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Sisterly Love

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by Lena

“You don’t even like him!” Cathy screamed when she was leaving my room. Which is not strictly true. At least the fact that she was leaving my room. She was rather storming out of it. And she slammed the door in my face. Not that I minded, though. I mean, she was right, wasn’t she? I didn’t even like him. Really. I mean it – cross my heart!

Now, I believe I owe you an explanation. I don’t want you to be all that confused as you are now. I can imagine you are wondering what the heck is going on. More over, you would probably want to know who is he. Or Cathy. Or even me for that matter. And why she slammed the door when she was leaving. Or rather storming out, you know.

My name is Alicia Brown, and I am every parent’s nightmare. Ever heard of a black sheep of the family? That’s me. You might think, come on, girl, you can’t be that bad. Well, I am. I spend more hours in detention than in class. My grades aren’t that great, and I always – and I really mean always – upset my parents. I don’t wear clothes they like. I don’t read the books they want me to – that is if I read any books at all. The music I choose is either too third rate or too loud.  In five words – I am nothing like Cathy.

Which brings us back to the point who Cathy is. And why she slammed my door. In my face. Several times. Not like several times at once, mind you. It was not like she was standing in my doorway and slammed the door repeatedly. No, not at all. It is just that she slammed that very door almost every single day.

“You didn’t have to buy the same top I did, Alicia!” Boom! Crash! Door slammed.

“Did you really have to ask if I had gained weight in front of all my friends?” Slam!

“What is your problem, Alicia?!” And again.

“You don’t even like him!” And again.

Well, you get the idea. The problem is I really have a problem. See, I don’t like Cathy. She is just always so good. So damn good. She gets straight A’s for God’s sake. Isn’t it wrong? I mean who the heck gets straight A’s? And she listens to all the right music. And she reads all the right books. Imagine that! Mom always goes, “Cathy this, Cathy that.” Wouldn’t it make you angry? Or at the very least wouldn’t it make you dislike your own sister? Yes, you got it all right. Cathy is my younger sister. And I kind of don’t like her.

Or rather I have a problem with her. I just have this unreasonable desire to have the same things she has. No, don’t take me wrong. I don’t want her grades or her music CDs. I don’t really want her clothes, either. I just kind of don’t want her to have them. Is it so wrong? Probably, it is. But hello? The girl should not have everything so easy. I do it for her own good.

I call it sisterly love. You can call it selfishness, I couldn’t care less. So, this sisterly love, the desire to help my sister become a better (stronger, at least!) person caused the whole you-don’t-even-like-him situation.

I don’t like him, indeed. But she does. That’s kind of the whole point. Oh, you are confused, aren’t you? The he I am referring here to is James Campbell, senior class president, a very remarkable young man, hot, too. Not that I cared anyway. I don’t like him. But Cathy does. So I did the only thing I thought was right at that moment. I asked him out. Like on a date. Just the two of us. You know how it happens – movie, dinner, hands holding. A date. A real one. And he said, “Okay.” Just like that. Okay. And then he smiled at me. Cathy saw it all, hence the door slamming. She said her heart was broken and it was entirely my fault. Which maybe it is. But I couldn’t help it.

Now I have a boyfriend. Or so I think. And yes, I applied for the same summer internship spot she did. She doesn’t know yet. But she will. Know, I mean. Eventually. And God knows she will be mad. And I know I desire her to be.


  1. March 30, 2011

    Rushhhh! The blood is n fro….I loved the flow..the momentum of the situation…the pace story..and power of words…

    This is the reason I love reading your stories…they are full of surprises and suspense! Could never imagine the end…the explanation..the real motive behind the lines!!

    Awesome…the conversation was great…could feel the heat..was curious to know..why? how? what?…The story was indeed small yet a beautiful effort of bringing emotions so composed!!

    Love what you think & write!!
    Love You always!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. Umesh
    March 31, 2011

    I just enjoyed the flow..nicely written,well composed and you have put the emotions in the best way..

    Good work Leena!!

  3. April 2, 2011

    My God… sisterly love can be so evil sometimes.
    I kinda hate Alicia already. And that was just rotten, taking the guy Cathy wants just to “teach her a lesson” (to not have things so easily… OMG now I reallyhate Alicia…
    Which is why your story is such a success. You got the reader (or at least me) so into the story and empathetic towards one of the characters. When readers feel a strong emotion towards one of the characters (be it HATING a b*tch like Alicia), that sort of makes the story a success. In my opinion at least.

  4. May 22, 2011

    I love the fluid flow of the story. The sly nature of Alicia surely brings a smile to my face. After all, ain’t revenge, the dish, best eaten cold and in small bites.

    Keep it up.

  5. hilary west
    July 12, 2011

    Nice fluid entry that pushes all the right buttons. Isn’t it funny that as soon as one is asked to write about one vice all the others, or at least one or two of them, surface. Here it would seem to be jealousy, envy and hate. Great little story that is pacy and credible!

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