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by Sophia Ryan

Discount Buspar, Streamers hung like spider legs. Cottony webs perched in corners and doorways. Carnival games shared space with a cake walk, a haunted house, Buspar canada, and refreshment stands. Kids – and many adults – sported costumes, 20mg Buspar, both spooky and sweet.

The five-year-old vampire and I clung to each other’s hand, the bravado that sharpened his fangs and my courage at home dulling in the chaos of the school gym.

“Hi, Sammy!” A gap-toothed Cinderella twirled to us in a puff of shimmer and tugged Sam’s black cape, Discount Buspar.

Sam hissed, Buspar craiglist, revealing his fangs and drawing a giggle from princess.

“Want to play the games?” she asked. Buspar mexico, He peered at me for a response and my heart hurled to my knees. Though it had been months since Sam’s father, my ex-husband, had failed in his abduction attempt and gone to jail, 1000mg Buspar, letting Sam out of my sight demanded every drop of courage I possessed. Discount Buspar, I leaned down. “OK, Buspar uk, but stay in the gym. Don’t go anywhere—”

“OK, Mom.” He scampered off to the ring-toss booth, Cinderella’s hand in his, Buspar coupon.

“Excuse me, miss...”

The familiar voice in my ear stole my attention. Buspar us, The zombie hulking before me, aka Tom Carter, my former high school boyfriend, sported a shredded, Buspar india, bloody half-face, a flopping, 750mg Buspar, bloody arm, and a bungee-jumping eyeball.

“Is the candy this way...” He turned and the arm and the eyeball swung around and hit me on the arm, “...or that way?” He swung them back the other way, slapping me on the other arm, Discount Buspar.

Laughing, I lifted the arm and let it fall to his side, 150mg Buspar. “That’s quite a costume, lefty.”

“I was thinking the same thing about yours.” He touched the sleeve of my jacket. Buspar japan, I looked down at my jeans and sneakers, then at him. “My costume?”

“Yeah, you’re my dream date, 200mg Buspar, right?”

“Tom!” I scolded, but couldn’t hide my smile or the flush that climbed my face. Discount Buspar, After my divorce, Tom made it his mission to rekindle our high school romance. 40mg Buspar, Although my mission to keep Sam safe conflicted with that, it didn’t stop me from torturing myself with thoughts of how life could have been had I accepted Tom’s marriage proposal graduation night ten years ago.

Zombie Tom slid his good hand to the small of my back. “Have dinner with me tomorrow, Buspar paypal, Lucy; you and Sam.”

The mention of my son’s name shifted my radar, sending my gaze back to the ring-toss booth, 50mg Buspar, then widening to include nearby booths and every black-caped kid in the place.

Rising panic pushed me from Tom’s embrace and fear hitched my voice. “Where’s Sam?”

We searched the booths, under tables, in closets, behind the stage, the bathrooms, everywhere, questioning everyone, Discount Buspar. Sam wasn’t in the gym.

I raced toward the door, Buspar overseas, Tom a step behind me. “This is why I can’t date, 100mg Buspar, Tom. I relax a second to laugh and flirt and my son goes missing.”

“Where are you going?” he asked. Discount Buspar, “The police station.”

He caught my hand. “Let’s check the playground first.”

Rounding the corner of the building, we heard the laughter even before the full moon illuminated the vampire with a billowy cape chasing a princess with a billowy dress across the crusty ground, 500mg Buspar.

Relief buckled my knees, but Tom caught me. Buspar ebay, Since my divorce, I hadn’t asked for or accepted help from anyone, but that moment I didn’t have the strength to refuse the help Tom offered. I took it greedily, Buspar australia, clinging to him, letting it erase the unimaginable thoughts that had slashed my mind raw.

“Lucy, let me help you,” he whispered against my wet cheek, Discount Buspar. 10mg Buspar, “There’s nothing you can do, Tom.”

“I can be the man who loves you, makes you laugh, holds you when you cry, 250mg Buspar, kisses you just to see you smile. Together, Buspar usa, with our love wrapped around Sam, we’ll keep him safe. You don’t have to go it alone.”

“Tom, what are you proposing?”

“Same thing I proposed ten years ago.”

In the stillness, 30mg Buspar, I heard love in the beats of his heart. Saw love dance in his eyes. Discount Buspar, I touched his face and felt love warm my skin. I drew closer and kissed his mouth, tasting love. Inside me, the barrier surrounding my spirit began to melt, like snowflakes on the tongue.

I kissed him again, a silent promise that he would get his yes; not tonight, but soon.

Tonight it was enough for both of us to join my wayward vampire on his moonlight frolic with Cinderella and begin our fall into love...again.

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