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Photo Prompt Contest

by Carolyn Boyles Levaquin For Sale, “Dad, this will never work.”
“Have faith, Jason. Give it time.”
John and Jason slowly led Edna down the stairs. Their shoes clicked on each individual step as they descended into the ballroom. The three reached the base of the staircase and slowly walked onto the level floor. Jason looked at his mother for any noticeable change in her reactions, Levaquin usa.
There was none, Levaquin For Sale.
“Dad, she’s on the newest prescription drugs available. Under the care of the best doctors in the state. 30mg Levaquin, In this part of the country, for that matter. None of that has worked.”
Jason felt to make sure his travel bag strap still held fast on his shoulder, as if some unseen force in this place would spirit it away if he failed to. Levaquin For Sale, The family was casually dressed, in keeping with the weather. John was tall at six feet two inches and still thin, Levaquin australia, despite his advanced age. He wore dark khaki trousers and a denim dark blue long-sleeved shirt. On his head was a U.S. 200mg Levaquin, Navy baseball cap. Comfortable tan-colored Italian leather shoes adorned his feet, Levaquin For Sale. Edna wore a long-sleeved white blouse with new blue jeans and navy blue flats. Jason had on faded jeans and a plaid, multi-colored, long-sleeved shirt, Levaquin uk. Tennis shoes covered his feet.
“Medical science doesn’t have all the answers. Levaquin For Sale, Never did and never will.”
An early Fall breeze blew through the enclosed area, stirring and rustling the leaves. When the breeze ceased, 50mg Levaquin, the leaves returned to the floor, rearranged by Nature into a new pattern until the next breeze chose to have its way with them.
The three stopped in the center of the room, directly under the lighted panels. Jason had been so absorbed in the purpose for their visit he had not noticed the elegance of the surroundings until they stopped, 250mg Levaquin. He looked down at the Italian ceramic floor tiles, held in place by grout seemingly impervious to time and weather.
“Dad—this place—what is it?”
“Shhh—I’ll explain later, Levaquin For Sale. Right now, Levaquin us, please get the iPod and speakers out of your bag. Set them up on the floor someplace behind where we’ve just walked. Then start the music playing and back away slowly. Don’t say a word until I signal you to stop the music.”
Jason knew there were times not to cross his father, even when both of them were grown men, 20mg Levaquin. Levaquin For Sale, “Yes, Sir.”
The dutiful son slowly backed away from his parents, to a distance of some ten feet. Once he reached a desirable location, he knelt down and removed the leather bag from his shoulder. He quietly unzipped the zipper and removed the electronic equipment which had been carefully packed inside for this trip. Levaquin ebay, He set the iPod and speakers on the ground and connected the appropriate cables.
Jason took a minute to look up and see what his parents were doing, directly under the center light several feet ahead of him. They stood in one place, Levaquin For Sale. John took her hand, but not a word had been spoken, 1000mg Levaquin. Edna looked all around her. The expression on her face did not betray her thoughts, whatever they were. Levaquin japan, John looked at the inlaid patterns on the walls and marveled how well they had held up over time. Levaquin For Sale, If repairs had been made, they were done by a skilled craftsman, because they are not apparent, he thought.
The pressed tin ceiling sections looked equally as good for their age. Common in commercial structures from the late 1800s through the early 1930s, cost, shorter construction deadlines, Levaquin coupon, and changing times now made them a less common sight.
I hope I look that good when I’m that old, Jason thought, Levaquin india, looking up at the ceiling. He grinned.
Jason made some final adjustments in the electronics and set the preparations in motion, Levaquin For Sale. A recording of Tommy Dorsey’s Orchestra playing “I’ll Be Seeing You” came on. When John heard the music, he took Edna’s arms into his to assume a proper ballroom dance position, Levaquin overseas. He drew her close to his body, wondering if she would begin dancing.
She did. Levaquin For Sale, Jason watched in silence as his parents slowly moved around the center of the tiled floor, hearing only the sound of their shoes and that of an occasional shoe sole across the floor. Levaquin paypal, He looked back frequently, checking for the presence of any intruders who might cause the experiment to be disturbed prematurely. Fortunately, the sidewalks were nearly deserted, with heavy rain forecast for the afternoon, 150mg Levaquin.
What did they ever see in this music. Jason wondered. He sighed, Levaquin For Sale. It was another time, Levaquin canada, in a world weary of war, he thought. Soldiers returning from overseas in the late 1940s with lives to lead, education to acquire, girlfriends to marry, 750mg Levaquin, babies to have, and plenty of G.I. Bill money with which to buy houses. 40mg Levaquin, He glanced at his parents, who were still dancing. Levaquin For Sale, I’m grateful they’re both still alive and in good health, Jason thought. I just wish—, he broke off the thought as tears filled his eyes.
The old songs melded from one into the next, 100mg Levaquin. Jason was familiar with some of them. He recognized a couple of the songs, such as “Doin’ What Comes Naturally” (Dinah Shore), Levaquin mexico, and “Sentimental Journey.” Others he had not heard before.
John had given him a list of some forty-five minutes of music to program into the small device, Levaquin For Sale. Some songs were popular in the 1950s and even some early Rock ‘N Roll hits played during the course of the medley.
“John—?” Edna began, her head still on her husband’s shoulder.
Jason looked up when he heard his mother’s voice, Levaquin craiglist, his eyes wide in anticipation. He watched for his father’s reaction. Levaquin For Sale, “Yes, Edna, I’m here.”
“This is lovely music, John.”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Sweetheart.”
“You always did know how to woo a girl.”
“I always did.”
“We should go dancing more often, John.”
“Anytime you want.”
Jason watched and listened for any hint of understanding of the current year in his mother’s voice. Instead of seeing his parents as they looked current-day, 10mg Levaquin, he envisioned them as they looked in some of the photographs from when they first met. John wore a Navy uniform with dress shoes and Edna a tailored pale green dress with black high-heeled shoes on her feet. Her imaginary brown hair was neatly styled at shoulder-length instead of its current-day appearance of being white and cut short. John’s hair was likewise brown again under the Navy cap.
“Don’t let yourself get fat like Elvis when he got old.”
“I promise I won’t,” John laughed, Levaquin For Sale.
Still unclear what time period Edna thought she was in, 500mg Levaquin, but at least she remembered the 1970s, Jason thought.
“I’m so proud of Jason, getting his Ph.D degree in Economics, like he’d always planned.”
Another good sign. That brought her forward into the mid 1980s. Jason wasn’t too far off from retirement himself now. Levaquin For Sale, “I’m getting tired, John. Guess I’m not as young as I used to be. Can we stop dancing?”
“Yes, My Queen, but only if you promise to come dancing with me again soon.”
It was Edna’s turn to laugh.
“I promised you that on our first date. Remember. We were all set to go dancing at The Papaya Club, but by the time we got there, after you had to fix the flat on your car and got your uniform all muddy, they were full up, Levaquin For Sale. So we came here, where we could hear the music, and danced anyway. It was the best date I’d ever had.”
“It was the second best date I’ve ever had,” said John.
Jason’s eyebrows went up, waiting to hear his father’s explanation.
“Oh—?” asked Edna, also surprised at the answer. Levaquin For Sale, “This is the best date I’ve ever had,” John responded as he signaled Jason to stop the music.
“John, there is one thing I’d like to ask you to do for me—,” Edna began.
“Anything, you just say the word.”
“Tell them to stop giving me creamed corn with my food at the nursing home. I hate creamed corn.”
Jason chuckled as he packed up the equipment to return to his bag.
I guess medical science doesn’t have all the answers yet, he thought as he rose to join his parents, who were again dressed in modern clothing.
Father and son led Edna back up the stairs into a still uncertain, but slightly more hopeful future.

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  1. Jeanette Crouser
    July 17, 2010

    What a delightful, make you feel good story. I loved the ending, in fact I loved the whole thing. It was warm, full of hope, and what more could you ask for.

  2. Joline Lieck
    July 20, 2010

    I really enjoyed the story! It was very sweet and at the beginning I was guessing what was going on and at first pictured Jason as a teenager. Then you’re transported to another time and place. I spend a lot of time at the nursing home my grandma is in, and every person in there, whether they are aware of what’s around them or not, has a history. But it’s easy for most people to forget that and disregard them, and to even forget about their loved ones when they can no longer remember who we are, and I think stories like this are important to show that these people were once vibrant, young, no different than us in their prime. My own grandmother is a dementia patient, but she was fun-loving and LOVED to go dancing! She always said my mom and I, and her own loved ones, were the best medicine…. There is a message to be gained from this story and I do feel it’s an important one, and the ending brought a smile to my face. On behalf of myself, and of those who suffer from aging illnesses such as this one, as well as on behalf of the families who go through it with them, THANK YOU!!!

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