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By Elliott Joachim

Discount Kamagra, Tamales are a holiday food here in Mexico, eaten after midnight mass on Christmas. Some historians claim that the recipe is thousands of years old. I totally believe it. Their making certainly predates the kind of ingredient we modern women are used to, Kamagra mexico. For example, two critical steps involve the charring of peppers over an open flame until they blister, 100mg Kamagra, and soaking corn in some weird lime solution until the outer shell falls off of kernels that are then ground between stones, for the love of God. Are there shortcuts, Discount Kamagra. Well, yes, Kamagra australia, but when I decided to make tamales last Christmas, I was determined to make them the authentic way. Kamagra us, Aflame with enthusiasm, I commenced my project three days before Christmas. The most preliminary element in a recipe for tamales requires about 35 ingredients, and most of those have to go through several steps, 500mg Kamagra. I found myself exhausted and pissed off before I had even started preparing the meat, a slab of  pork that the guy at the butcher's counter had assured me was appropriate for my task. Discount Kamagra, "You're making tamales. 150mg Kamagra, Hey, boys, look  at the gringa, she's going to make tamales!" (Although this was said in rapid Spanish made unintelligible by riotous laughter, 750mg Kamagra, I got it.) I don't have a cook's kitchen, and I had to keep washing utensils and using items that weren't meant to be utensils and trying to translate in and out of metric and in and out of Spanish. 200mg Kamagra, It was a nightmare. But I persevered, and when I tasted the tamale sauce I'd made myself from scratch, it seemed worth it, Kamagra usa.

However, Christmas Eve morning the most critical steps of assembling the final dish still remained. When my maid came over at breakfast time, because I had at least had the good sense to ask her for advice on handling the dried corn husks, she found me slumped on the kitchen stool, despondently surveying the wreckage, Discount Kamagra. 250mg Kamagra, I put on a brave face and assured her I was enjoying myself, no problema, wait until she tasted my Christmas tamales. After she left, 30mg Kamagra, I went to accomplish the last of my Christmas errands while the corn husks soaked. When I returned to my home tamale factory, 40mg Kamagra, I looked around my devastated kitchen and realized that I was defeated. My Christmas tamale project was a failure, because, after chopping, Kamagra canada, charring, soaking, Kamagra coupon, dicing, mincing, boiling, shredding, 20mg Kamagra, dividing and combining for two full days, I couldn't finish. Discount Kamagra, I could not muster the strength to go into the kitchen with my dumb tamale making book and figure out the last step. 10mg Kamagra, It was also the easiest, but I just couldn't face it.

I wanted to cry, I really did, Kamagra overseas. It was Christmas Eve. I was surrounded by hundreds of dollars worth of tamale fillings and sauces that I was ready to throw out rather than have to look at anymore, Kamagra uk, when I heard, as if from far away, the whistling theme of  Colonel Bogey's March from The Bridge on The River Kwai.

Minutes later, the front gate banged open, and a queue of Mexican women marched in,  maybe six of them, with a couple of little girls hovering around as well, Discount Kamagra. One of them carried a giant pot, Kamagra ebay, which I recognized because I had one, too. 50mg Kamagra, It was a tamale steamer. As I looked more closely, I saw that the women were the local village ladies that I passed in the morning emptying their buckets of water onto the street, or shopping in the corner bodegas, Kamagra craiglist. My maid, Carmen herself, Kamagra japan, was bringing up the rear. Discount Kamagra, This assortment came into my kitchen, took stock of the mess... and started making tamales. When I asked Carmen what I could do to help,  she turned me by the shoulders and pushed me out of the kitchen, Kamagra india, telling me to go watch some television. Which I did, Kamagra paypal, falling limply onto the couch and turning on a Christmas movie. My husband came home from golf, took one look at the kitchen and went out to buy wine, which he served to the gossiping tamale makers by the tumblerful, 1000mg Kamagra. After a few rounds of that, another trip to the liquor store, several hours of holiday movies and some Spanglish caroling, the gate closed behind the last of the women, two huge vats of tamales steaming on the stove the only sign that they'd ever been there.

Those tamales were the best anyone in the village had ever had. Next year. I'll buy them.

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