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Photo Prompt Contest

by Cipherqueen Buy Toprol Over The Counter, I didn’t want to go.
That was all I could think about as I stepped into the car with my brother. Funerals weren’t for me. Toprol mexico, Just because half of my wardrobe was black didn’t mean I wanted to be forced to wear it. I didn’t buy my clothes. My mom sighed at the wheel, buy Toprol Over The Counter.
“Could you take some notes. I’ll need to say something about grandma…” her voice wavered with exhaustion- something I was used to hearing directed at my brother, Toprol india, but not me.
Figures. 200mg Toprol, I’d taken my black journal with me. Buy Toprol Over The Counter, Black journal, black purse, black dress. At least it wasn’t going to rain.
When my mother had finished speaking, there were ten bullet points on the crisp, Toprol usa, white page. I’d written as neatly as I could, 40mg Toprol, and the words looked like they were in some sort of miniature courier font. I wasn’t going to say anything. Neither was my brother, buy Toprol Over The Counter. McLeod Mortuary came into view.
My mom frowned at the parking lot- four cars were parked, 20mg Toprol, and we were the late arrivals. My brother lugged his violin case from the backseat, Toprol coupon, and we entered with downcast eyes. Mom patted my shoulder and found her sister. Buy Toprol Over The Counter, My brother set up his music stand and played, leaving me to remain a purposeless doll, fit only to be stared at and forgotten.
I spent the time staring at my surroundings, my journal, Toprol canada, any and all unmoving objects, so no one would think I was staring at them. Toprol japan, Everyone chatted with my mother- she was suddenly the celebrity. My brother was the “fine looking young man” with an unshaven beard and mustache growing like moss across his face.
I didn’t exist. I was too young, you see, in their minds, to be related to anyone there, buy Toprol Over The Counter. My mother was 58, Toprol uk, Grandma had passed away at 94, but from looking at them you would’ve thought they were sisters. 30mg Toprol, Thin, wispy white hair mixed with gray strands in a look my mother had a continued disdain for, though she hadn’t dyed it, as our aunt had, 150mg Toprol. Personally, I would’ve picked a color other than red. Toprol paypal, Three prayers and Bible readings later, the men went to carry the casket into the van, and we drove to the park. Buy Toprol Over The Counter, My mom hadn’t said her words of tribute- two others had come up, supposedly Grandma’s old neighbors, so she remained sitting, saying she would’ve cried her eyes out if she uttered a word. I was paid no attention, 750mg Toprol, and happily awaited the reception to quell my roaring tummy.
My mom chatted for about another hour, 10mg Toprol, while my brother became her sentinel. I wandered around, staring at tombstones, the names, Toprol us, the messages they left behind. It scared me.
Mary M, buy Toprol Over The Counter. Toprol craiglist, Huggins
Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, 250mg Toprol, Great-Great-Grandmother
Leisel Faraday
There were so many names. So many people. Toprol australia, I was on a morbid track, and I knew it, so I kept my mind focused on food, dreaming that there would be ice cream at the reception, Toprol ebay, then cake, sandwiches, Toprol overseas, fruit…
“How old are you, Lauren?” asked a man with deep blue eyes. He looked younger than my mom, but I hd no idea who he was, 500mg Toprol. Buy Toprol Over The Counter, “Are you twelve now?”
I wasn’t. “Fifteen,” my mother answered for me. 50mg Toprol, The man nodded in an all-knowing way that could end any topic.
“And you play the violin, too, correct?”
I did, 100mg Toprol. A feeble “yes” escaped my lips. “I’m just… not as good.” Not as good as what mattered, anyway, buy Toprol Over The Counter. What mattered to my mom. 1000mg Toprol, “Ah.” Once again, the subject went dead. My mom spoke to him again, and I wandered off, trying not to bump into anyone or step on anyone’s gravestone. I was, for all those concerned, indeed twelve at the time. Twelve, because that’s when I couldn’t understand. Twelve, because that’s when I started putting myself last.

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