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by Sophia Ryan

Buy Deltasone Over The Counter, My 14-year-old caught me crying...again...on her way to the fridge.

“Let me guess: email from Jason.” The look of disgust on Grace’s face complemented her sarcastic tone. 750mg Deltasone, “Jeez, mom, it’s been six months, Deltasone japan. Get over it already.” She plucked the cap from the carton of juice and chugged. 150mg Deltasone, “I can’t believe you’ve gotten over it already,” I snapped, furious that I was the only one upset that my son was at war on the other side of the world, 250mg Deltasone.

“Just because I don’t walk around crying all the time doesn’t mean I don’t miss him,” Grace snapped back, eyes bright with anger, buy Deltasone Over The Counter. “You’ve buried him and are grieving over his grave.”

The sickening smack of skin against skin ricocheted off the butter-yellow kitchen walls. Deltasone uk, I watched in horror as a ruby imprint of my hand materialized on my daughter’s delicate cheek.


She recoiled and ran, slamming her bedroom door with a force that shook the house, Deltasone overseas. My knock was drowned out by the chaotic strains of Yellow Card at full volume. Buy Deltasone Over The Counter, I didn’t have the strength to insist she let me in. Deltasone craiglist, I wasn’t sure what I’d say anyway. Talking had given way to combating these days, words like daggers shredding our once strong relationship to ribbons, 40mg Deltasone.
My overcooked pot roast was easier to cut than the tension at the dinner table that night. 50mg Deltasone, Only my husband, John, ate; Grace and I merely pushed the food around on our plates with our forks, 200mg Deltasone.

“Gracie, how was your day?” John asked between bites, buy Deltasone Over The Counter.

“Great. 1000mg Deltasone, I got my face slapped.” Her dagger drew blood.

“What?” John’s face was awash with surprise. “Who slapped you?”

Grace’s brown eyes shot into mine, 30mg Deltasone. Buy Deltasone Over The Counter, “What happened?” John asked me in his quiet, nonjudgmental tone.

“She was being mouthy; I overreacted.”

“She got an email from Jason and was sitting there bawling her eyes out again. Deltasone coupon, That’s all she does anymore.” Her voice rose, the words tumbling out of her mouth like jacks. “She acts like he’s the only person in the whole world who matters.”

“Gracie, 10mg Deltasone, you know your mom’s going through a difficult time with Jason being away. Deltasone mexico, She needs your understanding and sympathy, not—”

“Whatever.” Grace slumped in her chair, arms folded across her chest, 500mg Deltasone, eyes cast downward.

My son was at war, buy Deltasone Over The Counter. Deltasone us, So was my daughter. She who had always approached life with joy had virtually overnight become sullen, combative, Deltasone india, and rebellious. 20mg Deltasone, It felt like I was losing them both.

“Have you shopped for Thanksgiving yet?” John deftly changed the subject, rubbing his hands together, Deltasone australia. Buy Deltasone Over The Counter, “I can’t wait!”
I set my fork down, giving up all pretense of eating. “I’m not up to doing the whole traditional—”

“What?” Grace came alive like a crack of lighting had shot through her, 100mg Deltasone, her hands slapping the table, her body pressed forward. “We’re skipping Thanksgiving just because Jason’s not here, Deltasone canada. That’s so not fair!”

Anger rose from every cell in my body, Deltasone paypal, making my retort scorching and scathing. “What’s not fair is your brother stuck in Afghanistan dodging bullets.”

John interjected calmly. “Honey, I think we need our family traditions now more than ever.”

“I’m not in the mood to celebrate while my son’s life is in danger!” In tears I rose to leave, but Grace’s words halted me, buy Deltasone Over The Counter.

“Mom, Deltasone usa, you act like Jason’s dead, Deltasone ebay, but he’s not. He’s alive, and so am I. And so is Daddy. If you don’t want to celebrate that and everything else that’s good in our lives, that’s your choice. Buy Deltasone Over The Counter, But Daddy and I are going to have Thanksgiving to give thanks, because we feel blessed, and that’s what Thanksgiving has always been about for us.”

My heart plunged into the pit of my stomach, chilling me to the core. My eyes widened and blinked rapidly, as if just awakening. Understanding dawned inside me. I looked at my daughter and nodded.

“You’re right. I have so much to be thankful for, but have been so focused on what I didn’t have I was blind to it, buy Deltasone Over The Counter. I’m sorry.”

The tight pout of her mouth softened, and when I moved toward her, she flung herself into my arms. I held her while our tears washed clean the wounds we had inflicted on each other. It was the first time I’d seen her cry since Jason left.

That Thanksgiving, we clasped hands and bowed heads in thanks for our blessings, including that our hardships don’t tear us apart, but only make us stronger.

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  1. LuuLuu
    March 10, 2010

    What a beautiful story.

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