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Photo Prompt Contest

by Leon Arceneaux Where Can I Buy Vermox, A cool breeze wafted from the empty corridors. It had the damp smell of a mausoleum--of cold stone and concrete. But then, what else could he expect of a place that was abandoned and left to the elements.
The deathly quiet was broken only by the sound of his own breathing. Loneliness wrapped around him, not with the warm arms of the living, Vermox craiglist, but with the cold, unfeeling arms of the dead. Where had all the people gone, Where Can I Buy Vermox. Why was I still here.
He was confused. A scientist, 20mg Vermox, he played it over and over in his mind and it didn't make any sense. The city was bustling with people that night. Where Can I Buy Vermox, When he woke up the next morning, he was alone.
The electricity shut down when the generators ran out of fuel. He helped himself to food in the stores until it spoiled and then he killed rats and roasted them. There was a never ending supply of rats. Making fire was the hardest part, but he found a fire-making kit with flint at a sporting goods store, Vermox mexico. There also were guns and ammo, enough to last a long time, but what will happen when he runs out, Where Can I Buy Vermox. Maybe he could make a spear or a trap.
He picked the shelter of that building because it was opened and easy to quickly get in and out, but there were things in the shadows that wanted to kill him, so he had to be constantly vigilant. He knew they were there but he didn't know what they were--only that he could hear rustling, Vermox india, scraping, and sometimes low growls.
Each meal was a challenge. Where Can I Buy Vermox, What was he going to have next, a rat, maybe a squirrel from a tree, or maybe a pigeon. The shotgun shell was hard to push in. It must have picked up moisture since the last rain. As he cocked the gun, there was a shuffling noise behind him, 250mg Vermox. He spun around just as he saw a shadow go around a wall and disappear into the dark recesses of the deserted building. I'm not going to let it get away without knowing what it is, Where Can I Buy Vermox.
He followed the sound as the thing ran into a blind corner.
Slowly and cautiously he walked toward the shadowy corner, and as he did, he heard a whimpering. Vermox us, "Please don't hurt me," came a trembling voice from the shadows.
"Come out where I can see you," he said. Where Can I Buy Vermox, Hesitantly, something came forward. It looked human. When it came into the light, he saw that it was a girl, Vermox coupon. She was a pitiful sight. Her clothes were in rags and her black hair was long and stringy. Her arms and legs were pitifully thin, Where Can I Buy Vermox.
"Who are you and what are you doing here. Are there others like you?" he asked.
"Please don't hurt me, 40mg Vermox, " she said again.
"Answer me," he insisted. Where Can I Buy Vermox, "Are there others like you?"
He noticed that she had what appeared to be a long, pointed stick, made into a spear. She was holding it in front of her, pointing it toward him.
"No," she answered, 1000mg Vermox. "You are the only human that I've seen. Everyone's gone."
She sniffed. "No one is here, Where Can I Buy Vermox. I've had to protect myself from animals." She sniffed again.
He started for her, but she jabbed the stick toward him. 750mg Vermox, "Stay away."
"Put that stick down and come here. We may be the only humans left," he said as he again started to walk toward her. Where Can I Buy Vermox, She held her ground with the stick. "Stay away."
At that moment, there was a growl and a black form dove out of the shadows toward her. Without hesitating, he shot at it, Vermox ebay.
The sound of the gunshot reverberating and echoing off the walls of the empty building was accompanied by the padding of many paws scuffling away.
She screamed and stood frozen. The black shape turned toward him with a growl, Where Can I Buy Vermox. He shot again and it fell, sprawled out on the hard, cold marble floor. 150mg Vermox, He pushed her spear aside and went to her. She fell into his arms, crying.
"Why are we here?" she sobbed. Where Can I Buy Vermox, "Was it the Rapture and we were left behind?"
He had heard about the Rapture from preachers, where the good people would be caught up and the bad ones left behind.
"I don't think so," he said as he wiped the tears from her eyes. "Not that many good people on earth..." He paused, 50mg Vermox. "And we were the only bad ones?"
"Then what happened?" she asked.
"I don't know, unless there was some kind of an anomaly in the fabric of space- time and we were the only people affected." He was silent for a while, thinking, and then continued.
"What were you doing before this happened?"
"I was in my bed sleeping, and then I woke up to this."
"No, Where Can I Buy Vermox. 10mg Vermox, Before you went to bed?"
"I was giving an art showing in this building. There were a lot of people here. When it was over, I decided to take the long way home along the river."
"What time was that?"
"About twelve thirty. Why?"
"Do you remember going to bed?"
"Now that you mention it, I don't remember getting home--just waking up in my bed."
"What color was your car?"
"Red. Where Can I Buy Vermox, Why?"
"I was right behind you, and I don't remember getting home, either--just waking up in my bed. I'm afraid that we were caught in an anomaly in the fabric of space-time."
"I don't understand what you're talking about, Vermox usa," she said, looking him in the eyes.
"I have a theory," he said. "That we were caught in a kind of whirlwind of space and time. Vermox uk, If my theory is correct, it would be attracted to a high mass. This is the most massive thing around with all this marble and granite, Where Can I Buy Vermox. Let's go to the center of this building and see if we find anything." He fumbled for a shell, reloaded the shotgun and felt the cold hardness of the pistol at his side.
Cautiously, they walked toward what he thought would be the center, through a maze of dark passageways, Vermox paypal, with only an occasional dim light from a dusty skylight. A stale, musty smell permeated the air.
"Is there a basement to this building?" he asked. Where Can I Buy Vermox, "Yes there is," she answered. "Some stairs should be about here."
Feeling around, 100mg Vermox, he found a door. Hoping that his theory was correct and yet, not knowing what to expect, he was filled with dread. Suddenly, there was a putrid smell of something dead near him that made him gag.
"What is that smell?" she gasped, 200mg Vermox.
His foot kicked into something on the floor between him and the door, Where Can I Buy Vermox. Instinctively, he jumped back. "A dead animal. Step over it."
He pushed the door and stepped back as it opened, fearful of what he might see. Vermox canada, A greenish glow emanated from the center of a large room at the bottom of the stairs. Where Can I Buy Vermox, He took her hand and slowly walked toward the glow. A soft humming noise seemed to come from the glowing area which increased in intensity as they approached.
"Don't make any sudden moves," he whispered. "We don't want to upset the equilibrium or it will dissipate and we'll lose it. We want to get into the space-time vortex to get back to where we were.
Walk slowly with me."
He held her hand tightly, Where Can I Buy Vermox.
"When I tell you, 30mg Vermox, we must both jump into the glow together, or one of us will be left behind." His heart beat hard in his chest and his mouth felt like cotton. "Now don't be afraid," he said under his breath as they slowly approached the glow.
The humming increased, Vermox australia, louder and louder until as they stood on the edge of the glowing orb, it was almost deafening.
"On the count of three, we will jump into it together. Where Can I Buy Vermox, Are you all right with that?" he whispered.
"Yes," she answered as she clutched his hand in a death grip.
"One, Vermox japan, two," he whispered. "Three," he yelled, as he dove into the glowing orb, Vermox overseas, pulling her with him.
Down, down, they fell, spinning and twisting in a maelstrom of sounds and flashing lights, until they gently landed. When things stopped spinning, they helped each other up on shaky legs and looked around, Where Can I Buy Vermox.
They were in an area filled with beautiful flowers and trees filled with all manner of fruit, 500mg Vermox.
"These plants don't look like anything I've seen on earth. Those ferns look like fossils of ancient plants that I studied. We must have been blown back in time. Where Can I Buy Vermox, Stay here and I'll have a look around, but don't do anything until I check everything out."
Still shaken, she sat on a large rock and looked at all the beauty around her. She noticed that she was sitting under a tree filled with the most luscious looking fruit.
"Eat of the fruit."
She turned around to see where the voice was coming from and saw a very large, beautifully colored serpent.
"Did you just talk?" She asked.
"Yesss. Don't they look juicy and sweet, Where Can I Buy Vermox. "
She stood up, surprised, and looked at the serpent with unbelief.
"I don't know if I should eat them." She was surprised to find herself talking to a snake.
"Oh, but you must. You are hungry and they taste so good. Where Can I Buy Vermox, Go ahead. Eat of the fruit of this tree."
She reached up and pulled down one of the fruit. It felt good in her hand, and as she held it, juice oozed from its skin--a cool inviting liquid with an aroma that invited her to bite into it. She was both hungry and thirsty and this fruit was the answer to both.
"Go ahead. Eat of the fruit, Where Can I Buy Vermox. You know that you want to. This is the only tree like it in the garden. It is special. Eat. Where Can I Buy Vermox, You will be glad that you did. Go ahead. Eat of the fruit of this tree."
She held the fruit in her hand, looking at it and smelling the tempting aroma. The temptation was too great and she sunk her teeth into the succulent meat while the juice ran down her chin.
"Yesss," the serpent hissed. "Yesss."

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