgh For Sale. “How many years?”

“Three to raise the money, 200mg Hgh. Two years of restoration,” he says. 50mg Hgh, His hands are in his pockets, his face turned upwards. He is more
relaxed, more satisfied then when they were younger, 20mg Hgh. Hgh For Sale, He was too eager

Avery asked that he take her here. She wanted to see his work. 250mg Hgh, She
wanted a chance to be alone with him. They had only a few hours
before he was to meet up with his wife.

The ceiling is too high to touch, but she wants to touch it, Hgh For Sale. Her
fingers are nervous, fidgity, Hgh overseas, so she runs her hand down the side of
her black skirt, smoothing wrinkles that aren’t there. Hgh us, She is
dressed for the funeral they both attended a few hours ago. Her black
heels click against the brick. Margaret Rand has died. Hgh For Sale, She was their
friend, their classmate at Pratt, their roommate from years ago.
Dominic had loved them both, Hgh india. First Avery. Then Margaret. 30mg Hgh, But over
the years each of them had found someone else to love, to marry. Now
Avery’s marriage was over, Margaret was dead, and Dominic at the age
for 49 was expecting his first child, married for the second time, Hgh For Sale.

“I didn’t think you would be here,” he says, Hgh ebay.

“I needed to be here,” she says. 100mg Hgh, She hadn’t spoken to Margaret
in ten years, hadn’t even known that about the cancer until word
came from a mutual friend that she had passed in the night. Avery
came because Margaret was a part of her untarnished, untamed life, 750mg Hgh. Hgh For Sale, A
life before teaching, before marriage, before children, the mortgage.
She used to exist here, in this city. 500mg Hgh, “So you have become a saviour of art,” Avery says. She mockingly
genuflects, a tap of her forehead, Hgh usa, her left breast, her heart. Hgh craiglist, “St.

Dominic smiles and laughs, but the laughter is weighed down from the
sadness of the funeral like the humid air around them, Hgh For Sale.

“Really, it was Margaret’s donations....”

“She knew what was valuable,” Avery says, Hgh paypal.

Fifteen years ago they were all artists working on their MFA’s.
Margaret, Hgh coupon, an heir to a Miami shipping fortune, at first subsidized
their rent then paid for the entire place. She didn’t want to live
alone. Hgh For Sale, She convinced Avery, then Dominic to move to East Side with
her. She made beautiful black Cuban coffee every morning and they
would sip it from tiny white cups on the blue velvet couch Avery and
Dominic had found and dragged three blocks down the street, Hgh mexico. She still
remembers the feeling of velvet under her naked legs, the taste of the
sweet and bitter coffee, Hgh australia, the dark pottery clay trapped under
Dominic’s finger nails. There was art and life and love to be
talked about.

It was only a matter of time before she and Dominc slept together.
She was seductive and impulsive and beautiful then, Hgh For Sale. Margaret never
told her she was in love with Dominic, Hgh canada. Never made a scene when the two
of them started sharing a room.

“I don’t remember this place, 150mg Hgh, ” she says. “I remember the
fountain above us, but I don’t remember this passage way.”

“The tiles were black with dirt.”

She can’t imagine it now. Hgh For Sale, Any of it.

“And the tiles...broken and missing, Hgh uk. Just row after row of ugly,
empty grey holes.”

Avery leans against one of the sand stone columns. 1000mg Hgh, She is surprised
there is no one else down here, but it is the middle of August, the
middle of the afternoon. Dominic comes and stands next to her, 40mg Hgh.

“I wish you would’ve taken me here back then, Hgh For Sale. I wish I
would’ve seen this place then.”

“Always moving. Always creating. You would’ve never stopped to
look at this place.”

“My life has slowed,” Avery says. “In fact it has stalled.”

“You should’ve stayed.”

She had recieved a teaching fellowship in Madison. Hgh For Sale, She left and
quickly learned that her friendships in New York were a complicated
equation made up of proximity and prestige. The Midwest, and her life
there, had no meaning to her friends still living in New York. She
came back to visit Margaret in her art gallery, Dominic in his studio.
She knew on her last visit that the two of them were now together.
They didn’t have to tell her. She didn’t come back after that, Hgh For Sale.

“You should’ve come with me.”

“Then none of this would be here. It is this unexpected beauty
that keeps us in this city.”

He lights a cigarette. She takes one from his pack. She has been
sneaking them since the divorce. Hgh For Sale, Smoking late at night on the side of
the house so her children won’t look out their windows and see the
orange ember glowing in the night. She wonders if his wife will make
him stop smoking after their child is born. His life will be
different now.

“The tiles were meant for the floor of a cathedral,” he says.

The nicotine makes her feel light.

“Is that why I feel like everything is upside down.”

He puts his cigarette out and moves closer to her.

“We should be walking up there,” he says.

“Dancing,” Avery says. “Dancing upside down.”.

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